Last commit made on 2019-07-17
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dfd5397... by Jeff Young 12 hours ago

Fix double-highlighted radio buttons on GTK.

Fixes: lp:1836538

02d43be... by Ian McInerney on 2019-07-09

pcbnew: Make the netlist class panel usable with a lot of classes

Fixes: lp:1826154

(cherry picked from commit 39954b20fe4e81a64e9a0f3b042a2547100aaad8)

2e8bceb... by jean-pierre charras on 2019-07-15

Fix a minor wxWidgets alert, already fixed in master branch.

16f9e69... by Jeff Young on 2019-07-14

Allow edits to self-intersecting polygons.

1) Intermediate states might be self-intersecting, and we shouldn't
be policing our users on what order to do things in
2) The polygon might already be self-intersecting, at which point we're
preventing the user from fixing it.

Also includes better const management for SHAPE_POLY_SET API.

Fixes: lp:1833831

(cherry picked from commit a3c74051c27cdbebbeaf7f692452e1f62690a8bf)

269f88e... by jean-pierre charras on 2019-07-14

Fix incorrect handling of unicode chars (non ASCII7) in filenames in .gbrjob files.

f11d950... by Jeff Young on 2019-07-11

Don't let visibility bit get nuked when updating effects.

Fixes: lp:1836183

(cherry picked from commit 6c9e34e799a5b79d8926039857f7751b99da901e)

6ba2c44... by Jeff Young on 2019-07-11

Add FootprintExists() which can be more careful about FS differences.

(And in particular, MSW's case-insensitive FS.)

Fixes: lp:1835999

(cherry picked from commit 20036f810534db50894dc544adc132f181e55aa9)

d1ed466... by Jeff Young on 2019-06-16

OSX compiler didn't like the other syntax.

(cherry picked from commit f14e41133bf4a8c5926c3ddf33e638e534d6652a)

5b68cfa... by Seth Hillbrand on 2019-06-16

Fix import graphics routines and tests

The returns of KiCad file extensions on GTK contain basic regex matching
case-insensitive file extensions. We need to match these in the
provider and tests

(cherry picked from commit 1956c074baac7cefd0e3c6327137b7d6bab12a55)

85f88b6... by Seth Hillbrand on 2019-06-15

Fix case-sensitive import using KiCad std

Fixes: lp:1832853

(cherry picked from commit 79e2000af41abd536937be3ad1eea3685a97420d)