Code review comment for lp:~john+ubuntu-g/openlp/singingthefaith

Raoul Snyman (raoul-snyman) wrote :

Hey John, a couple things.

1. You have a ton of linting issues. I started commenting, and then I realised that it would be better to just point you to flake8. See the link at the bottom of my comment for a quick introduction to linting and flake8.

2. You have some inconsistent indentation. Indentation in Python is very important, so we take it seriously. Also, please make sure you are indenting using spaces and not tabs.

3. You are not committing your code with the e-mail address associated with Launchpad. Please can you fix that by issuing a bzr whoami "John Lines <email address hidden>"

4. Once you've made all your changes, and you're ready for another review, you need to resubmit your merge proposal. Do this by clicking the "Resubmit" link in the top right hand corner of the page.

5. If you're struggling with anything, pop into our IRC channel, there's usually someone around who is happy to help.

review: Needs Fixing

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