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778dcb4... by Gautier Portet <gautier@gautier-laptop.(none)>

Massively faster typefinder.

9233805... by Gautier Portet <gautier@gautier-laptop.(none)>

Force vbr-max-bitrate to 320 when using mp3+vbr, since
gstreamer now defaults to 160 (stupid!).
(thanks psychoman, fix #15950)

4ad6b84... by Gautier Portet <gautier@gautier-laptop.(none)>


e74d52f... by Gautier Portet <gautier@gautier-laptop.(none)>

Rosetta sync. Update all translations.
Add Danish, English (Australia), Estonian, Japanese and Vietnamese translations.

8644608... by Gautier Portet <gautier@gautier-laptop.(none)>

Reverted menu items to stock.
Don't know why it was like that.

1b63c2c... by Gautier Portet <gautier@gautier-laptop.(none)>

remove INSTALL

2cfc236... by Gautier Portet <gautier@gautier-laptop.(none)>

remove INSTALL

71174a4... by Gautier Portet <gautier@gautier-laptop.(none)>

remove intl files from distribution.
activate bzip2 package

2eb9c15... by Gautier Portet <gautier@gautier-laptop.(none)>

Activate GVfs authentication

f37843f... by Gautier Portet <gautier@quad.(none)>

Better handling of uri when using a target folder. Now forces it to be an uri.