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fdfe5ea... by jean-pierre charras 5 hours ago

Fix incorrect detection of filled zones changes in DRC check.

Commit 6006703798 fixed a crash but broke the filled zones changes detection.
Filled zones were always seen as not up to date due to the fact the filled areas were cleared too early.

The up to date detection is also optimized: the old filled polygons are no longer stored.
Instead of, the MD5_HASH is calculated and stored before clearing the filled polygons.

ecb168f... by jean-pierre charras 9 hours ago

Add MD5_HASH::Format for debug purposes.

a7c8df5... by Wayne Stambaugh 23 hours ago

Symbol editor: improve tooltip in symbol properties dialog.

Make the "Define as power symbol" checkbox tooltip more descriptive so
the user has a better understanding of enabling this option.

Fixes lp:1804932

b889eca... by Wayne Stambaugh on 2019-03-20

Fix broken Python plugin developer's document.

Apparently curly brace escaping in a list does not work with Doxygen's
markdown support which caused everything after the windows install path
to be removed from the output build. I just fell back to the windows
environment variable expansion character (%) and that resolved the issue.

4896daa... by Simon Richter on 2019-03-15

Update/regenerate pcb_calculator_frame_base.fbp

e286ca1... by Simon Richter on 2019-03-15

Fix line endings in pcb_calculator_frame_base.fbp

No text changes

7c04b3d... by jean-pierre charras on 2019-03-19

Drc dialog: make track to copper zones test optional, because it can be really very time consuming

ad5369f... by jean-pierre charras on 2019-03-18

Cvpcb: cosmetic enhancement in toolbar: add a text.

432e12e... by Simon Richter on 2019-03-15

Add a few dielectric values

 - Isola FR408
 - Isola 370HR
 - Rogers RO4003C
 - Rogers RO4350B
   (as above)

078320e... by Seth Hillbrand on 2019-03-18

Unify and correct Autosave functions

Autosave was not working correctly, partly due to different
implementations in eeschema and pcbnew and partly due to a mistaken
refactor at some point during v5 development. This unifies the expected
autosave prefix to _autosave- for both pcbnew and eeschema. It also
unifies the expected suffix for the backup files to -bak.

Fixes: lp:1820433