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Proposed by Joshua Scotton
Status: Rejected
Rejected by: Paul Hummer
Proposed branch: lp:~joshuascotton/entertainer/entertainer-changes
Merge into: lp:entertainer
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Samuel Buffet (community) Approve
Paul Hummer Needs Resubmitting
Matt Layman Approve
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Matt Layman (mblayman) wrote :

Is that seriously all it would take to add file support for mp4 and m4v? If we've already got the code to support them and it just meant adding them to a list of allowable types, then I'm all for this change.

Can you provide some details Josh?

review: Approve
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Joshua Scotton (joshuascotton) wrote : uses the __SUPPORTED_FILE_EXTENSIONS list to work out whether to index a file as a video file in lines 70-73 of
           if not self.isFileInCache(filename) and \

Hence, all you need to do to add a gstreamer supported filetype as an entertainer supported filetype is to add the extension to the __SUPPORTED_FILE_EXTENSIONS list.

I'm wondering whether there's an automated way to generate the __SUPPORTED_FILE_EXTENSIONS list in the first place, but in the meantime I've added mp4 and m4v because I know that they both work in entertainer with this change.

Music cache also has a similar list, currently:

and pictures:

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Joshua Scotton (joshuascotton) wrote :

Just to add...
Any picture which can be used as a clutter.Texture will work with our photo viewer, it would be useful to find a list of filetypes supported by clutter.Texture and also for gstreamer

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Paul Hummer (rockstar) wrote :

I'd rather have this land in my "the-backend-shouldnt-suck-anymore" loom, to avoid conflicts. Could you please submit it against that "branch". I'll land it in one of the threads of that branch.

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Paul Hummer (rockstar) :
review: Needs Resubmitting
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Joshua Scotton (joshuascotton) wrote :

will do

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Samuel Buffet (samuel-buffet) wrote :

As we use the gstreamer playbin in the, the __SUPPORTED_FILE_EXTENSIONS list depends on gstreamers plugins installed on the machine. The gstreamer playbin chose the demuxer/decoder as a function of the source and of the available plugins installed.

So maybe it could be possible to create a pipe with the typefind element to get informations about the video and audio streams and check if it is readable by gstreamer on a particular machine before indexing a file in the db.

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review: Approve

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added mp4 and m4v to supported video filetypes


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