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7ac38fc... by X

utils: Handle URLs with xdg-open (FOR TESTING PURPOSES)

68557cd... by X

google_translate: Join multiple sentences in result

If we translate a long text, we receive an array of sentences from
Google. We join them up into the final text.

This bug was reported by @hetdegon.

89d752f... by X

google_translate: Make possible to save triggers with translate

We mark the _Language class as serilizable; Kupfer will then save a
representation of the Language object right in the trigger (since it
can't find the language in the catalog). The only important part saved
is the _Language.object attribute.

If the plugin changes incompatibly in relation to _Language, you can
increase the 'serilizable' number: if it doesn't match the saved copy,
the serialized trigger won't be active anymore.

a5959a0... by X

higherorder: Run (Take Result) and Run (Discard Result)

The Take Result action allows the user to make triggers where you
chain actions: Execute one action dynamically, then apply another
action on the result.

For example, a two-part trigger that creates a new document, then
opens it.

(Selected File (folder)) -> Create New Document -> Latex-Template
Take Result
Result of .. (..) -> Open With -> Vim
(Composed object) -> Add Trigger.. -> ..

96a6764... by X

higherorder: Extra actions for triggers and similar

We start with an action "Select in Kupfer": it only makes sense in
Triggers or delayed commands. With it, you can make a trigger to
show Kupfer, with a particular object selected. It is much like the
"magic keybinding" for current selection, but for any object.

77a751e... by X

obj.objects: Never use __slots__

Using __slots__ limits object compatibility (technical Python stuff),
while we can't even measure if it saves us any memory. Better avoid
this "optimization".

4362341... by X

obj.fileactions: Fix os.path usage in RevealFile action

9a59975... by X

defaultmail: Send file to contact action

24bbb93... by X

defaultmail: A New Mail Action using the system's mailto: handler

00b7193... by X

clawsmail: Sort lexically