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treaves (treaves) wrote :

Ya, this is my Mac. It has a pretty nice OpenGL profiler, as Mac's use
OpenGL so heavily. I'll give it a spin in that tonight, and make sure I'm
not in debug mode still (I probably was).

On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 11:20 PM, Ferdinand Majerech
<email address hidden>wrote:

> I tried to max it out to get as low FPS as possible.
> I enabled all plugins, grids, markers, etc.
> (The result looks crazy:
> trunk: 23-24FPS
> refactored-GL2: 11.5-11.7FPS
> refactored-GL1: 13-14FPS
> There is quite large slowdown here, but again nowhere near 75>15FPS.
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