Merge lp:~jontai/openvista-gtm-integration/bug446644 into lp:openvista-gtm-integration

Proposed by Jon Tai
Status: Merged
Merged at revision: not available
Proposed branch: lp:~jontai/openvista-gtm-integration/bug446644
Merge into: lp:openvista-gtm-integration
Diff against target: 22 lines (+4/-3)
1 file modified
mumps/ZOSV2GTM.m (+4/-3)
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~jontai/openvista-gtm-integration/bug446644
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JSHER Approve
Jon Tai Approve Approve
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Revision history for this message (jeff-apple) wrote :

I'm not sure why the NOZERO=1 argument is needed when called by FileMan internals but not needed elsewhere.

review: Approve
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Jon Tai (jontai) wrote :

I'm not sure either, but the change is backwards compatible, so it shouldn't really do any harm... it does require a change in FM to be useful though, so I think I'm going to hold off on merging this until George weighs in.

review: Needs Information
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JSHER (joel-sher) wrote :

%ZOSV2 is also called from ^%ZOSF("SAVE") there the array being sent ends in a zero subscript. Calling from the "ZS" in MUMPS OPERATING SYSTEM the saving array does not have an ending zero subscript.

104. By Jon Tai

merge mainline

105. By Jon Tai

revised version from Joel:

George wanted this done differently.
Have the "ZS" Node call ^%ZOSV("SAVE") and have SAVE^ZOSV2 maintain a single parameter and determine if the array has an ending zero subscript.



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Jon Tai (jontai) wrote :

OK, I've tested this by installing a KIDS build and by saving a routine with VPE (bug #440789). The KIDS build installation still works, and the VPE bug no longer occurs. Since the general approach has George's approval, and the one issue I had with the %S variable is not really an issue, I'm going to merge this.

review: Approve
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JSHER (joel-sher) :
review: Approve

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1=== modified file 'mumps/ZOSV2GTM.m'
2--- mumps/ZOSV2GTM.m 2009-06-05 20:09:12 +0000
3+++ mumps/ZOSV2GTM.m 2009-12-01 23:23:09 +0000
4@@ -1,14 +1,15 @@
5-%ZOSV2 ;ISF/RWF MSC/JDS - More GT.M support routines ;24APR2009
6+%ZOSV2 ;ISF/RWF MSC/JDS - More GT.M support routines ;1DEC2009
7 ;;8.0;KERNEL;**275,MSC**;Jul 10, 1995
8 Q
9 ;SAVE: DIE open array reference.
10 ; XCN is the starting value to $O from.
11 SAVE(RN) ;Save a routine
12- N %,%F,%I,%N,SP,$ETRAP
13+ N %,%F,%I,%N,SP,$ETRAP,%S
14 S $ETRAP="S $ECODE="""" Q"
15 S %I=$I,SP=" ",%F=$$RTNDIR^%ZOSV()_RN_".m"
16 O %F:(newversion:noreadonly:blocksize=2048:recordsize=2044) U %F
17- F S XCN=$O(@(DIE_XCN_")")) Q:XCN'>0 S %=@(DIE_XCN_",0)") Q:$E(%,1)="$" I $E(%)'=";" W $P(%,SP)_$C(9)_$P(%,SP,2,99999),!
18+ N Q,ZS,I S Q=+$G(XCN) F I=0,1 S Q=$O(@(DIE_Q_")")) Q:Q="" S Q=DIE_Q_")",Q=$Q(@Q) Q:Q'["0)" S Q=$O(@(DIE_$QS(Q,$L(DIE,",")+1)_")")) Q:Q="" S:I ZS=1
19+ F S XCN=$O(@(DIE_+$G(XCN)_")")) Q:XCN'>0 S %=@(DIE_XCN_$S($G(ZS):",0",1:"")_")") Q:$E(%,1)="$" I $E(%)'=";" W $P(%,SP)_$C(9)_$P(%,SP,2,99999),!
20 C %F ;S %N=$$NULL
21 ;C %N
22 U %I


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