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4a68ae4... by Seth Hillbrand 14 hours ago

polygon: Fix missing steiner removal and fracture

When removing steiner points, there is the possibility that the test
point is also removed. In this case, it is no longer a member of the
linked list and will break the output.

The test for re-fracturing a broken polygon can also result in multiple
polygons, rather than only 0 or 1. Skipping the extra polygons will
result in a limited tesselation.

Fixes: lp:1812393

e2afe5e... by jean-pierre charras 13 hours ago

Toolbars with wxComboboxes: Fix incorrect ReCreate Toolbar methods: they recreated these wxComboboxes without deleting the previously created.
This issue created memory leak and not working wxComboboxes (for instance after modifying the language selection).
Now, these wxComboboxes are created only once, never recreated.

Also: minor cosmetic enhancement in footprint editor main toolbar
(the save footprint icon is modified if the footprint is saved to the board or to the library)

4cf4600... by Seth Hillbrand on 2019-01-18

pcbnew: Discard delete action when routing

Prevent the action from being handled on the next transition.

Fixes: lp:1810611

5182fe1... by Seth Hillbrand on 2019-01-18

Minor code formatting

9657039... by Tomasz Wlostowski on 2019-01-18

pcbnew: multiple fixes concerning track->pad net propagation used by Track/Via properties dialog:
- Added ignore netcode option to CONNECTIVITY_DATA::GetConnectedItems()
- PlaceModule() now ensures the module added to the board (and thus to the connectivity database) has correct bounding box necessary for R-trees to work
- Use recursive connected pad search so that the new net is propagated to all pads

Fixes: lp:1787961

7bec707... by Jeff Young on 2019-01-17

Fix 2 separate issues with saving the m_canvasType setting.

Fixes: lp:1811982

c3a295d... by Seth Hillbrand on 2019-01-17

Fix segfaults from not checking index

Return value of wxArrayString.Index() always needs to be check for

8b5127d... by Seth Hillbrand on 2019-01-17

modedit: Renumber pads should hold removed numbers

When renumbering pads, you can click on a pad the second time to restore
the pad to its original value. This did not allow a user to then place
the removed number on the correct pad (assuming a mistake). This commit
ensures that removed pad numbers are remembered and allow the user to
place in the correct pad.

6b1b4bb... by Seth Hillbrand on 2019-01-17

pcbnew: Add cursor help to renumber pads

Renumber pads command is abstruse so add a small popup help to guide
users when renumbering.

1c4b033... by jean-pierre charras on 2019-01-17

Footprint editor, GAL mode: add missing initialization of local coordinates when creating graphic items

Fixes: lp:1812233