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4011ed4... by Chris Pavlina 8 hours ago

Convert UTF8 to/from wxString correctly around LIB_ID

Fixes: lp:1675942

68853c9... by Chris Pavlina 19 hours ago

Fix SYNC_QUEUE build issue on Boost < 1.56

Prior to Boost 1.56, boost::optional had no move constructor, preventing
use of std::unique_ptr inside it

849b3c2... by Chris Pavlina on 2017-03-23

Add footprint select dropdown to component chooser, serious refactoring

- DIALOG_CHOOSE_COMPONENT has footprint select widget
- FOOTPRINT_CHOICE widget (customized wxComboCtrl)
    - FOOTPRINT_ASYNC_LOADER to load without freezing UI
    - Rewrite loader threads as queue-driven thread pool
    - Make FOOTPRINT_INFO available via kiway
- FP_LIB_TABLE::PrefetchLib
- Access to global fp-lib-table via kiway
- SYNC_QUEUE threadsafe queue template
- Remove KICAD_FOOTPRINT_SELECTOR build option

cc7825d... by Alejandro on 2017-03-07

Tests CPolyLine -> SHAPE_POLY_SET refactor.

Adds BOOST tests to the qa folder included in the geometry subdirectory.
The tests check whether the refactored code is consistent with the
legacy code. They also check some of the new code, as the family of
ITERATOR classes.

f68ce30... by Alejandro on 2017-03-07

CPolyLine -> SHAPE_POLY_SET refactor.

Removes the need of using the legacy code in polygon/PolyLine.{h,cpp},
refactoring all CPolyLine instances with SHAPE_POLY_SET instances.

The remaining legacy methods have been ported to SHAPE_POLY_SET;
mainly: Chamfer, Fillet, {,Un}Hatch.

The iteration over the polygon vertices have been simplified using the
family of ITERATOR classes.

5aa1610... by John Beard on 2017-02-09

Remove unused g_ShowPageLimits global variable

This variable was only defined, not declared in any header.

f723a53... by John Beard on 2017-02-09

Move some unit related util function to base_units.h

b47a6e4... by Maciej SumiƄski on 2017-03-23


e98ae3e... by John Beard on 2017-02-09

Move executable name constants to own file

The executable name constants are only used by two files, they do not
have to be in common.h.

Also converted to const wxString for better type-safety and removed
old-style wxT macros.

ece7eeb... by John Beard on 2017-02-09

Move SystemDirsAppend to own header

This function is called only from three sites, it doesn't need to be in

The implementation was already in systemdirsappend.cpp, so a matching
header was created for it.

This reduces the visibility of the function to only the files that need
it and slightly shrinks common.h.