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13cb6b2... by Kenny Root on 2018-11-04

Release 1.9.4

be3b092... by Kenny Root on 2018-11-04

Update to sshlib 2.2.8

sshlib 2.2.7 was using StandardCharsets which only was supported in API
19 and later.

02fe730... by Kenny Root on 2018-10-31

Upgrade Robolectric to fix JDK 8u191 compat

dccccba... by Kenny Root on 2018-10-31

Update translations

81c2014... by Kenny Root on 2018-10-31

Update Play Services

71882e4... by Kenny Root on 2018-10-31

Update Conscrypt version

4b4134e... by Kenny Root on 2018-09-11

Add some more verbose instructions to README

fa23163... by Kenny Root on 2018-09-07

Added Jenkinsfile

This is the first step in turning on the new Jenkins CI and turning down
the old one. Note that the pipeline isn't fully replicated from the old
Jenkins instance, but that will come soon.

This also enables anyone to run a pretty exact simulation of the Jenkins
build locally if any problem is encountered.

6dc9e27... by Kenny Root on 2018-09-09

Update Android build tools version

28e79b6... by Kenny Root on 2018-09-03

Travis: try to trim down build time