Created by John O'Meara on 2005-12-31 and last modified on 2009-05-16
This branch may be out of date, because Launchpad has not been able to access it since 2011-06-30.

Due to the apostrophe in my name when this was converted from arch, bzr >=0.9 is needed to read this branch.

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Recent revisions

158. By John O'Meara <email address hidden> on 2009-05-16

fix curmeta

157. By John O'Meara <email address hidden> on 2009-05-16

make it run again

156. By John O'Meara <email address hidden> on 2009-05-16

temporarily disable the version info injection, currently causes too many problems

155. By John <john@john-laptop-rep> on 2008-07-17

pull out media info tab, fix spelling in media search

154. By John <john@john-laptop-rep> on 2008-07-16

build eggs for plugins (works, but not well)

153. By John <john@john-laptop-rep> on 2008-07-14

part 8, last of the moving; runs like the old one, but tabs are out of order

152. By John <john@john-laptop-rep> on 2008-07-13

part 7, move polltimer and checkstatus into playlist. Only a few inter-class references left

151. By John <john@john-laptop-rep> on 2008-07-13

part 6, move more stuff over. Playlist tab shows up, starts being populated

150. By John <john@john-laptop-rep> on 2008-07-13

part 5, attempt to load the playlist (and correct playlist indent)

149. By John <john@john-laptop-rep> on 2008-07-13

part 4, have widgets define their own name, add widgets using list iteration instead of individual hard code

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