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John Ferlito
bzr email commit hook
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Recent revisions

41. By John Ferlito on 2009-03-03

If we are a server use the committers from address rather than our own

40. By John Ferlito on 2009-03-03

Support running in serve mode

When running in serve mode the server sees a commit as a push. Deal with this
and send emails appropriately.

39. By Robert Collins on 2008-12-09

Draft support for mailing on push/pull.

38. By Vincent Ladeuil on 2008-12-08

Fix test suite ERRORs.

* testemail.py:
(TestGetTo.get_sender): '\r' are now illegal (and cought as such)
in commit messages (since bzr@3854 fixing bug #295161).

37. By Vincent Ladeuil on 2008-09-25

Long forgotten, approved, local patch fixing test suite failures

36. By Jelmer Vernooij on 2008-08-05

Fix another typo pointed out by Elmo.

35. By Jelmer Vernooij on 2008-08-05

Fix typo: pricate -> private.

34. By John A Meinel on 2008-06-05

Special case showing a single revision without a merge.

This cuts out 2s of 'bzr commit' time for committing to a bzr.dev tree.

33. By John A Meinel on 2008-05-01

Switch to using 'is not None'

32. By John A Meinel on 2008-05-01

Use install_named_hook if it is available

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