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2d7567a... by X

user_actions: Use wants_context

This is the new style for action execution token/context, see

(it is easier to use and much more versatile)

3b75ec3... by X

user_actions: Use new kupfer argv / spawn functions

614ec0a... by X

user_actions: Use 'clicked' signal for edit dialog buttons

4e9f91e... by Karol Będkowski

user_actions: gui for configure actions

043234c... by Karol Będkowski

user_actions: allow user to define own actions without coding

Actions are created according to configuration file.
User can choice by gather_result option type of created leaves:
text - split result into TextLeaf
url - split result into UrlLeaf
file - split result into FileLeaf
one-text - treat whole result as one TextLeaf

8c7e154... by Karol Będkowski

kupfer.config: + get_config_paths(), get_plugin_data_file

  Method return iterator to all pathes with configs.

  return path for file in plugin subdir

be783ea... by Karol Będkowski

plugins: allow plugins to have own configuration dialog

Each plugin can define "extended setting". If it has "dialog" method,
in configuration dialog is showing button. Press this button call "dialog"
method, that can open create and dialog. Setting must also define "load"
and "save" methods that be using for load and store setting in configuration

9feb087... by X

Merge branch 'u/uiinput'

* u/uiinput:
  ui: Rename variables and only activate when last key is released
  ui: Only update active/normal/selected state in one place
  ui: Only clear repeated key when the most recent key is released
  ui: Add Return to the sensitive keys (so it is not used for repeat)
  ui: Use a short key repeat activation interval
  ui: Reset key held state on different button press.
  ui: Holding a key now activates the current action upon release.
  ui: Only activate shift-type for actions for uppercase letters
  ui: Switch to action pane when typing with Shift

6474013... by X

ui: Rename variables and only activate when last key is released

b1e759b... by X

ui: Only update active/normal/selected state in one place