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c291505... by jean-pierre charras 49 minutes ago

Gerbview, read Excellon files: fix a few issues.

The main issue is the fact Excellon files have no coordinate fine format definition.
Only the units are defined.
Units are floating point numbers or integer numbers.
Integer numbers can be defined as 3.3 or 2.4 numbers (mm/inches)
However some files (altium drill files for instance) use an other notation.
This fix is a workaround to accept 2.x (inch) or 3.x (mm) notations.

Fixes: lp:1754121

Fixes: lp:1782053

2af5fb5... by jean-pierre charras 4 hours ago

Revert "Perform coordinate format detection on Excellon drill files"

This reverts commit 3e033aee0cc046920637ffb545d0d94f54489b4f.

8ba694e... by Maciej Suminski on 2018-07-16

eeschema: fix alias names in .dcm files

Fixes: lp:1781761

01c5bdf... by Jeff Young on 2018-07-07

Fix bug with duplicate columns in Edit Symbol Fields.

1a22918... by Wayne Stambaugh on 2018-07-13

Tag version 6.0.0-rc1-dev.

84427f4... by Wayne Stambaugh on 2018-07-13

Tag release 5.0.0.

bded0cf... by Wayne Stambaugh on 2018-07-13

KiCad: make initial minimum main frame width show all icons.

Fixes lp:1780300

eaf938c... by Wayne Stambaugh on 2018-07-12

Pcbnew: fix missing undo when deleting footprint text object.

Fixes lp:1781224

3e22e5c... by tijuca on 2018-07-08

fix misspelled 'an other' -> 'another'

e81faa2... by tijuca on 2018-07-08

fix misspelled 'allow to' -> 'allow one to'