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ab685c6... by X

WIP port to use gobject-introspection

non-working WIP!!

Can do the basics only, some vital parts still missing.

9dd2934... by X

preferences: Enable Help button and use F1 as shortcut

f336f2f... by X

help: Use the web version of the help pages as fallback

When the user opens Kupfer help, we either launch the ghelp:kupfer
pages or we open the help website.

383e2d3... by X

help: Editing moreusage, managing plugins

62ca53a... by X

help: Add trigger instructions and small language tweaks

a8d54b7... by X

help: Update and clarify keyboard.page

6a03c47... by X

help: Update Makefile.am

b60d4d0... by X

help: Improve docs in general sections and proofreading tweaks

293df61... by X

help: Add basic documentation for applications and notes

a080c95... by X

help: Move to plugin-nautilusselection.page