Code review comment for lp:~kiithsacmp/stellarium/glexperiment

treaves (treaves) wrote :

O.K. Compiles fine. In RELEASE mode, I still get only 20 FPS. My machine:
- 16 GB memory
- NVidia GeForece GT 650M with 1G memory
- 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7

This is pushing a Retina display which is 2880x1800 and a 27" Thunderbolt display at 2560x1440, so, it is pushing a lot of pixels. I'm still surprised at the difference. We'll get it into trunk and see what happens.

Opening in safe mode allows for up to 25 FPS; so your code, even in GL 1.0, is three times slower.

I did run in Instruments. There are about 30 parameters that I can monitor, but unfortunately my ignorance of OpenGL doesn't allow for understanding what I'm seeing.

There are no log messages about shader issues (or other issues).

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