Code review comment for lp:~jtv/storm/profile-fetches

Robert Collins (lifeless) wrote :

Hi Jeroen, thanks for pointing me at this.

I think this is a very interesting project. I think the stats will be useful for manual optimisation in the short term in Launchpad.

As far as the autotuning goes long term, the jit-vm style learn-and-improve doesn't interest me for Launchpad : contains my broad plans for addressing systematic performance issues in Launchpad. I think a jit-vm auto tuning layer would be a fascinating project, but the warm-up time in many JIT's can be substantial, and is only ameliorated by loops running hundreds or thousands of times : and still at best only approaches the efficiency available by writing in a more efficient language. Thus my interest in providing a more efficient DSL than storms bound-object approach. I'd love to see storm become radically simpler in aid of that: faster short circuits in object caching - optionally no object caching at all. Constrained and parameterised references would be awesome too.


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