Created by Johan Rydberg on 2005-12-31 and last modified on 2005-12-31
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Re-factoring effort to support several history formats
in bzrlib without little or no changes to the core
functionality. Branch also support the knit history

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Recent revisions

1548. By Johan Rydberg on 2005-12-22

Fix some of Roberts comments.

1547. By Johan Rydberg on 2005-12-22

No need to add newline to revisions. PB fixes.

1546. By Johan Rydberg on 2005-12-22

The knit data file is now compressed using gzip instead of zlib, to
enable debugging using zcat. Implement re-annotation when merging two
knits. Also implement a simple "walk" method that uses a weave to do
the actual work.

1545. By Johan Rydberg on 2005-12-22


1544. By Johan Rydberg on 2005-12-22

Make knit fetcher safe.

1543. By Johan Rydberg on 2005-12-21

Fix typo and better handling of data files.

1542. By Johan Rydberg on 2005-12-20

Better define the VersionedFile API. Tests updated.

1541. By Johan Rydberg on 2005-12-20

Rework working tree pull tests to test both weaves and knits.

1540. By Johan Rydberg on 2005-12-20

Copy from revision store to revision store.

1539. By Johan Rydberg on 2005-12-19

bzr.jrydberg.versionedfile todos

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