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97dc01a... by X

plugin.selection: Accept any unicode domain names, make style consistent

c1e34a7... by Karol Będkowski

plugin.selection: +recognize url in selected text

c50d7b7... by Karol Będkowski

plugin.locate: add "ignore case" option

cfec581... by Karol Będkowski

plugin.firefox: Catch JSON exception before returning

Python has problem with catching exceptions inside generator.
Creating tuple or list from generated items fix this problem.

fcd7b3f... by X

sv: Update translation for welcoming phrase

d3c7592... by X

browser: "Type to Search *Catalog*" as welcoming words

347bdf5... by Carlos

pt: Portuguese (Portugal) translation by Carlos Pais

37620a6... by X

README: Write as more stringent RestructuredText

d054ecf... by X

session: Modify string continuation syntax

c8ee48a... by X

plugins: Fix passing __name__ as first argument to print_error