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Proposed by Jonathan Lange on 2010-11-28
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Vincent Ladeuil Approve on 2010-11-29
testtools developers 2010-11-28 Pending
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Description of the change

This branch:
 * moves some of the main documentation into a new 'doc' directory
 * adds a sphinx-based doc building system
 * completely revises the manual, breaking it up into two parts: for test authors and for framework folk
 * updates, tweaks and polishes the HACKING guide.

An example build of the docs can be found at

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Robert Collins (lifeless) wrote :

Uhm, so this is hard to review.

I'm going to punt on the manual changes themselves for now, other than
noting that ' that we have no immediate plans it to be so' is whack.

The sphinx framework glue is fugly. Makes me sad. Oh well, should be alright.

The manual on pypi's project page looks like it will become test
authors only, I'm not convinced that that is good - is there something
we can do to address that?

Land when happy,

Martin Pool (mbp) wrote :

It's very nice.

> or you could use testtools Matcher system

I think you need an apostrophe.


Vincent Ladeuil (vila) wrote :

Sphinx generated makefiles become a pita as soon as you need to modify them. Not mentioning doing so after the doc has been translated in several languages, each one requiring its own set of generated makefiles. Been there, found the makefiles, suffered, still searching for a better solution :-( I thought I should mention the problem nevertheless.

365 +<for-test-authors>`, testtools also has many bits and pieces that are useful
366 +for folk who writing testing frameworks.

who *are* writing ?

909 +Python2.7, and that we have no immediate plans it to be so.

*for* it to be so ?

1057 +We highly recommend using the following flags::
1058 +
1059 + doctest.ELLIPSIS | doctest.NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE | doctest.REPORT_NDIFF

Why don't you make them the default flags then ? (Don't answer :)

1239 +the ``Mismatch`` knows how describe a failure to match.

how *to* describe ?

1545 +If you are using a this feature when running your test suite with a legacy
1546 +``TestResult`` object that is missing the ``addSkip`` method, then the

s/a// this feature ?

I don't follow closely (enough :-/) all the parts of testtools, but reading this was a good refresh ;)

review: Approve
Jonathan Lange (jml) wrote :

Thanks guys. Martin, I look forward to seeing your '(more...)'. Vincent, I've made those changes. Rob, I think the best thing to do is to have an "overview" document and make that the PyPI page. I can do that before landing the branch.

153. By Jonathan Lange on 2010-11-29

Grammar change

154. By Jonathan Lange on 2010-11-29

Remove whack.

155. By Jonathan Lange on 2010-11-29

Fix some more glitches.

156. By Jonathan Lange on 2010-11-30

Whitespace correction

157. By Jonathan Lange on 2010-12-22

Merge trunk.

158. By Jonathan Lange on 2010-12-22

Update for startTestRun changes.

159. By Jonathan Lange on 2010-12-22

Actually document 'expectFailure', incorporating notes on testtools's deviance.

160. By Jonathan Lange on 2010-12-22

Documentation for KeysEqual

161. By Jonathan Lange on 2010-12-23

Overview document for testtools

162. By Jonathan Lange on 2010-12-23

Use the overview document for the PyPI release

163. By Jonathan Lange on 2010-12-23

Fix reST and add overview to index<

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