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320. By Jo Vermeulen on 2009-01-16

Added backgroundImage property to SWF Button class. Thanks to Olivier Sels <email address hidden>.

319. By Jo Vermeulen on 2009-01-08

Fixed bug: possible InvalidCastException in ConvertPrimitive function when converting Decimal to string.

318. By Jo Vermeulen on 2009-01-04

Fixed bug in multi-dialog support, where replace true would also close the new window. Actual cause of this bug is in multiple execution of call tags. To be resolved ...

317. By Jo Vermeulen on 2009-01-03

Finished multi-dialog support. When opening a dialog, the existing dialog can now also be closed (by setting the 'replace' parameter). This works with all backends (SWF, GTK#, CompactSWF).

316. By Jo Vermeulen on 2009-01-03

Added support for popups in SWF and CompactSWF backends.

315. By Jo Vermeulen on 2009-01-03

Added more type decoders to CompactSWF backend, copied/adapted most from SWF backend.

314. By Jo Vermeulen on 2009-01-02

Updated cswf-1.0.uiml vocabulary to have both setters and getters for most properties, like the swf-1.1.uiml vocabulary.

313. By Jo Vermeulen on 2008-12-29

Added type decoders for both Bitmap and Image types in SWF backend.

312. By Jo Vermeulen on 2008-12-29

Added TypeDecoder.HasDecoder overload that allows to check for from and to types based on their name.

311. By Jo Vermeulen on 2008-12-19

Fixed bug in Renderer where a lazy property's value would be calculated twice.

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