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805. By Jeff Stys on 2014-04-08

Added loading of viewport configuration into science data download script dialog.
Added updating of dialog when layers, events, or observation date change.
Added generation of start/end date thumbnail images using downloadScreenshot.

804. By Jeff Stys on 2014-04-04

API changes in support of science data download script generator.

803. By Jeff Stys on 2014-03-31

Added automatic re-generation of screenshots that no longer exist in the local cache, when requested via the 'downloadScreenshot' API.

802. By Jeff Stys on 2014-03-28

Added Data Coverage browser at http://helioviewer.org/coverage/

Requires a new database table:

CREATE TABLE `data_coverage_5_min` (
  `date` datetime NOT NULL,
  `sourceId` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL,
  `count` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
  PRIMARY KEY (`date`,`sourceId`),
  KEY `index1` (`date`),
  KEY `index2` (`sourceId`),
  KEY `index3` (`sourceId`,`date`)

801. By Jeff Stys on 2014-03-27

Overhaul of API Documentation, Sidebar Toggle, Movie Player Dialog updates, Bug Fixes.

Overhaul of API documentation:
+ API documentation now lives at its own URL: api/docs/v1/
+ API documentation has been separated from the API execution code to prevent documentation changes from interrupting live API requests.
+ API descriptions have been movied to verion-specific XML file(s), freeing it from the shackles of HTML and CSS markup.
+ Invalid API requests now display the documentation for the requested API action on the error page.

Hiding of News/Video sidebar
+ Added an icon button to the bottom of the Viewport to toggle the right-hand sidebar.
+ Modified the behavior of the fullscreen toggle to be compatible with the show/hide sidebar feature.
+ Added a keyboard shortcut, 's' to toggle the sidebar.

Miscellaneous Changes:
+ HV_API_URL is now used to prevent occassionaly problematic relative URLs.
+ For compatability reasons, an unexpected API parameter no longer results in an Exception. Instead, such parameters are explicitely unset.
+ Minor cosmetic changes to the movie player dialog.
+ Replaced AddThis with standard Twitter and Facebook buttons.
+ Added footer link to Helioviewer twitter account.

Bug Fixes:
+ Fixed a bug with the database query in getMovieInformation() that was preventing the LEFT JOIN from properly returning a result when the joined table (movieFormats) did not have any associated rows. A problem with the WHERE clause was eliminating the benefits of the LEFT JOIN.
+ Fixed a variable name typo associated with the mount wilson class event labels of NOAA SWPC Observer active regions.
+ Fixed a bug that was causing embedded Wordpress widgets to make an external API request to the HEK HER API when it wasn't necessary.

Apache Configuration Changes:
+ Need to add mod_rewrite rule to support version-specific API URIs (in use now by the API documentation).
      RewriteRule ^/api/(v[0-9\.]+)/([0-9a-zA-Z]*)/ /api/index.php?action=$2 [QSA,L]

800. By Jeff Stys on 2014-03-18

Fixed screenshot imageScale bug.

799. By Jeff Stys on 2014-02-20

+ Updated scripts/build.xml to create the directory build/css

798. By Jeff Stys on 2014-02-03

+ Updated getJPX API action to handle cadence=-1 which correspondes to JHelioviewer's "get all" cadence value.
+ When the maximum number of JPX frames is exceeded, cadence=-1 allows all available frames to be returned until the maximum is reached. A message is output alerting the user of the date at which the movie is trunctated.
- Removed unused feature/event maker icons

797. By Jeff Stys on 2014-01-27


+ MySQL database table definitions have changed in this revision in order to add support for the new Solar Features & Events feature. The database must be upgraded at the same time this code is deployed. The 'movies' and 'screenshots' table definitions have changed.

+ Some API actions now have additional required (as well as optional) parameters. See 'queueMovie'. New API actions were defined related to the new Solar Features & Events feature.


Added Solar Features & Event support using data from the Heliophysics Event Knowledgebase (HEK). Includes the following:

+ Local caching of HEK HER API results by day, including calculation of Helioviewer-specific paramters and drawing of region polygon PNG files. Cache is built at time of request if necessary. An included shell script may also be run via cron in order to pre-populate the cache and refresh the most recent results to so that updates are captured.
+ Features/Events accordion widget with hierarchical listing of Event Types and Feature Recognition Methods (FRMs) based on JSTree JQUERY plugin. Includes hover trigger for highlighting result subets.
+ Feature/Event marker pins in the Viewport
+ Feature/Event marker region polygons in the Viewport, where data is available (such as Active Regions, Coronal Holes, Sunspots).
+ Feature/Event marker labels that can be toggled on or off with the 'd' key. Responds to hover events if toggled off. Label values depend on the Event Type and/or FRM of the associated pin.
+ Feature/Event summary pop-overs appear when marker pins are clicked. Displays the data from the marker labels plus feature/event start and end times (and peak time, where available). Link to view full HEK record. Can be dragged around the viewport to allow comparison with data from other pop-overs.
+ Feature/Event info dialog box containing HEK record data categorized into tabs and sorted aphabetically. Automatically formatted based on data type. Ability to show/hide records that don't contain useful data. Contextual help on hover event over parameter name (configurable via eventGlossary.json file). Support for inline display of thumbnail images, and active links to external resources.
+ Full support for rendering Feature/Event marker pins, region polygons, and text labels in user-generated Screenshots and Movies.
+ State of Feature/Event UI options are saved to and loaded from localStorage/Cookies and are passed through shareable links.
+ Added support for Solar Features & Events in MySQL table definitions.

Added size-of-Earth scale indicator:

+ Appears by default in lower-left corner of Viewport, user-generated screenshots and movies.
+ Can be hidden from Viewport and user-generated screenshots and movies with one click
+ Can be dragged around the screen, with custom position rendered in user-generated screenshots and movies. Can be hidden/re-docked with one click.

Added Yohkoh SXT data type.

+ Al/Mg/Mn filter - 2.4 Å - 32 Å pass band
+ thin-Al filter - 11.6 μm Al (2.4 Å - 13 Å pass band)
+ white-light
+ Support for Sun-center offset parameters

Added database query optimizations:

+ Data is written to disk as serialized PHP objects
+ Cache files are unlinked at access time if their age exceeds data-specific maximum age in sections. Of not specified, default maximug age is 1 day. Note that old cache files are not auto cleaned up when they are no longer needed. Cron jobs can be set up to remove cache files that have not been accessed recently.
+ Caching respects value of 'disable_cache' boolean in Config.ini configuration file. Known as HV_DISABLE_CACHE in PHP code.
+ Database connections are shared when possible to aboid expensive operation of estabishing new connections.
+ Extraneous database connections are now prevented.

Fixed color table bug in CORImage.php

Added support for switch from PROBA2 SWAP images with integrated color tables to those without.

Updated ANT build.xml configuration.

Improved many code comments, file formatting.

796. By Jeff Stys on 2013-03-21

Fix for transparent screenshot backgrounds after ImageMagick upgrade

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