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7083. By jean-pierre charras

Slightly modify the way DIALOG_SIM_SETTINGS m_settingsDlg is created in SIM_PLOT_FRAME frame: for an obscure reason, if it is created in ctor SIM_PLOT_FRAME, m_settingsDlg has an annoying issue on Windows: when shown, the parent SIM_PLOT_FRAME is sent to the background. When created outside the ctor, this issue is gone.

7082. By jean-pierre charras

Simulator: Make a few strings translatable.

7081. By jean-pierre charras

Simulator dialogs: fix minimal sizes and best sizes.

7080. By jean-pierre charras

Do not allow spaces in component name (value field) in component library editor, in dialogs (Edit field, Create component).
In component libraries, a space in name breaks the library, and is not allowed.

7079. By Maciej Suminski

Spice model editor by default looks for libraries in the project directory when there is no library assigned

7078. By Maciej Suminski

NETLIST_EXPORTER_PSPICE skips removed pins when processing a list of sorted pins.

NETLIST_EXPORTER marks removed duplicates by setting them to NULL in m_SortedComponentPinList vector.

7077. By jean-pierre charras

sch_legacy_plugin.cpp: fix compil warnings about incorrect return type.

7076. By Maciej Suminski

Unbind REPORTER from NGSPICE before deleting

7075. By Maciej Suminski

Do not delete the NGSPICE singleton

7074. By Maciej Suminski

NGSPICE as a singleton

One cannot call ngSpice_Init() twice without unloading the dll. When calling
ngSpice_Init, we pass a pointer to a NGSPICE instance and thus it cannot be changed.
When any of the callback function is called with a stale pointer everything crashes.

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