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ebb74fc... by Jeff Young 13 hours ago

Honour diff-pair dimension changes while routing.

e485cee... by Jeff Young 14 hours ago

Honour ModEdit layer colors in browser and previews.

Fixes: lp:1793141

9f068d6... by Jeff Young 18 hours ago

Don't use diff-pair gap as a clearance.

Fixes: lp:1789690

9c708c6... by Jeff Young 22 hours ago

Use DP netclass values when custom or predefined are not selected.

Fixes: lp:1780670

8999f46... by Seth Hillbrand 21 hours ago

3d-viewer: Require simplified polygons

3d viewer requires simplified polygons not just for triangulation but
also for its own internal routines.

Fixes: lp:1793085

40a3b4a... by Maciej Suminski 19 hours ago


Not all items displayed by Gerbview are GERBER_DRAW_ITEMs (e.g. WORKSHEET_VIEWITEM),
so appropriate checks have been added.

adb89af... by Seth Hillbrand 21 hours ago

Allow SELECTED for single edits

We like to allow items that are marked SELECTED to remain so during
editing but this does not indicate that there are multiple edits queued,
so do not prevent pushing this into the undo queue.

7372acd... by jean-pierre charras on 2018-09-18

Fix:Step export not working when special characters (non UTF7) in filename or path

Fixes: lp:1785191

9cafe65... by Seth Hillbrand on 2018-09-09

pcbnew: Allow user-setting rounded rectangle radius

When designing pads, it can be helpful to not only see the resulting
rounded rectangle radius from a given percentage but also to set it,
constraining the related percentage. This adjusts the dialog to allow
editing the rounded rectangle corner radius. It does not change the
file format as the resulting ratio is saved. Further updates of the pad
size or ratio will modify the radius.

Fixes: lp:1668020

9e33d38... by Seth Hillbrand on 2018-09-09

unit_binder: allow updates without triggers

Adds a helper function to allow unit binder calls that change a value
but shouldn't trigger wxevents