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2a932a2... by Michael Kavanagh on 2019-05-21

Allow setting cursor and aux items colour in footprint editor

Fixes: lp:1829850

b2bcde1... by Seth Hillbrand on 2019-05-21

EAGLE: Correct pcb text orientation

Fixes: lp:1829711

(cherry picked from commit 1181b9f9b42709558dd66c5b4b9ece672c5e548f)

ec6fd23... by Seth Hillbrand on 2019-05-21

EAGLE: Prevent numeric-only component references

KiCad does not allow references to be numeric only. This prefixes such
references with "UNK" to note that the reference designator type is

(cherry picked from commit a62a89eac3dd89eb3ac333a344bffd183db8e566)

6f34f95... by Seth Hillbrand on 2019-05-21

Allow squared inflation and inflate Eagle Zones

Sometimes we want to inflate a polygon without adding rounded edges.
This add the option using the jtMiter setting.

This is used in the Eagle parser to expand the Eagle zones for KiCad.
Eagle Zones are drawn on the polygon edge, so they extend out from the
outline. KiCad zones are drawn inside the polygon. We need to both
increase the zone size and decrease the minimum pen width to account for

Fixes: lp:1817312

(cherry picked from commit 490c805319974ec84a8fbe8b10e9b59b9a3922a6)

94e5b36... by Seth Hillbrand on 2019-05-21

pcbnew: Allow adding SHAPE_LINE_CHAIN to zones

(cherry picked from commit bf0a466642728441aebde5ead3dd11d0ae68941b)

f0ce4d6... by Seth Hillbrand on 2019-05-20

eagle: Use width on imported lines if available

If not, use the current board design settings for line thickness based
on the board layer.

(cherry picked from commit c80e3e0ffc40788de3471b8e1cf3cfc304cb4214)

d06b42b... by Seth Hillbrand on 2019-05-21

Eagle: Allow directory creation when importing

The DD_MUST_EXIST flag prevents users from creating a new directory for
their imported eagle project. This is a UX annoyance.

(cherry picked from commit 9992839c78a4f040819f965ef2f76c7315ae2f38)

764986a... by jean-pierre charras 10 hours ago

Fix a compil issue

c4efa95... by jean-pierre charras 11 hours ago

* Eeschema: Ensure axis are always drawn in libedit and viewlib

(From master branch)

5a65577... by Wayne Stambaugh on 2019-05-21

Eeschema: fix broken cursor after mouse wheel pan.

Fixes lp:1827787