Code review comment for lp:~jose/charms/precise/owncloud/update-version

José Antonio Rey (jose) wrote :


Let me explain those last two revisions:

 * (rev 27) I basically hardcoded -latest into -6.0.2. This is something temporary, because the MD5 hash provided by the ownCloud community for the -latest bzip file is not up to date. Once it is, we should be able to change it back to -latest. At this moment, -latest is the same as -6.0.2, so no problems should be found.

 * (rev 28) This is a trivial change, as the install hook mentioned a 4.x version instead of just saying 'Downloading and validating', which is not up to date (even on the current charm on the charm store). Shouldn't affect the performance of the charm at all.

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