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Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt) wrote :

Thanks for working on the design changes I requested:

❓ Move the Active Directory checkbox down so that it doesn’t look like part of the password group: commented as “Done”, but not shown in the screenshot.

✔ Add an explanatory caption below the checkbox label: Done.

✘ Move the “Test” button to the right of the field to better explain what it was for: Done, but unfortunately at the same time it was renamed to “Test connection”. Ubuntu buttons use Title Case, so this should be either “Test”, or “Test Connection” with a capital C.

✘ If connection fails, tell people to visit to fix it after installation: Done, but the URL was formatted as a link (perhaps misled by Google Docs auto-linking the URL in my comment). If it’s not actually possible to fix it before installation finishes, people shouldn’t visit the page during installation, so making it a link would be misleading. Also, remember to submit a request for the Web team to set up that URL as a redirect.

review: Needs Fixing (design)

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