Last commit made on 2019-06-20
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b8d2fef... by jean-pierre charras 2 hours ago

pl_editor: fix a crash when cancelling the "add bitmap dialog" by escape key.

77cefe0... by Seth Hillbrand 22 hours ago

Normalize line endings

A few files snuck in with CRLF for the line endings. These make it hard
to look at diffs as every line appears to have changed. This commit
makes only line ending changes, so can be ignored

6aa0cef... by Jeff Young 16 hours ago

Don't throw out search hits because they have unit children.

485d436... by Jeff Young 17 hours ago

Clear ctx-menu before rebuilding; don't veto ctx-menu mousewarp for non-ctx-menu dialog.

Fixes: lp:1833312

4054d7d... by Jeff Young 18 hours ago

Don't try an intertwine deletion and junction fixup.

Fixes: lp:1833224

bacb8c2... by Jeff Young 19 hours ago

Fix compiler warnings.

eb95202... by Jeff Young 19 hours ago

Fix grid update when edited from menubar.

Fixes: lp:1833399

730b89a... by Jeff Young 22 hours ago

Another round of changes for immediate actions.

3a0256a... by Jeff Young on 2019-06-19

Add handle-based editing for eeschema bitmaps.

Also cleans out a bunch of duplicated functionality from the image
editor dialog.

Fixes: lp:1828722

6a9eb45... by jean-pierre charras 20 hours ago

Fixes in bitmap2cmp: enhancements and fixes.
* Better messages, more easy to translate
* Error messages are now displayed.
* Move start code to bitmap2cmp_main.cpp.