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justinsb (justin-fathomdb) wrote :

Ryan raised his issue on the mailing list and I said that this was one of the three solutions I saw, and that I was working on it. The other options were to put the projectId into the metadata, or to change the status field. To be honest, I didn't think we'd be willing to change the status field, because we've just broken anyone that was previously using that to get the user.

The fact that an alternative solution was merged does rather reduce the need for the patch, but this is definitely a solution that Ryan and I discussed to his issue, which is why I linked the bug.

This patch is still the "right thing to do", and we'll have to do it for true EC2 API compatibility, which I thought was already an approved goal. We'll probably also have to implement filtering for the OpenStack API once users have a sufficient number of VMs (which I presume is why AWS implemented it), which is why the patch is architected with a separation of the AWS filterspec from an underlying predicate. Finally, it would dramatically simplify and harmonize a lot of our code, by using functions that take predicates rather than a long list of similar functions varying only in their arguments.

But maybe not in Cactus? If we're locking down the cactus branch for release, should I propose a merge into the Diablo branch?

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