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7f86f27... by Karol Będkowski

changelog for v320

9acbb49... by Leonardo

Add LXQT session suport

68ee1e8... by Leonardo

Update Spanish translation

bdce317... by Karol Będkowski

update polish transation

77b4d9d... by Karol Będkowski

firefox_bookmarks,keywords: fix finding profiles; add configuration

* get_firefox_home_file code is doubled in firefox_bookmarks and
  firefox_keywords; moved to _firefox_support.py

* Add looking first for profile in "Install*" section, then look for
  profile with Default=1. Firefox after change not set Default=1 for
  selected profile instead of change Default in Install section.

* Fix loading places.sqlite when first attempt fail

* Allow to configure user profile name/path instead of looking on

Fix: #131

fa0de3c... by Karol Będkowski

make UrlLeaf serializable; fix error with saving URLLeaf as action

Fix: #126

460971f... by Karol Będkowski

websearch: restore from oldplugins & adjust to work with new kupfer/ff

* add firefox path with search plugins
* minor fixes

Close: #127

8a1185a... by Karol Będkowski

p/windows: don't store Wnck objects; use xid and workspace number

Storing wnck objects causes sigsegv when this objects become unavailable /
released by wnck.

- Workspace use workspace number instead of WnckWorkspace
- WindowLeaf use xid of window instead of WnckWindow
- workspace / window object is get on demand.

Fix: #130

e51bdba... by Balló György

Use itstool instead of xml2po

xml2po is deprecated.

8f7ae00... by Karol Będkowski

use window res_class to match application and its window.

Some (all?) QT applications has window name reported as
"Qt Client Leader Window", so launching / "Go to" action work wrong.

Instead of window name - Kupfer now store and find windows by

FIX: #124