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39. By James M. Leddy

environment making gedit and possibly others fail to start (LP: #873027)

38. By Łukasz Zemczak

* Fix issue with unity-2d sending the wrong event timestamp when closing an
  application window; This bug was exposed by a recent Firefox update which
  changed the way Firefox handled windows based on timestamps. (LP: #1010466)
  - add debian/patches/fix-event-timestamps.patch

37. By Didier Roche

* New upstream release
  - unity-2d-panel assert failure: *** glibc detected *** unity-2d-panel:
    malloc(): smallbin double linked list corrupted: 0x08313b28 ***
    (LP: #845979)
  - unity-2d-panel assert failure: *** glibc detected *** unity-2d-panel:
    corrupted double-linked list: 0x094bc9b0 *** (LP: #852012)
  - unity-2d-panel crashed with SIGSEGV (LP: #843432)
  - Dragging downwards from the menu bar or double clicking on the menu bar
    should un-maximise the window (LP: #661049)
  - [dash] Dash is shown when pressing and releasing quickly super+KEY
    (LP: #801073)
  - [dash] Do search, scroll down using mouse, then maximise window. Layout
    breaks (LP: #817421)
  - F10 doesn't start keyboard navigation to the panel (LP: #839628)
  - [dash] Gridview moves to top when you open or close the "Show X more.."
    dropdown or the Filter pane (LP: #850036)
  - Impossible to navigate between panel menus when the mouse cursor is over
    the panel (LP: #834065)
  - [panel] F10 menu initially shown about half screen down (LP: #853766)
  - [dash] Filter pane doesn't clear its background when switching lenses
    (LP: #858590)
  - [shortcuts] <Super><Shift># should launch a new instance of #
    application (LP: #768006)
  - unity-2d-spread missing background images when path includes Unicode
    (LP: #855508)

36. By Didier Roche

* New upstream release
  - unity-2d-panel segfault switching between single and dual screens
    (LP: #848944)
  - bad memory leak in unity-2d-panel (LP: #850320)
  - unity-2d-panel crashed with SIGABRT in raise() (LP: #848155)
  - [dash] Dash is shown when pressing and releasing quickly super+KEY
    (LP: #801073)
  - Wallpaper is loaded twice with different alignment by gnome-session and
    nautilus (Oneiric) (LP: #804435)
  - [panel] Maximized window title switches to Arial font (LP: #820274)
  - [panel] graphics corruption in top line of pixels (LP: #846335)
  - Unity-2d no panel after cancel logout due to not responding app
    (LP: #849379)
  - [panel] Indicators are duplicated if unity-panel-service restarts with
    multiple monitors connected (LP: #850000)
  - Unity doesn't mirror its interface for RTL locales. (LP: #654988)
  - [panel] F10 shortcut with dual screens shows menus on both screens
    (LP: #777995)
  - Background wallpaper briefly appears shifted horizontally by around 15
    pixels on startup (LP: #839610)
  - alt+f2 - can type, doing nothing (LP: #842413)
  - Pressing Alt+F2 sometimes opens the Dash instead of opening the 'Run
    command' screen (LP: #847486)
* debian/control:
  - bump libxi-dev build-dep

35. By Didier Roche

* New upstream release
  - [window management] Alt tab does not switch to the desired application
    but instead set the urgency flag on the window (LP: #735205)
  - [dash] search field default text not cleared immediately when using
    chinese input method (LP: #745246)
  - [dash] Apps lens shows no result by default (LP: #834571)
  - unity-2d-panel crashed with SIGSEGV in
    IndicatorsWidget::onEntryRemoved() (LP: #846836)
  - [panel] graphics corruption in top line of pixels (LP: #846335)
  - Repeated indicators in unity-2d panel when second screen added
    (LP: #846441)
  - [dash] Lens navigation bar (buttons on lower edge of dash window) is
    accessible (LP: #826560)
  - [dash] Category filters is sorted according to their english names, even
    when another language is used (LP: #838023)

34. By Didier Roche

Fix a segfault due to new unity service backend change.

33. By Didier Roche

* New upstream release:
  - unity-2d-panel crashed with SIGSEGV in QConfSchema::findKey()
    (LP: #834045)
  - unity-2d-panel crashed with SIGSEGV in QConf::notify() (LP: #834001)
  - [panel] Implement whitelisting for legacy tray applet (LP: #707354)
  - [launcher] stops automatically hiding after some time using it
    (LP: #821180)
  - [panel] Empathy displays icon in deprecated systray (LP: #830017)
  - [dash] Invalid UTF-8 in the dash (LP: #836587)
  - [dash] Home buttons 'Media' and 'Internet' apps should not only take you
    to the apps lens but also activate the right filter (LP: #837360)
  - [dash] Drag&drop application from dash to launcher is broken
    (LP: #837361)
  - [launcher] contextual menu's corner has a blue line (LP: #828386)
  - [dash] Lens bar graphical layout glitches (LP: #833805)
  - [dash] Rating Filter: All button not clearing star highlighting
    (LP: #834640)
  - [dash] should be falling back to the default renderer if the renderer
    requested by the lens is not found (LP: #837356)
  - [dash] Gwibber lens icon doesn't show up in 2d unity (LP: #830728)
  - [dash] Lacks horizontal renderer used by lenses such as Gwibber
    (LP: #837712)
  - [dash] See %1 more result inconsistency (LP: #834226)
  - [launcher] When application has no icon, a question mark icon should be
    displayed (LP: #837351)
  - unity places should return a default icon when no matching icon is found
    (LP: #711200)
  - spacing between indicators should be 5 pixels (LP: #734010)
* debian/control:
  - require current nux and unity

32. By Sebastien Bacher

* New upstream release:
  - [panel] application menus do not appear on first hover after dismissal
    (lp: #825262)
  - [dash] Lens icons badly scaled (lp: #825368)
  - [panel] indicators are shifted offscreen to the right (lp: #827673)
  - [panel] scrubbing from system indicators to menubar should be possible
    (lp: #706903)
  - [launcher] Closed applications don't get their launcher counts cleared
    (lp: #767367)
  - [dash] selected item should not be underlined but use the same
    treatment as unity (lp: #817456)
  - [dash] categories should be collapsed by default (lp: #827214)
  - [dash] Ratings filter (lp: #831855)
  - [dash] Multirange filter (lp: #831856)
  - [dash] ToggleButton filter (lp: #831857)
  - [dash] Icon size must be bigger to match the mockups (lp: #831858)
  - [dash] "Refine search" right margin should be 15 pixels (lp: #832058)
  - [dash] "Refine search" should be "Filter results" (lp: #832060)
  - [dash] Font sizes should match new design (lp: #832114)
  - [panel] Glitch: application menu appearing when pressing the BFB
    (lp: #825060)
  - [panel] Glitch: application menus are quickly opened after a drag gesture
    (lp: #825267)
  - [dash] File thumbnails aspect ratio is not respected (lp: #832204)
* debian/control: require current the current versions of nux and unity

31. By Sebastien Bacher

* No change rebuild for the nux update abi break
* debian/control: update the nux requirement to be sure to pick the new one

30. By Didier Roche

* New upstream release:
  - [launcher] Impossible to keep KDE Apps in Launcher (LP: #741129)
  - [dash] Background should be blurred (LP: #823326)
  - No 'safely remove' option is present in the unity menu when a usb disk
    is inserted (LP: #660010)
  - Quicklist item "Keep In Launcher" should be "Keep in launcher" as design
    (LP: #795422)
  - [launcher] ESC doesn't dismiss launcher when activated with Alt+F1
    (LP: #812792)
  - [dash] Background wallpaper shifted when using a non compositing window
    manager (LP: #823295)
  - [launcher] Bottom gradient appears too early (LP: #823877)
  - mute/unmute sound when user clicks on sound applet using scroll button
    or middle mouse button (LP: #609860)
  - Secondary activate (i.e. middle click) support for indicators advanced
    usage (LP: #812933)
  - Unused GConfItemQmlWrapper dep found (LP: #821880)
* debian/control:
  - bump libunity-core-4.0-dev, libnux-1.0-dev
  - recommends lenses and not places anymore. Adding music lens

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