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1fda668... by jean-pierre charras 3 hours ago

3D viewer: cosmetic enhancements: fix an incorrect icon, and add shortcut keys in right popup menu.
Also fix an incorrect legend in hotkey list.

1951ee9... by jean-pierre charras on 2017-05-25

Very minor change in some sources: replace in comments CHANGE_LOG.TXT AUTHORS.txt

38c8470... by jean-pierre charras on 2017-05-24

add comments in pcbnew_scripting_helpers.h

2100c29... by jean-pierre charras on 2017-05-24

Fixes: lp:1692436 (reset to defaults in Eeschema, edit component properties, puts fields in the wrong position)

9c7b0c2... by jean-pierre charras on 2017-05-24

Fix a compil issue created by may commit 413a3d828a5b0c098790f9d956b0d6b3128146fb

de28e58... by Baranovskiy Konstantin on 2017-05-24

Better icons, by Konstantin Baranovskiy and Fabrizio Tappero

413a3d8... by jean-pierre charras on 2017-05-24

remove dead code in swig

1a33efa... by jean-pierre charras on 2017-05-23

Fix an issue when reading a gpcb footprint library when a .fp file has a problem.
Now the full library loading is not aborted (and the other libraries in list are also loaded).
Only the bad .fp file(s) is not loaded.
Mainly, a .fp file load error does not throw a library load error, and this is a temporary fix.
But throwing a library error when a .fp file cannot be loaded is worst (you even cannot import a good .fp file).

ea855c1... by Oliver on 2017-05-22

Fixed duplicate field names

- Now works correctly even if users overload default field names

2a3a699... by Oliver on 2017-05-15

Component table is left aligned