Last commit made on 2019-09-13
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e5dcb9d... by Wayne Stambaugh on 2019-09-12

Eeschema: improve error message when writing cache library.

Remove duplicate missing symbol names from the extended error message.

Fixes lp:1842452
(cherry picked from commit 18667377f7e8428367de4265584a784e6cea3fa5)

4db8638... by jean-pierre charras on 2019-09-13

PANEL_SETUP_NETCLASSES: fix not working (immediately closed) wxChoice widgets to select a filter This happens with wxWidgets 3.0.4 on Windows and is a side effect of a call to Layout(). The fix just calls Layout() only when needed.

Fixes: lp:1843594

cec885d... by Jeff Young on 2019-09-12

Partial cherry-pick of f1790c24e5032e1e92fe7f02447c2edb22608308.

Fixes: lp:1842199

90fbf27... by Michal Jahelka on 2019-09-10

c3d_render_ogl_legacy.cpp: initialize m_Emissive member of SMATERIAL to be sure it is set to 0, 0, 0

f1436ce... by Jeff Young on 2019-09-10

Restore PointCloserThan() behaviour to really be "closer than".

Change calls which really want it to be "closer than or equal" to
distance + 1.

Fixes: lp:1843329

(cherry picked from commit 25fa2131d2d8cd0cfc4a1910458389d422bcb7b1)

cf968cb... by Jeff Young on 2019-09-09

Performance enhancement.

2278f40... by Jeff Young on 2019-09-09

Fix zero failure in SEG::PointCloserThan().

Fixes: lp:1843329

18a76d3... by Ian McInerney on 2019-09-07

Manually put the UNIT_BINDER text on the primary selection clipboard

The OnKillFocus handler of the UNIT_BINDER replaces the text in the
control with the evaluated string, which removes the selection. To
get the original text on the primary selection clipboard, we must
add it ourselves.

Fixes: lp:1794623

6a65461... by Jeff Young on 2019-09-07

Replace buggy code in TestSegmentHit() with call to SEG::PointCloserThan()

Fixes: lp:1843101

(cherry picked from commit 6f0d8c3eaca6da5ac559d5b5bb7000fc11582b84)

a5a0a7c... by Jeff Young on 2019-09-08

Fix bug with high-frequency plots.

Fixes: lp:1839712

(cherry picked from commit 2ac270ce8ea1fe81fd7b6946899532af56f8de8e)