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57bb654... by X

plugin.pastebin: fix with carlos' name

4d25a04... by X

pastebin: little cleanup, order the languages

d04f41a... by Carlos

pastebin WIP by carlos

dd41d28... by X

Add list of dependencies/requirements to README

Make it explicit which python modules and other libraries/packages
Kupfer needs. The list is hopefully reasonably complete!

While we list many items as optional, when we say very recommended to
install it, they should really be installed if you don't have some
major reason not to install them.

This addresses that gvfs might be needed for some important
functionality, as reported in:

Launchpad bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/kupfer/+bug/463055

512e64f... by X

objects: Catch OSError inside DirectorySource.get_items()

When we try to load a directory that doesn't exist, we catch the error
and print it, rather than leaving it to a bigger exception spill
higher up.

Right now it's the responsibility of the User to configure directories

Launchpad bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/kupfer/+bug/471462

da7fab0... by X

Merge pl localization update from Karol

6e909ab... by X

plugin.locate: Take first 12, not 10 results

Right now, the result table lists the first 10 results *that are
valid*. If any of the first ten are not valid, that means we still
have to wait for the full result from locate -- so we give it a margin
of some extra files by taking the first 12.

fd75087... by Karol Będkowski

pl: correct translation

d6f88d9... by X

objects: Raise InvalidLeafError on None FileLeaf path

f68bdf0... by X

Update NEWS with added plugins