Last commit made on 2017-03-08
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6356955... by Wayne Stambaugh on 2017-03-08

Fix broken links and add correct links to about dialog.

Fixes lp:1670582

3b7aa48... by jean-pierre charras on 2017-02-27

Pcbnew: fix bug: files written when layers have numeric name (like +24)cannot be read
Remove a printf clearly for debug, certainly a very old bug.

249b0a0... by Wayne Stambaugh on 2017-02-26

Reset KiCad version for 4.0.7 stable release development.

3c6959b... by Wayne Stambaugh on 2017-02-17

Tag stable release 4.0.6

e5307ca... by Oliver on 2017-02-06

Fix for bug where rotating / editing a selected item would remove it from screen

- Added test to see if there was a currently-editing item

Fixes: lp:1661866

d1f8dbb... by Wayne Stambaugh on 2017-02-01

Fix rotate bug in symbol library editor.

The rotate hotkey was rotating individual items when a block was selected
which is invalid behavior. Add check for block mode and disable rotating
items when block mode is active.

Fixes: lp:1660875

99d7a35... by Chris Pavlina on 2017-01-28

Reorder eeschema toolbar slightly

- Put the output generation steps (annotation through pcbnew) in the
  correct order as expected by the user running through them.

- Add a Plot button to match pcbnew

0145a03... by jean-pierre charras on 2017-01-31

In SetActiveLayer(): fix a potential bug, as a GAL method was called in Legacy mode.

This is a fix from commit b66cb871e637951c71fc3d4aabe10e6446eab12d in master branch.

df19160... by jean-pierre charras on 2017-01-28

Fix a potential incompatibility (due to an old bug) with files which could be created by some recent pcbnew versions

It is unusual to fix an incompatibility with later versions, but it is due to a bug existing in this version,
and this is especially important for footprint files.

556be7b... by Wayne Stambaugh on 2017-01-17

Do not use default board solder mask clearance in footprint editor.

The footprint editor was displaying the default solder mask clearance
defined by the temporary BOARD object created a start up. Change the
temporary BOARD default solder mask to 0 so the pad or footprint solder
mask clearance setting is displayed when editing the footprint.

fixes lp:1653980