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c62ed8b... by X

NEWS for pandoras-box-1.1

eafd5d8... by X

Draft NEWS

9988d14... by X

apt_tools: Use apt-get install --yes as default install method

It is unfortunate, but I think we have to use the --yes flag on the
apt plugin for this to work properly. We want to use gksu so that the
user can verify the commandline being run before authorizing it.

With gksu the terminal is somehow then locked, and apt-get can't
accept user input; we have no choice but to either use sudo or use the
--yes flag to apt-get.

5859583... by William Friesen

chromium: if there is no chromium bookmarks file, look for a google-chrome one

Launchpad bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/kupfer/+bug/513602

3f0eb36... by X

grouping: Check that values exist before merging groups

It may be that we have a key according to which we want to merge
contacts, but no contacts have a value in this group. Check for this

This fixes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/kupfer/+bug/517548

dc10f7c... by X

Documentation: Update the man page with new text from website

f35bb43... by Carlos

Update Portuguese translation

c801e37... by X

py26: plugin.rhythmbox_support: default track number 0

DeprecationWarning: comparing unequal types not supported in 3.x

f6ea373... by X

py26: Fix to use absolute imports in chromium plugin

6d42b09... by X

py26: Use explicit // for integer division in core