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Fabounet (fabounet03) wrote :

As I said, the workaround is OK and the code is OK too, it just needs to be
placed in the OpenGL manager (because it knows what graphic card is being
used, plus it's a problem about textures becoming corrupted on suspend)

2014-09-20 18:23 GMT+02:00 Matthieu Baerts <email address hidden>:

> If we add this workaround in a new applet, we can easily disable it. But
> on the other hand it also means that the user has to enable it. We could
> automatically enable (like the gnome-integration applet) it but because
> this workaround doesn't need any new dependence, it could be managed by the
> core. To disable it, maybe we could add a new option or a flag to not
> compile the workaround.
> The dock is already detecting the OpenGL driver in
> src/gldi/cairo-dock-opengl.c =>
> We don't like workarounds but sometimes it's needed... And it's really not
> easy to know where it's the best place (read: the less ugly one :-P) to add
> a workaround :-)
> @fabounet: what do you think about that.
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