Last commit made on 2010-01-31
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fb47afd... by X

dbusintrospect: Don't reject false-valued return objects

3bbc28f... by X

dbusintrospect: Define plugin description variables first

6d6ee30... by X

dbusintrospect: Handle multiple return values and arrays

9e73616... by X

dbusintrospect: Acknowledge Stuart in the linglish code

fde8b2a... by X

dbusintrospect: A plugin to discover/browse D-Bus services

95532aa... by X

dbusintrospect: Add method arguments and type information

a331269... by X

Add find.py from Stuart Langridge's linglish experiment

642567f... by X

kupfer_plugins: Make it a more normal plugin (no prefer catalog)

aed82b0... by X

notification: Catch exceptions on showing notification

a6dd326... by X

notes: Use textutils in Notes plugin