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237. By John S. Gruber

Remove python-support dependency and condition on use of dh_python2.
Fixes lp: #1535318

236. By John S. Gruber

* Fix Browser freezes when Slide is open. lp: #1275521
* Release Version 1.0.1
* Update the above fix so each slide will be imaged on creation

235. By John S. Gruber

Release Version 1.0

234. By John S. Gruber

Merge changes from lernid-proposed

233. By John S. Gruber

* data/ui/LernidWindow.ui and man page. Mention gwibber in the appropriate
  events menu item. Christos Bountalis.
  Fixes lp: #794120.
* lernid/widgets/IrcWidget.py. Highlight and italicize the user's question
  when repeated in the classroom by classbot. Mohammad AbuShady.
  Fixes lp: #1043899.
* lernid/widgets/IrcWidget.py. Ignore the word "asked: " as it will be
  different in different languages. Make sure the sender name comparison
  is in lower case, matching the classbot name list. John S. Gruber
* Merge translations as of 2013-2-28.
* Ready new release
* Address lp: 1130454 by adding ubuntu-onair and reenabling webkit plugins
  for computers that have SSE2. Don't close yet.

232. By John S. Gruber

Release 0.8.5

231. By John S. Gruber

* Merge lernid-proposed
* Merge translations
* Disable all plugins through webkit settings so they won't crash
  lernid. Future webkit releases may run plugins in a separate
  process allowing us to reconsider this eventually.
  lernid/widgets/Browser.py . Closes LP: #995695.
* Don't add irc logs for future events in lernid/widgets/Schedule.py
* Change version number and create new version of .pot files
* Fix scrolling case when there are no sessions in the schedule timeframe.
* Underline Irclog entries to make it apparent that they are clickable.
* Change version number and create new version of .pot files
* Get rid of slide error message more quickly, and when a new attempt
  is made to download slides.
* Don't release the nick--it causes the server to change previous
  signons elsewhere to Guestn.
* Add calendar override option for use in testing.
* Create irclog lines for current and future sessions, too.
* If there are no future sessions, scroll to the bottom of the calendar.
* Add the --no-update command line option to supress lernid's
  scheduled schedule updates.
* Scramble the calendar domain name before every calendar download
* At disconnect time, be sure schedule _update handle is removed. Don't
  let an initial calendar load ending after an event is disconnected
  produce schedule the update chain.
* Ignore callbacks from cancelled messages
* Select time to trigger calendar updates from a list. At :06 after
  the hour and half hour. Other times are :01, :11, :21, :31, :41, :51
* Add remarks about the schedule buttons in the lernid man page.
* Clean up some corner cases when events are terminated. Schedule._event
  is now None when there is no event active. Rename irclog click callback.
* Remove event interrupted message when the next connection is made.
* When a new slide load attempt is made, stop outstanding I/O and retries.
* Add a schedule refresh button
* Clean up and simplify calendar reload scheduling. Only load it every
  ten minutes and once a night to produce a new irclog entry in the
* Be sure we don't pre-announce the same session twice in a row.
* Make server disconnections more robust
* New version number; new .pot file. Clear lintian errors
* Depend on python version 2.6 as lernid uses the io module
* Don't reparse calendar unless it has changed. Simplify
  _calendar_refresh parameters.
* Don't scroll schedule unless we have just connected to an event.`
* Increment release version by .1. Adjust version number in package.
  Make python-support a straight build dependency for now to avoid
  bug 594916 in launchpad's builder.
* Correct problem using non-existent event preferences setting; advance
  version by .1
* Set up new release
* Create new translation .pot file
* Merge translations
* Use nick from connect dialog when reconnecting
* Make nick used in irc rooms reflect the nick assigned by the server and
  display a status message when it is changed
* Correct message insertion into irc text buffers.
* Fix traceback when issuing error message for attempt at irc command
  (LP: #925702)
* Add clasebot to list of classbot names. (LP: #916629)
* Time out the join message after 10 seconds. (LP: #806801)
* Time out various additional status messages. Avoid initial "learning
  material" message. (LP: #806805)
* Disconnect channel signal handlers, if any, when the server connection
  is closed. Prevents messages from being repeated after multiple
  disconnects and connects.
* Correct default events (classrooms). Use a temporary file to allow the
  configparser to read the default config as a utf-8 encoded string --
  matching how it reads all other configs from disk or web.
* Simplify nickname handling somewhat. Use version as fullname in initial
  sign-on. (LP: #850419, LP: #838557)
* Remove "Question:" unicode space marking.
* Change copyright format-spec: line to current format: line and
  update standards to
* Convert to debhelper7 from cdbs
* Use dh_python2 for build if available; use python-support if not
  (Removes need for python-central). Thanks to Monty Taylor for
  the conditional code. (LP: #801281)

* Remove desktopcouch configuration saving as Ubuntu One doesn't support
  it. (LP: #893738, LP: #795492)
* In connect dialog default to last event chosen. (LP: #838505)
* Expose the event icalurl in two ways, to the clipboard, and opened using
    the default method for the url. Also replace the slide opening function
    with the same gtk.show_uri function, removing the need for webbrowser.
    Also eliminate the gtk.viewport, tree views are scrollable so this
    is redundant (and I think, should have been a child of the scrolling
    window, not its parent, if I read the documentation correctly).
    (LP: #530054).
* Slide.py have poppler render to a cairo surface and use a trick to
  get that into the pixmap. (LP: #972069)
  (Technique from diogodivision's "BlingSwitcher" through
  http://www.mikedesjardins.net. Thank you.)
* Dynamically load the schedule each minute at 5 seconds past the minute
  Addresses LP: #925756, LP: #835806
* Try to reload slides three times at random intervals
* Add a lernid man page and another to describe classroom config files and
  calendar event (session) description fields.
* Insert references to irc logs. New config setting logstring provides
  the skeleton uri for the logs. LP: #794124

230. By John S. Gruber

Ready for release

229. By John S. Gruber

* Make schedule a bit easier to read by making font used for instructors one size smaller
* Add 'avoid-desktopcouch' debugging option.
* Remove #ubuntu-classroom-es. Assign correct calendar to #ubuntu-charlas
* Document the following merges in debian/changelog:
* Add instructor names to schedule.
* Add option -d (--debug) for message received and members changed events as
    well as for all other verbose messages. Makes --verbose less verbose.
    Fixes LP: #816080.
* Couch desktopcouch in try: clause; ignore desktopcouch database if
    unavailable. Fixes LP: #795138 and LP: #516619 by this circumvention.
* Use a config file as backup for desktopcouch. Window sizes and pane settings
    will not be restored. The config file is recreated each time lernid
    is run, whether or not desktopcouch is available.
* Get the events from /etc/lernid-classrooms.d/* rather than from the
    Internet. Remove all but the last weeks events and scroll down
    to the current time. LP: #528870.
* Add /etc/lernid-classrooms.d/ubuntu-classroom and
* Add ubuntu-charlas chatroom choice. These implement the
    lernid-config-file-improvements blueprint
    basic requirements. Also fix LP: #533279 and LP: #793033.
* Add button to open the slide file in the user's (external) browser.
    Add tooltip text to slide window giving the slide url.
    Resolves LP: #830856 and LP: #530817.
* Add new [slidefile url] and [slidefile url 3] instructor commands to
    load a slide file during a session, and to load the slide file and then
    switch to the page.
* Load slide file asynchronously using gio (rather than using threads).
    Again fixes LP: #530119. Fixes LP: #795347. Report downloading progress.
    Restablishes these two functions originally created by Peeyoosh
* Remove bold effect from the room names in the classroom and chatroom label.
    Include the '#' in the name, if someone had abbreviated it.
    Fixes LP: #806797.
* Add a ZERO WIDTH SPACE and SIX-PER-EM SPACE following "QUESTION: " to help
    classbot pick out questions without regard to the word "QUESTION" as its
    language might not match the one lernid is using. Addresses LP: 808570.
* Look for classbot messages in a case-insensitive manner. Mark its messages
    by making them italic. Fixes LP: #794126
* Retrieve the value of "QUESTION:" from the session or the event. Look first
    for a question_token value in the session, then for a locale for the
    session, then for a question_token value for the event, then for a locale
    value for the event.

* If locale is used and begins with es, translate QUESTION to spanish, otherwise
    leave as english.

* Added a server variable to events for later use.
* Replace light style of QUESTION: label with normal style so it doesn't appear
    to be insensitive. Tooltip text applies to both label and the check box
    itself. Clicking on the tooltext label toggles the button. Fixes
    LP: #806800, LP: #806793, LP: #793029.
* Make Question: upper-case in the notification reminder and in the mouse-over
    text. Thanks to Mohammad AbuShady. Fixes LP: #808569 .
* Handle the response to the user dismissing the Open event window in two
    stages so that the window can be hidden before the remaining processing
    is started. Fixes LP: #806804.
* Add preference to open URL's as a new tab in the user's default browser
    rather than in Lernid. The initial classroom web page and the
    Event->Open URL... dialog are excluded.
    Thanks to Peeyoosh Sangolekar for providing this feature. See
    https://blueprints.launchpad.net/lernid/+spec/open-in-default-browser .
* Make the test for messages from instructors and helpers case-insensitive.
    Thanks to Mohammad AbuShady. Fixes LP: #812427 .
* Change the last user-agent product-id from Safari to lernid. Thanks go to
    Mohammad AbuShady. Fixes LP: #793805 .
* Prepend URL's input into the Open URL... dialog box with http:// if
    necessary. Thanks, Diogenese The Cynical. Fixes LP: #793793.
* Set new version number

228. By John S. Gruber

* Note that LP: #808982 is fixed
* Allow anyone (with voice) to change slides or switch browser if channel
    is moderated.
* Wrap notification requests in try: clause so failure doesn't cause lernid to
    error. Fixes LP: #808982
* Set user-stylesheet-uri in webkit settings to circumvent webkit problem
    with webkit-box-shadow. Fixes LP: #793780. Thanks to the Midori
    project for covering this in their FAQ at http://wiki.xfce.org/midori/faq

* Set new version number

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