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d52fd57... by jean-pierre charras 2 hours ago

Show a tooltip if dialog_choose_component has no symbol selected.

1aff677... by jean-pierre charras 3 hours ago

Eeschema, getpart.cpp: fix incorrect call to lib browser
(was not called if a symbol was not previously selected)

fea9d12... by jean-pierre charras 4 hours ago

dialog_edit_components_libid: UI enhancements, and use viewlib for LIB_ID selection

c3015f4... by jean-pierre charras 5 hours ago

Fix incorrect LIB_ID exported by viewlib when used as component chooser
(was not to the new format libname::symbol_name)

542040c... by Maciej Suminski 5 hours ago

Enable active project flag after importing an Eagle project

When active project flag is disabled, the application buttons are
disabled in the main launcher window. It usually happens when 'kicad'
runs without any project preloaded.

0b66f29... by Maciej Suminski 5 hours ago

Added a git alias to extract changelog (git changelog)

3d2b5e3... by Jose I Romero <email address hidden> on 2017-11-20

Allow items to be moved from all anchor points

A change in commit 57310001350 caused kicad to stop allowing users
to move items like footprints, arcs and lines using anchors other
than the center point.

This was caused by the new code that stores reference points for
clipboard pasting, a call to updateModificationPoint() prevented
some old code paths from executing, which caused the selection to
snap into the cursor, always using the center anchor.

This fix moves the call within the if-cases that need it, and adds
a ClearReferencePoint call when the selection is "dropped" to allow
the user to grab the same selection again from a different anchor.

Fixes: lp:1722512

78366f8... by Wayne Stambaugh 17 hours ago

Revert commit bc0306ba as it did not fix the issue.

59e5d3b... by jean-pierre charras 19 hours ago

pcbnew: plot dialog: Add advanced X2 features and Create job file options incorrectly saved in .kicad_pcb files (always saved ON)

Fixes: lp:1733876

faadbea... by Seth Hillbrand <email address hidden> on 2017-11-15

Eeschema: Select component connections in drag

Dragging a full line that is connected to a component
now drags the component as part of the block, maintaining

Fixes: lp:1167714