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4100d87... by X

objects: Launch uses icon "kupfer-launch"

e0fa870... by X

data/art: Add Rocket from QS

Add a rocket icon from Quicksilver that should be under the Apache
License 2.0, which is compatible with the GPLv3 according to FSF

2393635... by X

icons: Add doctring for ComposedIcon

5895901... by X

preferences: Allow unicode and str plugin setting values

8eabab8... by X

objects: Fix years in copyright statement

Kupfer doesn't use copyright headers in all files, as it is deemed
unneccessary. The main copyright information is in the heart of the
package.. kupfer/__init__.py, and directly visible in python's console
"import kupfer; help(kupfer)"

e3147b3... by X

data: Catch exceptions when loading sources for the first time

60e994e... by X

plugin.rhythmbox: Catch errors when tryting to load library

We have to be careful with exceptions in the sources, since they might
disrupt all of kupfer's operation. rhythmbox plugin should catch
errors (such as nonexisting library file).

6cc28f0... by X

icons: Implement ComposedIcon with internal classes

Use internal classes to clean up ComposedIcon. We also reimplement the
fallback in an easier way: fallback classes get passed (fallback,
base, emblem), where the first is for initing itself, and
the two others to pass on.

e5a2e23... by X

icons: Don't use global variable for the scheduler

01451ea... by X

icons: Use pretty.print_info for printing about icon cache