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3338b32... by Kick In on 2016-01-28


2b57032... by Kick In on 2016-01-23

Changelog rewrite

60406fa... by Kick In on 2016-01-23

  * debian/ntp.cron.daily: Fix security issues wrt to cron.daily (LP: #1528050).

7fb5069... by Kick In on 2016-01-22

  * Add PPS support:
    + debian/README.Debian: Add a PPS section to the README.Debian, removed all PPSkit one.
    + debian/ntp.conf: add some configuration examples from the offical documentation.
    + debian/control: Add Build-Depends on pps-tools

c6116a5... by Kick In on 2016-01-22

    - debian/README.Debian: Fix missing section in previous uploads

bb8bc5b... by Kick In on 2016-01-14

  * debian/control: add bison to Build-Depends.

2498bd3... by Kick In on 2016-01-14

NEW in changelog + debian/rules, enable debugging

60d08c1... by Kick In on 2016-01-14

    + debian/ntp.conf, debian/ntpdate.default: Change default server to
!!!! Added debian/ntp.dhcp, which rewrite sed rules !!!

aa4627b... by Kick In on 2016-01-14

    + debian/ntp.init, debian/rules: Only stop when entering single user mode.
    + debian/ntp.init: Don't use /var/lib/ntp/ntp.conf.dhcp if /etc/ntp.conf is
      newer - it can get stale. Patch by Simon D├ęziel. (LP: #1472056)

d7eb9a2... by Kick In on 2016-01-14

    + Add enforcing AppArmor profile:
      - debian/control: Add Conflicts/Replaces on apparmor-profiles.
      - debian/control: Add Suggests on apparmor.
      - debian/control: Build-Depends on dh-apparmor
      - add debian/apparmor-profile*.
      - debian/ntp.dirs: Add apparmor directories.
      - debian/rules: install apparmor-profile and apparmor-profile.tunable.
      * debian/apparmor-profile: fix spurious noisy denials (LP: #1237508)
      - debian/source_ntp.py: Add filter on AppArmor profile names to prevent