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703. Include updates to GnuPGInterface Th...

Author: Kevin Locke
Revision Date: 2010-10-25 14:17:23 UTC

Include updates to GnuPGInterface

These updates are from the current state of a branch of development that
I created to port GnuPGInterface to Windows, fix some bugs, and add
Python 3 support. The branch is available on github at
<>. These changes are taken from
commit 91667c.

I have assurances from the original author of GnuPGInterface that the
changes will be merged into his sources with minimal changes (if any)
once he has time and that it is safe to merge these changes into other
projects that need them without introducing a significant maintenance

Note: This version of GnuPGInterface now uses subprocess rather than
"raw" fork/exec. The threaded waitpid was removed due to threading
issues with subprocess (particularly Issue 1731717). It should be
largely unnecessary as any zombie child processes are reaped when a new
subprocess is started. If the more immediate reaping is required, the
threaded wait can easily be re-added (and less-easily be made thread
safe with subprocess).

Signed-off-by: Kevin Locke <>

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