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6a2dc8d... by Jeff Young 1 hour ago

Roll back last 2 commits meant for the other resolver only.

Fixes: lp:1772255

cdde4c4... by Jeff Young 4 hours ago

Fix a bug in how we check for differential pair tuning.

Fixes: lp:1545856

0fd0e84... by Jeff Young 5 hours ago

Keep OK/Cancel buttons at bottom of Track/Via Properties.

Fixes: lp:1772260

2b22cbe... by Jeff Young 5 hours ago

Release mouse before closing HTML_MESSAGE_BOX.

Fixes: lp:1772275

10ec39a... by Jeff Young 6 hours ago

Move 3D file error messages to tracePathsAndFiles key.

Fixes: lp:1772255

c49a439... by Wayne Stambaugh 15 hours ago

Set KiCad version to 5.0.0-rc2-unknown for next development cycle.

b4f9b53... by Wayne Stambaugh 15 hours ago

Set KiCad version to 5.0.0-rc2.

0c2f9b1... by Seth Hillbrand <email address hidden> on 2018-04-27

Keep circles controlled by radius

Circles are defined by center and a point on their edge. This requires
the user to do extra math to figure out the size of the circle. The
patch allows the user to edit and draw circles using radial coordinates.

3a8a718... by Jeff Young 17 hours ago

A pesky bug, this one is. (Said in best Yoda impression.)

There were two examples of the somewhat annoying error message.
This gets the second one.

Fixes: lp:1772255

5678a16... by Wayne Stambaugh on 2018-05-19

Fix template path bugs.

Remove KICAD_PTEMPLATE environment variable as it's purpose was not
clear and was often poorly defined as the path to the KiCad installed

Add a new KICAD_TEMPLATE_DIR environment variable which clearly should
be the path of the KiCad installed templates. Make this environment
variable available in the user settings in case the default is wrong
which has been the case in some instances. Use the standard search
stack to set the default system template path which has a much greater
chance of being correct.

Add a new KICAD_USER_TEMPLATE_DIR environment variable which clearly
should be the path of the user defined templates. Users most likely
were not even aware of the old default user path unless they read the
fine manual.

Set template path search stack priority as follows:

* Search stack template paths

Reverse template selection dialog and project path dialog for improved
user experience.

Fixes lp:1543443