Created by Jonathan Riddell on 2016-02-19 and last modified on 2018-02-14
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1354. By Harald Sitter on 2018-02-14

brings back cdrom hack but only for ubiquity

last night I had a genious idea. we'll use a cdrom repo for ubiquity ISOs and a preinstall repo
for !ubiquity (i.e. clamares). ubiquity knows how to handle cdrom but not how to clean up
preinstall, conversely calamares doesn't know how to deal with cdrom but can easily be made
to handle preinstall.

in this new world order ubiquity ISOs get their cdrom repo updated while calamares ones
use the old one from live-buid (ideally we should do away with the fork.
clamares ISOs get a preinstall repo and a tiny extension to cleanup logic

1353. By Harald Sitter on 2018-02-13

revert cdrom hack

calamares doesn't properly support this and making it work is quite a bit of code, so intead
let's just go with the preinstalled-pool repo

i.e. the installed system simply contains the repo and sources.list entry

1352. By Harald Sitter on 2018-02-06

attempt to use the generated repo as cdrom repo

not sure this will work, but if it does it'd be awesome. technically this should solve the outdated package problem AND keep the repo off of the installed disk

1351. By Harald Sitter on 2018-02-06

use 2048 RSA for pool

apt rightfully complains about 1024 DSA as being weak crap

1350. By Harald Sitter on 2018-02-06

put preinstall source list into subdir

otherwise ubiquity will overwrite it away with apt-setup, which writes a completely new sources.list but doesn't handle preinstalled properly

1349. By Harald Sitter on 2018-01-31

pull in xwayland with other x HWE packages

1346. By Jonathan Riddell on 2017-12-04

* For the IMAGEFORMAT=none parts to work for ubuntu-image classic builds, we
  need to make sure IMAGEFORMAT is preserved and not overwritten if defined.
  Backporting from artful.
[ Gary Wang ]
* Add the IMAGEFORMAT=none to support generating a single rootfs
  (LP: #1730642)
[ Christopher Glass (Ubuntu) ]
* Backport "minimized round 2" changes from trunk to Xenial (LP: #1731492)
* Remove apt, debconf, dpkg cruft files from /var/cache and /var/lib in
  all our livefses.
* Pass --cache false to lb config; otherwise we copy around caches of
  .debs that are never used properly, and which prevent us from emptying
  /var/cache/apt in images.
* When building minimized cloud images, remove various packages that we
  don't want installed by default. Some are tools that aren't needed for
  non-interactive use; some are libraries whose reverse-dependencies
  will have already been removed; and one, open-vm-tools, should only be
  included in images that are targeted to VMWare (which is not the case
  for any of the current minimal images), rather than being included
  directly in the cloud-image seed.

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