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Patrick Farrell Approve
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Description of the change

Adding minor changes and extra files required for bundling Diamond into a MacOSX app. The bundling script checks out the latest fluidity schema and uses that, but we can easily add other schema into the bundling script.

The schema paths are hard coded to the app, but are simply appended onto existing paths, if you're using a Mac.

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Patrick Farrell (pefarrell) wrote :

a) Get rid of the print statements in diamond/bin/diamond.

b) I don't like the name "MacOS_Resources". Does it have to be called that? I'd prefer "macosx" (like "debian").

c) In diamond/bin/diamond:

-#!/usr/bin/env python

That's never going to be merged :-)

d) Logofile: can't you just put the diamond_path, "..", "diamond.png" first in the list of possible logofiles, and then unify the loop? I don't like the hard-coding special cases for Darwin when I don't think it's necessary.

e) Can you explain why you changed the input_schemafile logic?

f) Can diamond/ please live in the MacOS specific directory?

g) Again, I don't like hardcoding sys.platform == "darwin" in the plugins bit. Just add the directory to the search list; it will find it if it's there, and will skip it if it's not.

review: Needs Fixing
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Jon Hill (jon-hill) wrote :

a) Done

b) Done

c) Oops!

d) This is tricky: If the SVG is first, it get's picked up and then fails on loading (later on in diamond), but if we put the png first, that will get used, rather than the nice vector graphic. I can't remember if an error is raised that we can trap and hence try a png instead or if it just falls over. A hard code might be the only way to solve this.

e) There was a reason - I can't remember it now. It might not be necessary anymore.

f) Done

g) That should be OK. Will try it.

I've also used the environment variable to pick up the schema files etc - this might be nicer way to do things.

lp:~jon-hill/spud/mac_port updated
538. By Jon Hill

Dealt with most (all?) of the review comments

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Jon Hill (jon-hill) wrote :

d) Passing an array of possible logo files to now, with the SVG first.

3) No idea why that was there, so reverted back

lp:~jon-hill/spud/mac_port updated
539. By Jon Hill

Fixing minor typo in, and making the mac_budle script a bit easier to use

540. By Jon Hill

Minor tweaks to bundle script

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Jon Hill (jon-hill) wrote :

OK dealt with all of the above now - barely a mention of "darwin" now apart from in the script.

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Patrick Farrell (pefarrell) :
review: Approve
lp:~jon-hill/spud/mac_port updated
541. By Jon Hill

Megre from trunk.

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