Created by Paweł T. Jochym on 2017-03-17 and last modified on 2018-03-19


SDK library for QHY series of cameras

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Paweł T. Jochym
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INDI - experimental
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# git-build-recipe format 0.4 deb-version {debupstream}+r{revno:src}+{time}~{git-commit:src}
lp:~mutlaqja/+git/dummy master
nest-part src lp:~jochym/libindi/+git/snap 3rdparty/libqhy libqhy drv_qhy
nest-part cmake lp:~jochym/libindi/+git/snap cmake_modules libqhy/cmake_modules drv_qhy
nest-part pack lp:~jochym/libindi/+git/snap debian/libqhy debian drv_qhy