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Jelmer Vernooij (jelmer) wrote :

> I've factored out the common code from subunit2csv, subunit2junitxml and
> subunit-notify. This should give us a good basis for factoring out the rest
> of the scripts, which all have slightly different options (I want to avoid
> making any behavioural changes in this branch other than adding subunit2csv).

> As for --no-passthrough being the default, the same argument applies to
> subunit2junitxml, and now even the code is the same. I would like to avoid
> tackling that problem in this branch, since it spreads behavioural change to
> other scripts (unless I defactor a little), and since it would
> involve dealing with backwards compatibility issues, which are always tricky.
I think it's wrong for --passthrough to be the default for subunit2junitxml too, but I'm happy to defer that fix until later since - as you say - it's a pre-existing issue.



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