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f21467e... by Jeff Young 2 hours ago

Support tabbing to non-text controls on non-Mac platforms.

Fixes: lp:1840991

820c2d2... by Seth Hillbrand 6 hours ago

pcbnew: Fix error in connecitivty calculation

Point in polygon should test against half the stroke width as the stroke
is performed _on_ the polygon edge.

18b6bdf... by Seth Hillbrand 6 hours ago

Use cached bbox for connectivity

On large boards, connectivity checks are hotspots. We use the cached
bbox to avoid re-computing polygons for pads.

809a4e3... by Jeff Young 7 hours ago

Improve connectivity tests for pads.

We now test N, S, E and W as well as center.

Fixes: lp:1840721

32aa265... by Jeff Young 14 hours ago

Enable Save As for footprints with no current library.

Fixes: lp:1840997

d080c92... by Jeff Young on 2019-08-22

Fix up python test for new comment signatures.

Fixes: lp:1793148

c85d1fa... by Jeff Young on 2019-08-22

Try out our own tabbing logic.

Fixes: lp:1840991

77488e3... by Seth Hillbrand on 2019-08-22

gerbview: Ensure selection lives on top

Just picking the next layer will be overwritten when we have multiple
objects on the same layer in gerbview. Move the selection to the top to
ensure it is out top-most layer when drawing.

Fixes: lp:1833868

85df994... by Seth Hillbrand on 2019-08-22

Handle wx scrollbar thumbs in system-independent way

The thumb size changes between system versions and (on GTK) render
managers, so hard-coded wasn't working. This gets the actual value from
the system and uses to adjust the range. Changes in the range can also
trigger the refresh.

Fixes: lp:1822617

Fixes: lp:1816749

03d5bf0... by Seth Hillbrand on 2019-08-22

PNS: Check that we are optimizing a pad

Vias are also sent to breakout optimizer, so we need to check for the
solid cast before dereference.

Fixes: lp:1841057