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7cf4353... by Kyle Nitzsche <email address hidden> on 2017-12-13

Fix bool decl to satisfy golint

97511bc... by Kyle Nitzsche <email address hidden> on 2017-12-13

fix format issues to satisfy golint

4dd53e1... by Kyle Nitzsche on 2017-12-08

Get all use cases working, and oper portal off by default

That is, with this, all the following situations are working (again);

* simple connect to AP
* Then disconnect from Operational portal
* OR disconnected the netman wifi connection from any other means
(such as nmcli c delete NAME)
* attempt to connect to AP with incorrect passphrase

Also, somewhere in all of these commits I implemented the feature for
which this branch is named: the operational portal is off by default.
Enable it with 'sudo snap set wifi-connect portal.operational=true'

b32c067... by Kyle Nitzsche on 2017-12-08

Delete all wifi connections on disconnect

Previously they had only been disconnected and the netman connections
hung around as cruft and presented the possibility of netman trying
to reconnect to one at any time, which might theoretically confuse the
wifi-connect system. Therefore, on disconnet, also delete all wifi
(802-11-wireless, in netman terms) connections.

e898099... by Kyle Nitzsche on 2017-12-08

add manual test plan (ReadMeManualTestPlan)

51093fe... by Kyle Nitzsche on 2017-12-08

Remove connecting.html

Don't switch the url when people tap the Connect button. Instead,
use ajax to display only the connectingAlert div in the same page.

And therefore don't (in ConnectingHandler) send back the no-longer-needed
connecting.html page.

852b4d3... by Kyle Nitzsche on 2017-12-07

Delete all wifi connections on Disconnect from Oper

When using the operational portal and clicking the Disconnect Wifi
button, now also delete all network manager 802-11-wireless type
connections. This prevents build of previous connections while also
preventing the possibility of network manager automatically trying
to use one again.

This is now done by the netman/dbus.go DisconnectWifi() func

b726a3e... by Kyle Nitzsche on 2017-12-05

Improve a couple log messages

ac5403c... by Kyle Nitzsche on 2017-12-05

Merge branch '1729409-externally-delete-wifi-connection' into operational-default-off

4e20734... by Kyle Nitzsche <email address hidden> on 2017-12-01

Let run-checks continue on golint warning