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6776d8e... by X

Translate plugin categories

8a619fe... by X

Propose plugin categories

8825e59... by X

plugin_support: Define translation table of plugin categories

865a450... by X

core: Rename attribute to __kupfer_category__

9562826... by Karol Będkowski

plugins: sample assignment to the categories

193a95c... by Karol Będkowski

+ add support for plugins categories

ui.preferences, preferences.ui:
+ plugins category is used to filter list of plugins
+ categories_slidebar - showing all categories when no pligins is selected
+ show categories in plugin slidebar
+ add "clear" icon in filter entry

+ add sample plugins categories

+ plugin property __kupfer_plugin_category__; default CATEGORY_GENERIC

4b77cdb... by X

contrib: Update icon_names to work with core changes

bb06d4f... by X

Fix plugins importing transition imports from old location

7d93899... by Karol Będkowski

plugins.(services|top): fix imports

12344ed... by X

core: Update _import_plugin_fake to work with zipimported modules

The loader interface is slightly different with a zipimporter, so we
need to adjust the "fake plugin importer" to take this into account.