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Name Last Modified Last Commit
lvm_int_bytes 2021-01-26 20:56:29 UTC 2021-01-26
Force human2bytes to always return an int

Author: Jean-Noël AVILA
Author Date: 2021-01-26 20:56:29 UTC

Force human2bytes to always return an int

All sizes in bytes can only be integer. Moreover, for all users of
this function, the output can be printed without a decimal point

master 2021-01-22 00:45:49 UTC 2021-01-22
block: fixes for verifying existing multipath partitions

Author: Michael Hudson-Doyle
Author Date: 2021-01-22 00:45:49 UTC

block: fixes for verifying existing multipath partitions

Verifying a partition on a multipath disk currently fails for two

 1. get_blockdev_for_partition does not know how to go from a multipath
    partition to a multipath disk, so sfdisk_info ends up calling sfdisk
    on the partition, which fails.
 2. sfdisk --json /dev/dm-X prints /dev/mapper paths for the partition
    paths but compares them against the fully deferenced /dev/dm-Y path
    for the partition.

2 is easily fixed by resolving symlinks before comparing nodes. 1
can be fixed with a little udev poking but then sys_block_path
returns paths like /sys/class/block/dm-1/dm-2 for a partition of
a multipath disk, which doesn't exist. Luckily, nodes for
partitions exist directly in /sys/class/block and have done since
/sys/class/block was added in 2008 (see kernel commit
edfaa7c36574f1bf09c65ad602412db9da5f96bf) so we can just remove
the call to get_blockdev_for_partition from sys_block_read.

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