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9dfc04d... by Jon Grimm

Remove (and/or fix) URL shortener references

Several references that were using URL shorteners are now broken due to their
service going away, making it painful to even figure out what they were
supposed to be pointing at. Put back long URLS using '# noqa' to make
flake8 happy.

LP: #1669727

61eb03f... by Scott Moser

OpenStack: add 'dvs' to the list of physical link types.

Links presented in network_data.json to the guest running on ESXi
are of type 'dvs'.

LP: #1674946

bf7723e... by Scott Moser

Fix bug that resulted in an attempt to rename bonds or vlans.

When cloud-init ran in the init stage (after networking had come up).
A bug could occur where cloud-init would attempt and fail to rename
network devices that had "inherited" mac addresses.

The intent of apply_network_config_names was always to rename only
the devices that were "physical" per the network config. (This would
include veth devices in a container). The bug was in creating
the dictionary of interfaces by mac address. If there were multiple
interfaces with the same mac address then renames could fail.
This situation was guaranteed to occur with bonds or vlans or other
devices that inherit their mac.

The solution is to change get_interfaces_by_mac to skip interfaces
that have an inherited mac.

Also drop the 'devs' argument to get_interfaces_by_mac. It was
non-obvious what the result should be if a device in the input
list was filtered out. ie should the following have an entry for
bond0 or not. get_interfaces_by_mac(devs=['bond0'])

LP: #1669860

5442b51... by Scott Moser

tests: update OpenNebula and Digital Ocean to not rely on host interfaces.

Mock the use use of get_interfaces_by_mac in Digital Ocean and OpenNebula.
Its best to mock this for the tests as the results aren't expecting
it to fail.

Note, as it stands, OpenNebula relies on devices named 'eth0'.
The metadata (context) does not provide mac addresses.

d23543e... by Scott Moser

net: in netplan renderer delete known image-builtin content.

When rendering network configuration to netplan, remove known
"builtin" configurations. The specific example here is Ubuntu Core
that has netplan configuration in etc/netplan/00-snapd-config.yaml.

We also delete the derived files since netplan will have created
these derived files in its generator that runs well before cloud-init.

LP: #1675576

b704110... by David Tagatac

doc: correct grammar in capabilities.rst

a68e7d5... by Scott Moser

ds-identify: fix detecting of maas datasource.

The reading of MAAS datasource configuration was simply broken.
it was looking in /etc/cloud/*maas*.cfg rather than

along side here there is also:
 * doc improvement on check_config
 * remove the path restrictions when searching for values in both
   maas and ovf_vmware_guest_customization. that was done to improve
   performance as check_config's parsing is slow.
 * change to maas to search all config files rather than restricting
   to a subset as it tried before. that was done for
 * better variable names.
    - rename path_cloud_confd to path_etc_cloud
    - PATH_ETC_CLOUD: /etc/cloud
    - PATH_ETC_CI_CFG: /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg
    - PATH_ETC_CI_CFG_D: /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d

LP: #1677710

18762d7... by Ryan Harper

netplan: remove debugging prints, add debug logging

Remove debugging print statements. Change a few to use
logging.debug() where useful.

32b21ee... by Scott Moser

ds-identify: do not write None twice to datasource_list.

If the only the None datasource was listed in datasource_list, then
ds-identify would write a cloud.cfg witih:
 datasource_list: [None, None]

The fix is to just append None if the list only has None.

0e2030c... by Steve Langasek

support resizing partition and rootfs on system booted without initramfs.

When booted without an initramfs, the root device will be /dev/root, not a
named device. There is partial support for this when resizing filesystems,
but not for growing partitions, without which it doesn't do much good. Move
the /dev/root resolution code to util.py and use it from cc_growpart.py.

Also, booting without an initramfs only works with a root= argument that's
either a kernel device name (which is unstable) or a partition UUID. Handle
the case of root=PARTUUID=value, not just LABEL and UUID.

LP: #1677376