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88a5b4b... by Gautier Portet <email address hidden>

Apply experimental patch from Geoff Pursell.
 - Add a slider to set vorbis quality.
 - Beautify preferences dialog.

14e0c81... by Gautier Portet <email address hidden>

clean mess

c3a2264... by Gautier Portet <email address hidden>

Merge branch 'master' of <email address hidden>:kassoulet/soundconverter.git



50c49ef... by Gautier Portet <gautier@quad.(none)>

Fix lp:263889, freeze after adding a m4p file.
TagReader will now handle errors correctly.

d3f9859... by Gautier Portet <gautier@quad.(none)>

Fix spelling errors.
Remove translation on log messages.

deb71df... by kassoulet <kassoulet@4983b5b2-20f1-0310-b9af-a3bc2f16504d>

some misc fixes to add_uris().
 * skip early when uri is void
 * change error msg so its not the same as the pipeline one
 * reset status when no files are going to be added

git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// 4983b5b2-20f1-0310-b9af-a3bc2f16504d

beae86f... by kassoulet <kassoulet@4983b5b2-20f1-0310-b9af-a3bc2f16504d>

cosmetic fixes

git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// 4983b5b2-20f1-0310-b9af-a3bc2f16504d

c968960... by Gautier Portet <email address hidden>

fix space vs tabs.

1b1c5c8... by Gautier Portet <email address hidden>

sanitize uri handling.

cf0f2d5... by kassoulet <kassoulet@4983b5b2-20f1-0310-b9af-a3bc2f16504d>

display an error dialog when something is breaking encoding.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// 4983b5b2-20f1-0310-b9af-a3bc2f16504d