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180+SED ?= sed
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198+# User-settable definitions
200+LATEX_COLOR_WARNING ?= magenta
202+LATEX_COLOR_INFO ?= green
204+LATEX_COLOR_OVERFULL ?= red bold
208+LATEX_COLOR_DEP ?= green
209+LATEX_COLOR_SUCCESS ?= green bold
210+LATEX_COLOR_FAILURE ?= red bold
212+# Gets the real color from a simple textual definition like those above
213+# $(call get-color,ALL_CAPS_COLOR_NAME)
214+# e.g., $(call get-color,WARNING)
215+get-color = $(subst $(space),,$(foreach c,$(LATEX_COLOR_$1),$($c)))
220+C_WARNING := $(call get-color,WARNING)
221+C_ERROR := $(call get-color,ERROR)
222+C_INFO := $(call get-color,INFO)
223+C_UNDERFULL := $(call get-color,UNDERFULL)
224+C_OVERFULL := $(call get-color,OVERFULL)
225+C_PAGES := $(call get-color,PAGES)
226+C_BUILD := $(call get-color,BUILD)
227+C_GRAPHIC := $(call get-color,GRAPHIC)
228+C_DEP := $(call get-color,DEP)
229+C_SUCCESS := $(call get-color,SUCCESS)
230+C_FAILURE := $(call get-color,FAILURE)
231+C_RESET := $(reset)
235+color_tex := \
236+ @$(SED) \
237+ -e '$${' \
238+ -e ' /^$$/!{' \
239+ -e ' H' \
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243+ -e '/^$$/!{' \
244+ -e ' H' \
245+ -e ' d' \
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248+ -e ' x' \
249+ -e ' s/^\n//' \
250+ -e ' /Output written/{' \
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254+ -e ' b end' \
255+ -e ' }' \
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262+ -e ' b end' \
263+ -e ' }' \
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265+ -e ' s//$(C_ERROR)&$(C_RESET)/' \
266+ -e ' b end' \
267+ -e ' }' \
268+ -e ' /.*Warning:.*/{' \
269+ -e ' s//$(C_WARNING)&$(C_RESET)/' \
270+ -e ' b end' \
271+ -e ' }' \
272+ -e ' /Underfull.*/{' \
273+ -e ' s/.*\(Underfull.*\)/$(C_UNDERFULL)\1$(C_RESET)/' \
274+ -e ' b end' \
275+ -e ' }' \
276+ -e ' /Overfull.*/{' \
277+ -e ' s/.*\(Overfull.*\)/$(C_OVERFULL)\1$(C_RESET)/' \
278+ -e ' b end' \
279+ -e ' }' \
280+ $(if $(VERBOSE),,-e ' d') \
281+ -e ' :end' \
282+ -e ' G' \
283+ -e '}' \
285+.PHONY: translations clean show all mylang show-mylang check revinfo -
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294+%13.04 Editor: Jim Connett (
296+\chapter{Advanced Topics}
299+\credit{author}{Thomas Corwin}{13.10}
300+\credit{editor}{David Pires}{13.10}
301+\credit{editor}{Sylvie Gallet}{13.10}
302+\credit{editor}{Jim Connett}{13.10}
309+\section{Ubuntu for advanced users}
311+To this point, we've provided detailed instructions on getting the most from Ubuntu's basic features. In this chapter, we'll detail some of Ubuntu's more advanced features \dash like the terminal, a powerful utility that can help you accomplish tasks without the need for a graphical user interface (\gls{GUI}). We'll also discuss some advanced security measures you can implement to make your computer even safer.
313+This chapter has been written with advanced users in mind. If you're new to Ubuntu, don't feel as though you'll need to master these topics to get the most out of your new software (you can easily skip to the next chapter without any adverse impact to your experience with Ubuntu). However, if you're looking to expand your knowledge of Ubuntu, we encourage you to keep reading.
315+\section{Introduction to the terminal}
317+Throughout this manual, we have focused primarily on the GUI. In order to fully realize the power of Ubuntu, you will need to learn how to use the terminal.
319+\subsection{What is the terminal?}
321+Most operating systems, including Ubuntu, have two types of user interfaces. The first is a GUI. This is the desktop, windows, menus, and toolbars you click to get things done. The second, much older type of interface is the command-line interface (\gls{CLI}).
323+The \emph{terminal} is Ubuntu's CLI. It is a method of controlling some aspects of Ubuntu using only commands that you type on the keyboard.
325+\subsection{Why would I want to use the terminal?}
327+You can perform most day-to-day activities without ever needing to open the terminal. However, the terminal is a powerful and invaluable tool that can be used to perform many useful tasks you might not be able to accomplish with a \gls{GUI}. For example:
330+ \item Troubleshooting any difficulties that may arise when using Ubuntu sometimes requires you to use the terminal.
331+ \item A command-line interface is sometimes a faster way to accomplish a task. For example, it is often easier to perform operations on many files concurrently using the terminal.
332+ \item Learning the command-line interface is the first step towards more advanced troubleshooting, system administration, and software development skills. If you are interested in becoming a developer or an advanced Ubuntu user, knowledge of the command-line is essential.
335+\subsection{Opening the terminal}
339+You can open the terminal by clicking \menu{Dash} then searching for word ``term''. You'll see an application named \application{terminal}. Click on this application to open a terminal. Alternatively, you can open the \emph{terminal} by hitting \keystroke{Ctrl+Alt+T} simultaneously.
341+The \emph{terminal} gives you access to what is called a \emph{shell}. When you type a command in the \gls{terminal}, the \gls{shell} interprets this command, resulting in the desired action. Different types of shells accept slightly different commands. The most popular is called ``bash,'' and is the default shell in Ubuntu. When the terminal window opens, it will be largely blank with the exception of some text at the top left of the screen, followed by a blinking block, known as a \emph{cursor}. This text is your \gls{prompt}\dash it displays, by default, your login name and your computer's name, followed by the current directory. The tilde (\textasciitilde) means that the current directory is your home directory. Finally, the blinking block is called the cursor\dash this marks where text will be entered as you type.
343+To test a terminal command, type \userinput{pwd} and press \keystroke{Enter}. The terminal should display \filepath{/home/\emph{yourusername}}. This text is called the ``\gls{output}.'' You have just used the \commandlineapp{pwd} (print working directory) command, which outputs (displays) the current directory.
345+\screenshot{06-default-terminal.png}{ss:default-terminal}{The default terminal window allows you to run hundreds of useful commands.}
347+All commands in the terminal follow the same approach: Type a command, possibly followed by some \glspl{parameter}, and press \keystroke{Enter} to perform the specified action.
348+\emph{Parameters} (also called \emph{switches}) are extra segments of text, usually added at the end of a command, that change how the command itself is interpreted. These usually take the form of \userinput{-h} or \userinput{--help}, for example. In fact, \userinput{--help} can be added to most commands to display a short description of the command, as well as a list of any other parameters that can be used with that command.
350+Often, some type of output will be displayed confirming the action was completed successfully, although this can depend on the command being executed. For example, using the \commandlineapp{cd} command to change your current directory (see above) will change the prompt but will not display any output.
352+The rest of this chapter covers some very common uses of the terminal. Throughout the second part of this manual, we will continue to refer to the command line, particularly when discussing steps involved in troubleshooting as well as when describing more advanced management of your computer.
355+\section{Ubuntu file system structure}
356+\indexstart{file system structure}
357+Ubuntu uses the Linux file system, which is based on a series of folders in the root directory. These folders contain important system files that cannot be modified unless you are running as the root user or use \emph{sudo}. This restriction exists for both security and safety reasons; computer viruses will not be able to change the core system files, and ordinary users should not be able to accidentally damage anything vital.
359+% TRANSLATORS: The content of this picture should be translated by using the SVG template, see /screenshots/translatable_templates
360+\screenshot{06-root-directories.png}{ss:root-directories}{Some of the most important directories in the root file system.}
362+We begin our discussion of the Ubuntu file system structure at the top \dash also known as the root directory \dash as denoted by \filepath{/}. The root directory contains all other directories and files on your system. Below the root directory are the following essential directories:
365+ \item[\filepath{/bin} \textup{and} \filepath{/sbin}] Many essential system applications (equivalent to \filepath{C:\textbackslash Windows}).
366+ \item[\filepath{/etc}] System-wide configuration files.
367+ \item[\filepath{/home}] Each user will have a subdirectory to store personal files (for example, \filepath{/home/yourusername}) which is equivalent to \filepath{C:\textbackslash Users} or \filepath{C:\textbackslash Documents and Settings} in Microsoft Windows.
368+ \item[\filepath{/lib}] Library files, similar to \filepath{.dll} files on Windows.
369+ \item[\filepath{/media}] Removable media (\acronym{CD-ROM}s and \acronym{USB} drives) will be mounted in this directory.
370+ \item[\filepath{/root}] This contains the root user's files (not to be confused with the root directory).
371+ \item[\filepath{/usr}] Pronounced ``user,'' it contains most program files (not to be confused with each user's home directory). This is equivalent to \filepath{C:\textbackslash Program Files} in Microsoft Windows.
372+ \item[\filepath{/var/log}] Contains log files written by many applications.
375+Every directory has a \emph{path}. The path is a directory's full name \dash it describes a way to navigate the directory from anywhere in the system.
377+For example, the directory \filepath{/home/yourusername/Desktop} contains all the files that are on your Ubuntu desktop. It can be broken down into a handful of key pieces:
380+ \item \filepath{/} \dash indicates that the path starts at the root directory
381+ \item \filepath{home/} \dash from the root directory, the path goes into the \filepath{home} directory
382+ \item \filepath{yourusername/} \dash from the \filepath{home} directory, the path goes into the \filepath{yourusername} directory
383+ \item \filepath{Desktop} \dash from the \filepath{yourusername} directory, the path ends up in the \filepath{Desktop} directory
386+Every directory in Ubuntu has a complete path that starts with the \filepath{/} (the root directory) and ends in the directory's own name.
388+Directories and files that begin with a period are hidden. These are usually only visible with a special command or by selecting a specific option. In the \application{Files} file manager, you can show hidden files and directories by selecting the \menu{View Options} button located in the upper-right of the window. This will show a dropdown list of options. Select \menu{Show Hidden Files}. Hidden files can also be shown by simply pressing \keystroke{Ctrl+H} in the \application{Files} file manager. If you are using the terminal, then you would type \userinput{ls -a} and press \keystroke{Enter} to see the hidden files and directories. There are many hidden directories in your home folder used to store program preferences. For example, \filepath{/home/yourusername/.thunderbird} stores preferences used by the \application{Thunderbird} mail application.
389+\indexend{file system structure}
391+\subsection{Mounting and unmounting removable devices}
392+\index{mounting devices}
393+\index{unmounting devices}
395+Any time you add storage media to your computer \dash an internal or external hard drive, a \acronym{USB} flash drive, a \acronym{CD-ROM} \dash it needs to be \emph{mounted} before it is accessible. Mounting a device means to associate a directory name with the device, allowing you to navigate to the directory to access the device's files.
397+When a device, such as a \acronym{USB} flash drive or a media player, is mounted in Ubuntu, a folder is automatically created for it in the \emph{media} directory, and you are given the appropriate permissions to be able to read and write to the device.
399+Most file managers will automatically add a shortcut to the mounted device in the side bar of your home folder or as a shortcut directly on the desktop so that the device is easily accessible. You shouldn't have to physically navigate to the \emph{media} directory in Ubuntu unless you choose to do so from the command line.
401+When you've finished using a device, you can \emph{unmount} it. Unmounting a device disassociates the device from its directory, allowing you to eject it. If you disconnect or remove a storage device before unmounting it, you may lose data.
403+\section{Securing Ubuntu}
407+Now that you know a bit more about using the command line, we can use it to make your computer more secure. The following sections discuss various security concepts, along with procedures for keeping your Ubuntu running smoothly, safely, and securely.
409+\section{Why Ubuntu is safe}
412+Ubuntu is secure by default for a number of reasons:
414+ \item Ubuntu clearly distinguishes between normal users and administrative users.
415+ \item Software for Ubuntu is kept in a secure online repository containing no false or malicious software.
416+ \item Open-source software like Ubuntu allows security flaws to be easily detected.
417+ \item Security patches for open-source software like Ubuntu are often released quickly.
418+ \item Many viruses designed to primarily target Windows-based systems do not affect Ubuntu systems.
420+Just because Ubuntu implements strong security model by default doesn't mean the user can ``throw caution to the wind.'' Care should always be taken when downloading files, opening email, and browsing the Internet. Using a good antivirus program is warranted as well.
425+\section{Basic security concepts}
428+The following sections discuss basic security concepts \dash like file permissions, passwords, and user accounts. Understanding these concepts will help you in securing your computer.
434+In Ubuntu, files and folders can be set up so that only specific users can view, modify, or run them. For instance, you might wish to share an important file with other users, but do not want those users to be able to edit the file. Ubuntu controls access to files on your computer through a system of ``permissions.'' Permissions are settings configured to control exactly how files on your computer are accessed and used.
436+To learn more about modifying permissions, visit \url{}.
442+You should use a strong password to increase the security of your computer. Your password should not contain names, common words, or common phrases. By default, the minimum length of a password in Ubuntu is four characters. We recommend a password with more than the minimum number of characters. A password with a minimum of eight characters which includes both upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols is considered strong.
445+\subsubsection{Locking the screen}
447+\index{security!screen locking}
449+When you leave your computer unattended, you may want to lock the screen. Locking your screen prevents another user from using your computer until your password is entered. To lock the screen:
452+ \item Click the session menu icon in the right corner of the top panel, then select \menu{Lock}, or
453+ \item Press \keystroke{Ctrl+Alt+L} to lock the screen. This keyboard shortcut can be changed by going to \menu{Session Indicator \then System Settings\ldots \then Keyboard \then Shortcuts} and then selecting \button{System} from the list in the left column and clicking on \menu{Lock Screen} in the right column.
456+\section{Users and groups}
459+\subsection{User accounts}
461+When Ubuntu is installed, it is automatically configured for use by a single user. If more than one person will use the computer, each person should have his or her own user account. This way, each user can have separate settings, documents, and other files. If necessary, you can also protect files from being viewed or modified by users without administrative privileges.
463+Like most operating systems, Ubuntu allows you to create separate user accounts for each person. Ubuntu also supports user groups, which allows you to administer permissions for multiple users at the same time.
465+Every user in Ubuntu is a member of at least one group. At a bare minimum, the user of the computer has permissions in a group with the same name as the user. A user can also be a member of additional groups. You can configure some files and folders to be accessible only by a user and a group. By default, a user's files are only accessible by that user, and system files are only accessible by the root user.
467+\screenshot{06-user-group-settings.png}{ss:users-settings}{Add, remove and change the user accounts.}
469+\subsection{Managing users}
472+If the account you are using is an administrator account, you can manage users and groups using the \application{Users and Groups} administration application. To find this application, click \menu{Session Indicator \then System Settings\ldots \then User Accounts}. Then click the \button{Unlock} button and enter your password to unlock the user settings. Next, select the user that you want to modify from the list. Then click on the element that you want to change.
474+\paragraph{Adding a user}
476+Click the \button{+} button underneath the list of the current user accounts. A window will appear with three fields. The \textfield{Account Type} field contains a list of user account types. Take care in determining what type of account to assign a user. An \emph{Administrator} has full access to all areas of Ubuntu, whereas the \emph{Standard} account type is more limited. The \textfield{Full Name} field contains a friendly display name. The \textfield{Username} field is for the actual username. As you enter the user's full name, the \textfield{Username} field will automatically fill with a lowercase, no space version of the user's full name. If you prefer to use a different username for this user, highlight the existing username and type in the username of your choice. Once all fields are filled in, click \button{Add}. A new dialog box will appear showing the user account details. New accounts are disabled by default. To enable an account, click the \textfield{Account disabled} field next to the \menu{Password} label. A new window will appear allowing you to set the password for the new user.
478+At the top of the new window is a dropdown menu next to the label \menu{Action}. By default, the ``set a password now'' option will be automatically selected. You may also choose ``log in without a password'', however, this is not advised as the account will be available to anyone. The final option, ``enable this account'' is available once a password has been set. Using this option allows an administrator to enable or disable an account without losing the password.
480+Ubuntu provides a way to create a secure password by clicking the \button{gears} button located inside of the \menu{New password} field. A random sequence of numbers, letters, and symbols will be entered into this field. You can also simply enter a password of your choosing by entering it into the \menu{New password} field. Then, re-enter this same password into the space next to \menu{Confirm password}.
482+\warning{Ubuntu enforces the password policies on this screen, so pay attention to the status information located between the \menu{New password} and \menu{Confirm password} fields for information about the password you're setting. If there are problems with the password, Ubuntu will tell you what is wrong with the password and will prevent you from entering the same password into the \menu{Confirm password} field until the new password meets the requirements.}
485+\paragraph{Modifying a user}
487+Click on the name of a user in the list of users, then click on the text entry next to any of the following options:
489+ \item Account type:
490+ \item Language:
491+ \item Password:
492+ \item Automatic Login:
494+You may also change the username by clicking on the username at the top and entering a new name.
496+\paragraph{Deleting a user}
498+Select a user from the list and click \button{-}. Ubuntu will deactivate the user's account, and you can choose whether to remove the user's home folder or leave it in place. If a user is removed and the user's files remain, the only user who can access the files are the root user\dash also known as the superuser\dash or anyone associated with the file's group.
500+\subsection{Managing groups}
503+Group management is accomplished through the command line (Terminal) or by adding third-party applications (the latter is beyond the scope of this manual). You will find more information in the section below titled ``Using the command line''.
505+\paragraph{Adding a group}
507+To add a group, type \userinput{sudo addgroup groupname} and press \keystroke{Enter}, replacing \emph{groupname} with the name of the group you wish to add. For example, \userinput{sudo addgroup ubuntuusers} will add the group \emph{ubuntuusers} to the list of groups.
509+\paragraph{Modifying a group}
511+To alter the users in an existing group, type \userinput{sudo adduser username groupname} to add a user, or \userinput{sudo deluser username groupname} to remove a user, and press \keystroke{Enter}, replacing \emph{username} and \emph{groupname} in these commands with the actual user and group name with which you're working.
513+\paragraph{Deleting a group}
515+To delete a group, type \userinput{sudo delgroup groupname} and press \keystroke{Enter}, replacing \emph{groupname} with the name of the group you wish to delete.
517+\subsection{Applying groups to files and folders}
518+\index{groups!files and folders}
519+To change the group associated with a file or folder, open the \application{Files} file manager and navigate to the appropriate file or folder. Then, either select the folder and then click the \menu{gears} button in the upper-right of the window and choose \menu{Properties}, or right-click on the file or folder and select \menu{Properties}. In the Properties dialog window, click on the \tab{Permissions} tab and select the desired group from the \dropdown{Groups} drop-down list. Then close the window.
521+\subsubsection{Using the command line}
522+You can also modify user and group settings via the command line, but we recommend you use the graphical method above unless you have a good reason to use the command line. For more information on using the command line to modify users and groups, see the Ubuntu Server Guide at \url{}.
524+\section{System updates}
526+\index{security!system updates}
527+Good security happens with an up-to-date system. Ubuntu provides free software and security updates. You should apply these updates regularly. See \seclink{sec:updates-and-upgrades} to learn how to update your Ubuntu computer with the latest security updates and patches.
529+\subsubsection{Trusting third party sources}
532+Normally, you will add applications to your computer via the Ubuntu Software Center which downloads software from the Ubuntu repositories as described in \chaplink{ch:software-management}. However, it is occasionally necessary to add software from other sources. For example, you may need to do this when an application is not available in the Ubuntu repositories or when you need a version of software newer than what is currently in the Ubuntu repositories.
534+Additional repositories are available from sites such as \url{} and Launchpad \acronym{PPA}s which can be added as described in \seclink{sec:software-sources}. You can download the \acronym{deb} packages for some applications from their respective project sites on the Internet. Alternatively, you can build applications from their source code.
536+Using only recognized sources, such as a project's site, \acronym{PPA} or various community repositories (such as \url{}), is more secure than downloading applications from an arbitrary (and perhaps less reputable) source. When using a third party source, consider its trustworthiness, and be sure you know exactly what you're installing on your computer.
541+A firewall is an application that protects your computer against unauthorized access by people on the Internet or your local network. Firewalls block connections to your computer from unknown sources. This helps prevent security breaches.
543+\application{Uncomplicated Firewall} (\acronym{UFW}) is the standard firewall configuration program in Ubuntu. It runs from the command line, but a program called \application{Gufw} allows you to use it with a graphical user interface \gls{GUI}. See \chaplink{ch:software-management} to learn more about installing the \application{Gufw} package.
545+%Too difficult to do due to quickshot user permissions luke jenings (ubuntujenkins)
548+Once \application{Gufw} is installed, start \application{Gufw} by clicking \menu{Dash \then Applications \then Firewall configuration}. To enable the firewall, select the \checkbox{Enable} option. By default, all incoming connections are denied. This setting should be suitable for most users.
550+If you are running server software on your Ubuntu system (such as a web server, or an \acronym{FTP} server), then you will need to open the ports these services use. If you have no need to run any server applications or services, you will likely not need to open any additional ports.
552+To open a port click on the \button{Add} button. For most purposes, the \tab{Preconfigured} tab is sufficient. Select \button{Allow} from the first box and then select the program or service required.
554+The \tab{Simple} tab can be used to allow access on a single port, and the \tab{Advanced} tab can be used to allow access on a range of ports.
559+You may wish to protect your sensitive personal data \dash for instance, financial records \dash by encrypting it. Encrypting a file or folder essentially ``locks'' that file or folder by encoding it with an algorithm that keeps it scrambled until it is properly decoded with a password. Encrypting your personal data ensures that no one can open your personal folders or read your private data without your authorization through the use of a private key.
561+Ubuntu includes a number of tools to encrypt files and folders. This chapter will discuss two of them. For further information on using encryption with either single files or email, see Ubuntu Community Help documents at \url{}.
563+\subsubsection{Home folder}
566+When installing Ubuntu, it is possible to encrypt a user's home folder. See \chaplink{ch:installation} for more on encrypting the home folder.
568+\subsubsection{Private folder}
571+If you have not chosen to encrypt a user's entire home folder, it is possible to encrypt a single folder \dash called \filepath{Private} \dash in a user's home folder.
572+To do this, follow these steps:
574+ \item Install the \package{ecryptfs-utils} software package from the Ubuntu Software Center. (For more information about the Software Center, review \seclink{sec:software-center}.)
575+ \item Use the terminal to run \commandlineapp{ecryptfs-setup-private} to set up the private folder.
576+ \item Enter your account's password when prompted.
577+ \item Either choose a mount passphrase or generate one.
578+ \item Record both passphrases in a safe location. \emph{These are required if you ever have to recover your data manually.}
579+ \item Log out and log back in to mount the encrypted folder.
582+After the \filepath{Private} folder has been set up, any files or folders in it will automatically be encrypted.
584+%If you need to recover your encrypted files manually see \href{ Your Data Manually}{\#Recovering Your Data Manually}.
585+%If you need to recover your encrypted files manually see \href{ Your Data Manually}{}.
586+%If you need to recover your encrypted files manually see \href{}{}.
588+If you need to recover your encrypted files manually see \url{}.
591+% The Arabic translation doesn't like # in urls. I'm looking into the issue. In the meantime, I've shortened the URL a bit. I'll restore it once I've fixed this bug. --godbyk 2010-03-06
592+% Mask a # with a \ --> \# should work
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601+\section{Running Windows Programs on Ubuntu}
603+As many Windows users will know, some programs that you can use on a Windows system cease to work on Ubuntu. For example, \emph{LibreOffice} works on both Windows and Ubuntu systems, but \emph{Microsoft Office} works only on a Windows system. Since many Windows users who use Ubuntu want all of their Windows programs back, many programmers have worked together to create \emph{Wine}. \emph{Wine} is an acronym for ``\emph{W}ine \emph{I}s \emph{N}ot an \emph{E}mulator''.
605+This section will discuss what Wine is, and how to use it on your Ubuntu installation. For recent information about Wine, please visit the official Wine website at \url{}.
607+\subsection{What is Wine?}
608+Wine is a background application that allows Linux and Apple \acronym{OS X} users to install and run Windows programs on their system. While not every Windows program is compatible with Wine, many programs seem to be completely compatible with Wine while running on Linux or Apple \acronym{OS X}. For example, Microsoft Office may not be compatible without installing additional components (such as Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0). The current stable version of Wine is 1.6.2, and the most recent development version is 1.7.22.
610+\subsection{Installing Wine}
611+To install Wine Version 1.6.2, follow the following steps:
613+\warning{If you have a previous version of Wine installed, uninstall Wine before continuing using the command, \userinput{sudo apt-get remove --purge wine1.* winetricks \&\& sudo apt-get autoremove}}
616+ \item Open the terminal and type: \userinput{sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa}. This will install the Official Wine \acronym{PPA}.
617+ \item After the terminal has finished installing the Wine \acronym{PPA}, type: \userinput{sudo apt-get update}. This will update the \acronym{PPA} list.
618+ \item Once the terminal has finished refreshing the \acronym{PPA} list, type: \userinput{sudo apt-get install -y wine1.6 winetricks}. This will install Wine 1.6.2 and Winetricks. Winetricks is a software center for Wine, and is, in most cases, optional.
620+\screenshot{06-adding-wine-ppa-in-terminal.png}{ss:adding-wine-ppa-in-terminal}{The \application{Terminal} showing the installation of the Wine PPA.}
622+During the installation of Wine and Winetricks, you will have to accept the Microsoft End User License Agreement and the Microsoft Core Fonts License Agreement so that the Microsoft fonts and native files can be installed.
623+\screenshot{06-configuring-ttf-mscorefonts-1a.png}{ss:configuring-ttf-mscorefonts-1a}{The Microsoft Core Fonts EULA dialog opened in the \application{Terminal}.}
625+When accepting the Microsoft Core Fonts License Agreement, the \button{Ok} button is not highlighted. To highlight and accept the Microsoft EULA, press the \keystroke{Tab} key and then the \keystroke{Enter} key. The Microsoft End User License Agreement will be shown after you accept the Microsoft Core Fonts EULA. By default, the \button{No} button is highlighted. To highlight the \button{Yes} button and accept the Microsoft EULA, press the \keystroke{Tab} key and then the \keystroke{Enter} key.
626+\screenshot{06-configuring-ttf-mscorefonts-1b.png}{ss:configuring-ttf-mscorefonts-1b}{The Microsoft Core Fonts EULA dialog opened in the \application{Terminal}.}
628+\emph{Please Note:} It is recommended to reboot your system after installing Wine and Winetricks, although this is not always required.
630+\subsection{Installing Wine (Alternative)}
632+For an alternative installation of Wine 1.6.2 (which does not involve the terminal), follow these steps:
634+\warning{If you have a previous version of Wine installed, uninstall Wine before continuing by opening the \application{Ubuntu Software Center}, going to the Installed menu, and selecting and uninstalling the version of Wine you have installed. (EX. Wine1.5, Wine1.4)}
637+ \item Open the \application{Ubuntu Software Center} and go to the Application Menu.
638+ \item Select \menu{Edit \then Software Sources\ldots}.
639+ \item When a pop-up appears, enter your password to ensure that any and all changes have your approval. Then, click \button{OK}.
640+ \item Another window should appear after you press \button{OK}, assuming you have typed your password correctly. On the top of the window, there will be a row of tabs. Click on the second tab, \tab{Other Software}. Click on this menu.
641+ \item On the bottom of the window, click the \button{Add\ldots} button.
642+ \item On the next window, key: \userinput{ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa}. Then, click the \button{Add Source} button.
643+ \item Search for and install Wine 1.6.2 and Winetricks like you would any other application in the Ubuntu Software Center.
646+During the installation of Wine and Winetricks, the \application{Software Center} will probably freeze. While the Software Center is frozen, a new window, that opened underneath the \application{Software Center}'s window is waiting for you to accept the Microsoft End User License Agreement and the Microsoft Core Fonts License Agreement so that the Microsoft fonts and native files can be installed. In this window, titled \window{Debconf on your-computer} (Replace \emph{your-computer} with your computer's name.), the Microsoft Core Fonts EULA will be shown. To accept the Microsoft Core Fonts EULA, check the \checkbox{Do you accept the EULA license terms?} checkbox and click the \button{Forward} button.
648+\screenshot{06-configuring-ttf-mscorefonts-2.png}{ss:configuring-ttf-mscorefonts-2}{The Microsoft Core Fonts EULA dialog opened in the \application{Software Center}.}
650+It is recommended to reboot your system after installing Wine and Winetricks, although this is not always required.
652+\subsection{Configuring Wine}
654+Wine 1.6.2/1.7.22 contains many features that will change the look and feel of the Windows applications you are trying to run. For example, you can change the theme of the Windows interface, and what version of Windows you would like to run (from Windows 2.0 to Windows 8).
656+To change these settings, open the Dash and search for \userinput{Configure Wine}. Then, open the application.
658+\screenshot{06-wine-configuration.png}{ss:wine-configuration}{The \application{Wine configuration} open to the \tab{Application} Tab.}
660+\paragraph{Application Tab}
661+In the \tab{Application} tab, you can change the way Wine runs applications. Some Windows programs work only for specific versions of Windows. This feature allows you to change the version of Windows Wine will run as for a specific application, or for all of them to run under one version.
663+\paragraph{Libraries Tab}
664+In the \tab{Libraries} tab, you can change core Windows files, to suit your needs. Many Windows programs install \acronym{DLL} files, or Dynamic Link Libraries. These files contain all of the information needed for an application to work on a Windows system. Many \acronym{DLL} files are needed for a Windows system to run, and are different between versions of Windows. In this feature, you may edit or replace existing \acronym{DLL} files. This allows you to change the Windows System files, to suit you needs.
666+\warning{These files should not be edited. These are core files needed for Wine to run correctly. Only edit these files if you have to.}
668+\paragraph{Graphics Tab}
669+In the \tab{Graphics} tab, you can change the look and feel of how Wine runs. You can make Wine emulate a Virtual Desktop (this feature opens a new window that will contain any Windows application that is currently running while this option is in effect), how the applications look, and what resolution to run the application in.
671+\paragraph{Desktop Integration Tab}
672+In the \tab{Desktop Integration} tab, you can change the way buttons, menus, and other elements appear in an application. Each version of Windows has brought its own unique visual style for its applications. In this feature, you can install and change the applied theme. In this tab, you can also change major file folders. For example, while using Ubuntu, your picture folder is located at \filepath{/home/user/Pictures/} but in Windows, your picture folder is located at \filepath{C:\textbackslash Documents and Settings\textbackslash User\textbackslash My Documents\textbackslash My Pictures\textbackslash } or \filepath{C:\textbackslash Users\textbackslash User\textbackslash My Pictures\textbackslash }. This feature allows you tell Wine where your folders are, for quick reference.
674+\paragraph{Drives Tab}
675+In the \tab{Drives} tab, you can manage the connected drives that Wine will be able to access. Unlike Ubuntu, Windows applies a \emph{Drive Letter} to each drive. This letter identifies the drive. For example, on every Windows system, the \filepath{C:} drive is the core drive. It contains all of the needed files for the operating system to work. The \filepath{C:} drive is the equivalent to \emph{root} (File System, or \filepath{/} ) in Ubuntu. This feature allows you to change the drive letters for any drive, or add a drive letter for a specific folder in your file system, or for a \acronym{CD} drive.
677+\paragraph{Audio Tab}
678+In the \tab{Audio} tab, you can change the audio settings. This feature allows you to change the audio source that Wine will use for Windows applications (speakers, microphones, etc.).
680+\paragraph{About Tab}
681+In the \tab{About} tab, you can see the current Wine version you have installed, including Wine's note to all users. This feature also allows you to add a Name and Company Name to the Windows information. Applications use this information to identify you by name.
683+\subsection{Microsoft .NET Framework and Wine}
685+Microsoft has created many programs that are needed to run commonly used applications, \emph{Microsoft .NET Framework} being the most common. .NET Framework is needed to run most of the newer applications created by Microsoft, and by other companies as well. Wine is not fully supported by all versions of .NET, but is compatible with most versions. Here is a list of .NET versions, and their compatibility with Wine:
688+\item .NET Framework 1.0
689+\item .NET Framework 1.1
690+\item .NET Framework 2.0
691+\item .NET Framework 3.0
692+\item .NET Framework 3.5
693+\item .NET Framework 4.0
694+\item .NET Framework 4.5\textsuperscript{*} \marginnote{\textsuperscript{*} This framework has known issues running under Wine and is, in most cases, installable and stable enough to use for most applications.}
695+\item .NET Framework 4.5.1\textsuperscript{**} \marginnote{\textsuperscript{**} This framework has not been tested using a current version of Wine running on Ubuntu, so it is unknown if it will be compatible or not. Use at your own risk.}
696+\item .NET Framework 4.5.2\textsuperscript{**}
699+For some of the most recent .NET Frameworks to work properly, you may have to install Wine 1.7.22. To install Wine 1.7.22, open the Terminal, and key \userinput{sudo apt-get install -y wine1.7}.
701+For more compatibility information about installing and running Microsoft .NET Framework using Wine, go to:
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710+% Colophon
714+This book was typeset with \XeLaTeX.
716+The book design is based on the Tufte-\LaTeX{} document classes available at \url{}.
718+The text face is Linux Libertine, designed by Philipp H. Poll. It is an open font available at \url{}.
720+The captions and margin notes are set in Ubuntu, a font commissioned by Canonical and designed by Dalton Maag. It is freely available for download at \url{}.
722+The terminal text and keystrokes are set in DejaVu Sans Mono (available at \url{}), originally developed by Bitstream, Inc.\ as Bitstream Vera.
724+The cover and title page pictograms contain shapes taken from the Humanity icon set, available at \url{}.
726+The title page and cover were designed using Inkscape, available at \url{}.
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738+This manual wouldn't have been possible without the efforts and contributions from the following people:
740+\section*{Team leads}
743+ \item \name{Kevin Godby} \function{\dash Lead \TeX{}nician}
744+% \item \name{Jim Connett} \function{\dash Authors Coordinator}
745+ \item \name{Hannie Dumoleyn} \function{\dash Editors Coordinator \amp Translation Maintainer}
746+ \item \name{Sylvie Gallet} \function{\dash Screenshots}
751+% Alphabetical Order Please
755+ \item \name{Thomas Corwin}
756+ \item \name{Sayantan Das}
757+ \item \name{Patrick Dickey}
758+ \item \name{Mehmet Kani}
759+ \item \name{Sam Klein}
760+ \item \name{Eric Ponvelle}
764+\section*{Editors \& proofreaders}
766+% Alphabetical Order Please
770+ \item \name{Mario Burgos}
771+ \item \name{Edmond Condillac}
772+ \item \name{Thomas Corwin}
773+ \item \name{Hannie Dumoleyn}
774+ \item \name{Sylvie Gallet}
775+ \item \name{Kevin Godby}
776+ \item \name{Mehmet Kani}
777+ \item \name{Andrew Montag}
778+ \item \name{David Pires}
779+ \item \name{Scott Stainton}
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789+ \item \name{Sylvie Gallet}
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798+ \item \name{Thorsten Wilms}
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807+ \item \name{Adnane Belmadiaf}
808+ \item \name{Kevin Godby}
811+\section*{Translation editors}
813+% Alphabetical Order Please
817+ \item \name{Fran Diéguez} \function{(Galician)}
818+ \item \name{Hannie Dumoleyn} \function{(Dutch)}
819+ \item \name{Sylvie Gallet} \function{(French)}
820+ \item \name{Aleksey Kabanov} \function{(Russian)}
821+ \item \name{Xuacu Saturio} \function{(Asturian)}
822+ \item \name{Daniel Schury} \function{(German)}
823+ \item \name{Susah Sebut} \function{(Malay)}
824+ \item \name{Jose Luis Tirado} \function{(Spanish)}
825+ \item \name{Chris Woollard} \function{(British English)}
826+ \item \name{John Xygonakis} \function{(Greek)}
827+ \item \name{Andrej Znidarsic} \function{(Slovenian)}
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837+ \section*{Translators}%
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840+ translation-credits
841+ \end{translatorcredits}%
844+\section*{Past contributors}
846+% Alphabetical Order Please
850+ \item \name{Bryan Behrenshausen} \function{(Author)}
851+ \item \name{Senthil Velan Bhooplan} \function{(Author)}
852+ \item \name{John Cave} \function{(Author)}
853+ \item \name{Jim Connett} \function{(Author/Editor/Coordinator)}
854+ \item \name{Che Dean} \function{(Author)}
855+ \item \name{Rick Fosburgh} \function{(Editor-in-Chief)}
856+ \item \name{Herat Gandhi Amrish} \function{(Author)}
857+ \item \name{Benjamin Humphrey} \function{(Project Founder)}
858+ \item \name{Will Kromer} \function{(Author)}
859+ \item \name{Paddy Landau} \function{(Author/Editor)}
860+ \item \name{Simon Lewis} \function{(Author)}
861+ \item \name{Ryan Macnish} \function{(Author)}
862+ \item \name{Mez Pahlan} \function{(Author)}
863+ \item \name{Vibhav Pant} \function{(Editor)}
864+ \item \name{Brian Peredo} \function{(Author)}
865+ \item \name{Joel Pickett} \function{(Author)}
866+ \item \name{Tony Pursell} \function{(Author/Editor)}
867+ \item \name{Kev Quirk} \function{(Author)}
868+ \item \name{Kartik Sulakhe} \function{(Author)}
869+ \item \name{Tom Swartz} \function{(Author)}
870+ \item \name{David Wales} \function{(Author)}
871+ \item \name{Chris Woollard} \function{(Editor)}
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879+% The glossary
881+\printglossaries% TRANSLATORS: do not translate this line
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888+% The index
890+% see entries
893+\index{Mac OS X@Mac~\acronym{OS~X}|see{MacBook}}
894+\index{audio|see{sound \textit{and} music}}
896+\index{FireWire|see{\acronym{IEEE} 1394}}
898+\index{command line|see{terminal}}
902+\index{start up|see{boot}}
904+% seealso entries
910+\printindex% Will automatically do \chapter{Index}
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917+% License details
923+\section{Creative Commons Attribution--ShareAlike 3.0 Legal Code}
930+ \item Definice
931+ \begin{enumerate}
932+ \item Pojem ``dílo'' ozna�uje pro ú�ely tohoto ujednání autorské dílo nebo jiný nehmotný statek chráněný autorským zákonem, pokud příslušný právní řád jeho ochranu též uznává. Autorskými díly mohou být mimo jiné díla literární, výtvarná, hudební, audiovizuální, vědecká, fotografie nebo po�íta�ové programy. Jinými nehmotnými statky jsou zejména umělecké výkony výkonných umělců, zvukové nebo zvukově obrazové záznamy, televizní a rozhlasové vysílání. Za díla jsou považovány též databáze. Pojem ``Dílo'' popřípadě ``D�LO'' ozna�uje konkrétní dílo, ke kterému poskytovatel poskytuje nabyvateli licenci za podmínek uvedených v tomto ujednání.
933+ \item Pojem ``souborné dílo'' ozna�uje pro ú�ely tohoto ujednání soubor nezávislých děl nebo jiných prvků, který je jako celek dílem, a do něhož je celé Dílo v nezměněné, tj. neupravené podobě zařazeno. Souborným dílem může být zejména �asopis nebo jiné periodikum, sborník, encyklopedie, antologie, pásmo nebo výstava. Zařazení Díla do souborného díla se nepovažuje za jeho úpravu. Pokud je to výslovně uvedeno, považuje se za souborné dílo též soubor, který místo Díla obsahuje upravené Dílo.
934+ \item Pojem ``upravené Dílo'' ozna�uje pro ú�ely tohoto ujednání výsledek jakékoliv úpravy Díla, kterou může být zejména zpracování Díla nebo zpracování Díla s jinými díly, doplnění Díla nebo jiné změny Díla. Upraveným Dílem může být mimo jiné jeho překlad, dramatizace, zhudebnění. Za upravené Dílo se považuje i jeho spojení s dalším dílem �i prvky (např. užití hudebního díla jako doprovodu), ale ne jeho pouhé zařazení do souborného díla.
935+ \item Pojem ``autor'' ozna�uje pro ú�ely tohoto ujednání osobu nebo osoby, které Dílo vytvořily.
936+ \item Pojem ``poskytovatel'' ozna�uje pro ú�ely tohoto ujednání autora nebo jinou fyzickou nebo právnickou osobu, která je oprávněna poskytnout licenci k užití Díla za podmínek uvedených v tomto ujednání.
937+ \item Pojem ``nabyvatel'' ozna�uje pro ú�ely tohoto ujednání fyzickou nebo právnickou osobu, která užívá Dílo v souladu s tímto ujednáním a která neporušila ve vztahu k Dílu podmínky tohoto ujednání, ledaže získala od poskytovatele výslovný souhlas vykonávat práva k Dílu na základě tohoto ujednání i přes předchozí porušení jeho podmínek.
938+ \item Pojem ``rozmnožování'' ozna�uje pro ú�ely tohoto ujednání zhotovování rozmnoženin díla, a to jakýmikoli prostředky. Rozmnoženiny mohou být mimo jiné tiskové, fotografické, zvukové, obrazové, nebo zvukově-obrazové a mohou mít též elektronickou podobu, zahrnující vyjádření analogové i digitální. Rozmnožováním je též zhotovení rozmnoženiny nezbytné k zavedení, uložení, zobrazení, provoz a přenos po�íta�ového programu a vytěžování obsahu databáze.
939+ \item Pojem ``rozšiřování'' ozna�uje pro ú�ely tohoto ujednání zpřístupňování originálu díla nebo jeho rozmnoženiny v hmotné podobě prodejem nebo jiným převodem vlastnického práva. Za rozšiřování díla se považuje také jeho vystavování, pronájem a půj�ování.
940+ \item Pojem ``sdělování veřejnosti'' ozna�uje pro ú�ely tohoto ujednání zpřístupňování díla v nehmotné podobě. Sdělováním veřejnosti se mimo jiné rozumí veřejné provozování díla nebo jeho přenos, vysílání rozhlasem nebo televizí a zpřístupňování díla veřejnosti prostřednictvím po�íta�ové nebo jiné sítě, a to způsobem, že kdokoli může mít k němu přístup na místě a v �ase podle své volby. Sdělováním veřejnosti je též zužitkování obsahu databáze.
941+ \item Pojem ``licen�ní prvky'' ozna�uje pro ú�ely tohoto ujednání charakteristické prvky této licence, které stanovil poskytovatel a které jsou vyjádřeny v jejím ozna�ení: ``Uve�te autora'' a ``Zachovejte licenci''.
942+ \item Pojem ``licen�ní ujednání kompatibilní s Creative Commons'' ozna�uje pro ú�ely tohoto ujednání licen�ní ujednání uvedené na adrese, které Creative Commons uznala jako ve své podstatě ekvivalentní s tímto ujednáním, neboť splňuje minimálně následující kritéria:
943+ \begin{enumerate}
944+ \item obsahuje licen�ní podmínky, které mají stejný ú�el a stejné důsledky jako licen�ní prvky tohoto ujednání a
945+ \item výslovně umožňuje poskytování upraveného díla za podmínek tohoto ujednání nebo licen�ního ujednání Creative Commons Unported se shodnými licen�ními prvky, popřípadě licen�ního ujednání ur�eného pro právní řád jiného státu se shodnými licen�ními prvky.
946+ \end{enumerate}
947+ \end{enumerate}
949+ \item Výjimky a omezení ochrany práv k Dílu
952+Toto ujednání neomezuje, nezužuje ani jinak nelimituje volná užití Díla, užití Díla na základě zákonné licence, vy�erpání práv při prvním převodu vlastnictví k originálu nebo rozmnoženině Díla v hmotné podobě nebo jiná zákonná omezení práv k Dílu.
954+ \item Poskytnutí licence
956+Za podmínek stanovených tímto ujednáním poskytuje poskytovatel nabyvateli bezúplatnou, množstevně a místně neomezenou, nevýhradní a �asově neomezenou (na celou dobu trvání práv k Dílu) licenci k Dílu:
957+ \begin{enumerate}
958+ \item oprávnění rozmnožovat Dílo, zahrnovat Dílo do souborných děl a jako sou�ást souborných děl Dílo dále rozmnožovat,
959+ \item oprávnění upravovat Dílo a upravené Dílo rozmnožovat, zařazovat do souborných děl a jako sou�ást souborných děl dále rozmnožovat, pokud je z upraveného Díla nebo jeho ozna�ení zřejmé, že Dílo bylo změněno nebo jinak upraveno,
960+ \item oprávnění Dílo samostatně nebo jako sou�ást souborného díla rozšiřovat a sdělovat veřejnosti,
961+ \item oprávnění rozšiřovat a sdělovat veřejnosti upravené Dílo.
962+ \item Práva na odměnu za užití Díla podle tohoto ujednání jsou upravena následovně:
963+ \begin{enumerate}
964+ \item Tímto ujednáním nejsou dot�ena práva na odměnu za užití Díla, která poskytovatel nemůže neuplatnit nebo se jich vzdát, zejména práva povinně kolektivně spravovaná.
965+ \item Ve všech ostatních případech se poskytovatel zavazuje svá práva na odměnu za užití Díla podle tohoto ujednání neuplatnit nebo se jich tímto vzdává.
966+ \end{enumerate}
967+ \end{enumerate}
968+Nabyvatel je oprávněn Dílo užívat výše uvedenými způsoby na všech nosi�ích a ve všech formátech, není-li takové užití omezeno zákonem. Oprávnění nabyvatele se vztahuje i na provádění technických úprav nezbytných k tomu, aby Dílo bylo dovoleným způsobem užito na jiném nosi�i nebo v jiném formátu. Veškerá práva k Dílu, která nejsou výslovně poskytnuta touto licencí, zůstávají vyhrazena. Nabyvatel není povinen poskytnutou licenci využít.
970+Je-li sou�ástí poskytované licence i zvláštní právo pořizovatele k jím pořízené databázi, poskytovatel se takového práva k Dílu v celém rozsahu vzdává.
972+ \item Omezení licence
973+ \begin{enumerate}
974+ \item Nabyvatel je oprávněn rozšiřovat Dílo nebo ho sdělovat veřejnosti pouze za podmínek stanovených tímto ujednáním. Nabyvatel je při tom vždy povinen k Dílu připojit text tohoto ujednání nebo odkaz na něj ve formátu Uniform Resource Identifier (dále jen ``URI''). Nabyvatel není oprávněn omezovat užití Díla nad rámec stanovený tímto ujednáním. Nabyvatel není oprávněn poskytovat podlicenci k Dílu. Při rozšiřování Díla nebo jeho sdělování veřejnosti je nabyvatel povinen zachovat beze změny všechny odkazy na toto ujednání a případná ustanovení o odpovědnosti vztahující se k Dílu. Při rozšiřování Díla nebo jeho sdělování veřejnosti nesmí nabyvatel použít žádné technické prostředky ochrany, které by omezovaly oprávnění dalších osob v užití Díla v souladu s tímto ujednáním. Ustanovení tohoto �l. 4 písm. a) se vztahují na Dílo i tehdy, je-li zahrnuto do souborného díla. Licence poskytovaná podle tohoto ujednání se však nemusí vztahovat na souborné dílo jako celek nebo na jeho ostatní �ásti. Pokud nabyvatel vytvoří souborné dílo je povinen na žádost poskytovatele odstranit ze souborného díla údaje uvedené v ustanovení �l. 4 písm. c), je-li to fakticky možné. Pokud nabyvatel vytvoří upravené Dílo je povinen na žádost poskytovatele odstranit z upraveného Díla údaje uvedené v ustanovení �l. 4 písm. c), je-li to fakticky možné.
975+ \item Nabyvatel je oprávněn rozšiřovat nebo sdělovat veřejnosti upravené Dílo výhradně za podmínek:
976+ \begin{enumerate}
977+ \item tohoto licen�ního ujednání,
978+ \item pozdější verze tohoto licen�ního ujednání se shodnými licen�ními prvky,
979+ \item verze 3.0 nebo vyšší licen�ního ujednání Creative Commons ur�eného pro právní řád jiného státu, jež obsahuje shodné licen�ní prvky,
980+ \item verze 3.0 nebo vyšší licen�ního ujednání Creative Commons Unported se shodnými licen�ními prvky, nebo
981+ \item licen�ního ujednání kompatibilního s Creative Commons.
982+ \end{enumerate}
983+Pokud nabyvatel poskytuje k upravenému Dílu licenci uvedenou v bodě (v), je povinen dodržovat podmínky této licence.
985+Pokud nabyvatel poskytuje jednu z licencí uvedenou v bodě (i)–(iv) (dále jen ``dovolená licen�ní ujednání''), je povinen dodržovat podmínky takové licence, zejména: Je při rozšiřování upraveného Díla a jeho sdělování veřejnosti vždy povinen k upravenému Dílu připojit text dovoleného licen�ního ujednání nebo odkaz na něj ve formátu URI. Není oprávněn omezovat užití upraveného Díla nad rámec stanovený tímto ujednáním. Při rozšiřování upraveného Díla nebo jeho sdělování veřejnosti je nabyvatel povinen zachovat beze změny všechny odkazy na dovolené ujednání a případná ustanovení o odpovědnosti. Při rozšiřování upraveného Díla nebo jeho sdělování veřejnosti nesmí použít žádné technické prostředky ochrany, které by omezovaly oprávnění dalších osob v užití upraveného Díla v souladu s dovoleným licen�ním ujednáním. Ustanovení tohoto �l. 4 písm. b) se vztahují na upravené Dílo i tehdy, je-li zahrnuto do souborného díla. Licence poskytovaná podle dovoleného licen�ního ujednání se však nemusí vztahovat na takové souborné dílo jako celek nebo na jeho ostatní �ásti.
986+ \item Při rozšiřování Díla, upraveného Díla nebo souborného díla nebo při jejich sdělování veřejnosti je nabyvatel povinen, pokud nebyl v souladu s ustanovením �l. 4 písm. a) požádán o opak, připojit beze změny všechny copyrightové doložky a je povinen způsobem odpovídajícím danému nosi�i a v přiměřené formě uvést následující údaje, pokud existují a jsou mu známy:
987+ \begin{enumerate}
988+ \item jméno případně pseudonym autora nebo jména �i ozna�ení jiných osob, které autor nebo poskytovatel uvedl v copyrightové doložce k Dílu, v podmínkách užití Díla nebo které ozna�il jiným přiměřeným způsobem (dále jen ``uvedené osoby''), pozdější verze tohoto licen�ního ujednání se shodnými licen�ními prvky,
989+ \item název Díla,
990+ \item odkaz ve formátu URI, který poskytovatel k Dílu připojil, pokud odkazuje na copyrightovou doložku k Dílu nebo na licen�ní podmínky a
991+ \item pokud se jedná o upravené Dílo, též údaje o Díle a o způsobu, kterým bylo upraveno, v souladu s ustanovením �l. 3 písm. b).
992+ \end{enumerate}
993+Údaje uvedené v ustanovení tohoto �l. 4 písm. c) má nabyvatel povinnost uvést jakýmkoli přiměřeným způsobem. V případě upraveného Díla nebo souborného díla se považuje za přiměřené, aby údaje vztahující se k Dílu byly uvedeny spolu s obdobnými údaji o ostatních dílech, která byla zahrnuta do souborného díla nebo využita při vzniku upraveného Díla, a to způsobem nesnižujícím jejich hodnotu ve srovnání s obdobnými údaji o ostatních uvedených dílech a ostatních uvedených osobách. Údaje uvedené v ustanovení tohoto �l. 4 písm. c) je nabyvatel oprávněn použít pouze pro ozna�ení Díla v souvislosti s užitím Díla v souladu s tímto ujednáním. Bez předchozího písemného souhlasu uvedených osob není nabyvatel oprávněn uvádět údaje o Díle způsobem, který by přímo �i nepřímo vyvolal dojem ú�asti nebo jiné formy podpory ze strany uvedených osob.
994+ \item Omezení uvedená v �l. 4 písm. a) až c) se nevztahují na ty �ásti Díla, na které se vztahuje definice díla uvedená v �l. 1 písm. a) pouze z důvodu ochrany zvláštních práv pořizovatele databáze.
995+ \item Tímto ujednáním nejsou dot�ena osobnostní práva autora, pokud příslušný právní řád jejich ochranu uznává. Zejména si nikdo nesmí osobovat autorství k Dílu a Dílo smí být užito jen způsobem nesnižujícím jeho hodnotu. Za zásah do osobnostních práv autora se nepovažuje jednání v souladu s podmínkami stanovenými tímto ujednáním.
996+ \end{enumerate}
998+ \item Odpovědnost za vady
1001+ \item Odpovědnost za škodu
1004+ \item Ukon�ení licence
1005+ \begin{enumerate}
1006+ \item Nabyvateli zaniká licence k Dílu podle tohoto ujednání okamžikem, kdy nabyvatel poruší podmínky tohoto ujednání. Tím nejsou dot�eny licence k upravenému Dílu nebo soubornému dílu, které nabyvatel poskytl nebo poskytne v souladu s tímto ujednáním dalším osobám, pokud tyto osoby podmínky příslušné licence dodržují. Články 1, 2, 5, 6, 7 a 8 tohoto ujednání zůstávají v ú�innosti i po zániku oprávnění k užití Díla podle tohoto odstavce.
1007+ \item Nedojde-li k zániku licence k Dílu podle odstavce a), je licence k Dílu �asově neomezená (na celou dobu trvání práv k Dílu). Poskytovatel je oprávněn sou�asně poskytovat k Dílu jiné licence nebo může přestat Dílo šířit, pokud tím nebude dot�ena licence k Dílu poskytnutá nabyvateli ani další licence poskytnuté v souladu s tímto ujednáním, a pokud zůstane, vyjma případu uvedeného v předchozím odstavci, v plném rozsahu platná a ú�inná licence, kterou poskytovatel nabyvateli na základě tohoto ujednání poskytl.
1008+ \end{enumerate}
1010+ \item Závěre�ná ustanovení
1011+ \begin{enumerate}
1012+ \item Když nabyvatel rozšiřuje nebo sděluje veřejnosti Dílo nebo souborné dílo, poskytuje licenci k Dílu dalším osobám přímo poskytovatel, a to za stejných podmínek a ve stejném rozsahu, v jakém získal licenci k Dílu nabyvatel na základě tohoto ujednání.
1013+ \item Když nabyvatel rozšiřuje nebo sděluje veřejnosti upravené Dílo, poskytuje licenci k Dílu dalším osobám přímo poskytovatel, a to za stejných podmínek a ve stejném rozsahu, v jakém získal licenci k Dílu nabyvatel na základě tohoto ujednání.
1014+ \item Pokud se některé ustanovení tohoto ujednání stane neplatným nebo neú�inným, nemá tato neplatnost nebo neú�innost vliv na platnost a ú�innost zbývajících ustanovení.
1015+ \item Bez písemného souhlasu druhé smluvní strany není smluvní strana oprávněna vylou�it nebo změnit žádné ustanovení tohoto ujednání.
1016+ \item Smluvní strany prohlašují, že toto ujednání tvoří úplnou dohodu o podmínkách poskytnutí licence k Dílu. Toto ujednání lze měnit pouze písemnou dohodou smluvních stran.
1017+ \item Pokud se smluvní strany nedohodnou jinak, řídí se právní vztahy podle tohoto ujednání právem České republiky.
1018+ \end{enumerate}
1021+\section{Upozornění Creative Commons}
1023+Creative Commons není stranou licen�ní smlouvy a neposkytuje k Dílu žádné záruky. Creative Commos v žádném případě neodpovídá nabyvateli nebo třetím osobám za škodu nebo jinou újmu, kterou utrpěli v souvislosti s tímto ujednáním. Předchozí dvě věty se nevztahují na případ, kdy Creative Commons sebe jako poskytovatele podle tohoto ujednání výslovně uvede.
1025+Ochrannou známku ``Creative Commons'' a jiné ochranné známky nebo loga Creative Commons je možné použít pouze pro potřeby ozna�ení, že Dílo je poskytováno veřejnosti pod licencí CCPL. Jakékoli jiné užití ochranné známky ``Creative Commons'' nebo jiné ochranné známky nebo loga Creative Commons vyžaduje předchozí písemný souhlas Creative Commons. Jejich užití se řídí aktuálním zněním pokynů pro užívání ochranných známek Creative Commons, které je k dispozici na internetových stránkách Creative Commons nebo na vyžádání. Uvedená pravidla pro užití ochranných známek nejsou sou�ástí této licence.
1027+Creative Commons je možno kontaktovat na adrese \url{}.
1029=== added file 'backmatter/license-de.tex'
1030--- backmatter/license-de.tex 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000
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1032@@ -0,0 +1,114 @@
1033+% License details
1039+\section{Lizenztext der Creative Commons Attribution--ShareAlike 3.0}
1046+ \item \label{item:1} \textbf{Definitionen}
1047+ \begin{enumerate}
1048+ \item Der Begriff \textbf{``Abwandlung''} im Sinne dieser Lizenz bezeichnet das Ergebnis jeglicher Art von Veränderung des Schutzgegenstandes, solange die eigenpersönlichen Züge des Schutzgegenstandes darin nicht verblassen und daran eigene Schutzrechte entstehen. Das kann insbesondere eine Bearbeitung, Umgestaltung, Änderung, Anpassung, Übersetzung oder Heranziehung des Schutzgegenstandes zur Vertonung von Laufbildern sein. Nicht als Abwandlung des Schutzgegenstandes gelten seine Aufnahme in eine Sammlung oder ein Sammelwerk und die freie Benutzung des Schutzgegenstandes.
1049+ \item Der Begriff \textbf{``Sammelwerk''} im Sinne dieser Lizenz meint eine Zusammenstellung von literarischen, künstlerischen oder wissenschaftlichen Inhalten, sofern diese Zusammenstellung aufgrund von Auswahl und Anordnung der darin enthaltenen selbständigen Elemente eine geistige Schöpfung darstellt, unabhängig davon, ob die Elemente systematisch oder methodisch angelegt und dadurch einzeln zugänglich sind oder nicht.
1050+ \item \textbf{``Mit Creative Commons kompatible Lizenz''} bezeichnet eine Lizenz, die unter \url{} aufgelistet ist und die durch Creative Commons als grundsätzlich zur vorliegenden Lizenz äquivalent akzeptiert wurde, da zumindest folgende Voraussetzungen erfüllt sind:
1052+Diese mit Creative Commons kompatible Lizenz
1053+ \begin{enumerate}
1054+ \item enthält Bestimmungen, welche die gleichen Ziele verfolgen, die gleiche Bedeutung haben und die gleichen Wirkungen erzeugen wie die Lizenzelemente der vorliegenden Lizenz; und
1055+ \item erlaubt ausdrücklich das Lizenzieren von ihr unterstellten Abwandlungen unter vorliegender Lizenz, unter einer anderen rechtsordnungsspezifisch angepassten Creative-Commons-Lizenz mit denselben Lizenzelementen, wie sie die vorliegende Lizenz aufweist, oder unter der entsprechenden Creative-Commons-Unported-Lizenz.
1056+ \end{enumerate}
1057+ \item \textbf{``Verbreiten''} im Sinne dieser Lizenz bedeutet, den Schutzgegenstand oder Abwandlungen im Original oder in Form von Vervielfältigungsstücken, mithin in körperlich fixierter Form der Öffentlichkeit anzubieten oder in Verkehr zu bringen.
1058+ \item Unter \textbf{``Lizenzelementen''} werden im Sinne dieser Lizenz die folgenden übergeordneten Lizenzcharakteristika verstanden, die vom Lizenzgeber ausgewählt wurden und in der Bezeichnung der Lizenz zum Ausdruck kommen: ``Namensnennung'', ``Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen''.
1059+ \item Der \textbf{``Lizenzgeber''} im Sinne dieser Lizenz ist diejenige natürliche oder juristische Person oder Gruppe, die den Schutzgegenstand unter den Bedingungen dieser Lizenz anbietet und insoweit als Rechteinhaberin auftritt.
1060+ \item \textbf{``Rechteinhaber''} im Sinne dieser Lizenz ist der Urheber des Schutzgegenstandes oder jede andere natürliche oder juristische Person oder Gruppe von Personen, die am Schutzgegenstand ein Immaterialgüterrecht erlangt hat, welches die in Abschnitt \ref{item:3} genannten Handlungen erfasst und bei dem eine Einräumung von Nutzungsrechten oder eine Weiterübertragung an Dritte möglich ist.
1061+ \item Der Begriff \textbf{``Schutzgegenstand''} bezeichnet in dieser Lizenz den literarischen, künstlerischen oder wissenschaftlichen Inhalt, der unter den Bedingungen dieser Lizenz angeboten wird. Das kann insbesondere eine persönliche geistige Schöpfung jeglicher Art, ein Werk der kleinen Münze, ein nachgelassenes Werk oder auch ein Lichtbild oder anderes Objekt eines verwandten Schutzrechts sein, unabhängig von der Art seiner Fixierung und unabhängig davon, auf welche Weise jeweils eine Wahrnehmung erfolgen kann, gleichviel ob in analoger oder digitaler Form. Soweit Datenbanken oder Zusammenstellungen von Daten einen immaterialgüterrechtlichen Schutz eigener Art genießen, unterfallen auch sie dem Begriff ``Schutzgegenstand'' im Sinne dieser Lizenz.
1062+ \item Mit \textbf{``Sie''} bzw. \textbf{``Ihnen''} ist die natürliche oder juristische Person gemeint, die in dieser Lizenz im Abschnitt \ref{item:3} genannte Nutzungen des Schutzgegenstandes vornimmt und zuvor in Hinblick auf den Schutzgegenstand nicht gegen Bedingungen dieser Lizenz verstoßen oder aber die ausdrückliche Erlaubnis des Lizenzgebers erhalten hat, die durch diese Lizenz gewährten Nutzungsrechte trotz eines vorherigen Verstoßes auszuüben.
1063+ \item Unter \textbf{``Öffentlich Zeigen''} im Sinne dieser Lizenz sind Veröffentlichungen und Präsentationen des Schutzgegenstandes zu verstehen, die für eine Mehrzahl von Mitgliedern der Öffentlichkeit bestimmt sind und in unkörperlicher Form mittels öffentlicher Wiedergabe in Form von Vortrag, Aufführung, Vorführung, Darbietung, Sendung, Weitersendung, zeit- und ortsunabhängiger Zugänglichmachung oder in körperlicher Form mittels Ausstellung erfolgen, unabhängig von bestimmten Veranstaltungen und unabhängig von den zum Einsatz kommenden Techniken und Verfahren, einschließlich drahtgebundener oder drahtloser Mittel und Einstellen in das Internet.
1064+ \item \textbf{``Vervielfältigen''} im Sinne dieser Lizenz bedeutet, mittels beliebiger Verfahren Vervielfältigungsstücke des Schutzgegenstandes herzustellen, insbesondere durch Ton- oder Bildaufzeichnungen, und umfasst auch den Vorgang, erstmals körperliche Fixierungen des Schutzgegenstandes sowie Vervielfältigungsstücke dieser Fixierungen anzufertigen, sowie die Übertragung des Schutzgegenstandes auf einen Bild- oder Tonträger oder auf ein anderes elektronisches Medium, gleichviel ob in digitaler oder analoger Form.
1065+ \end{enumerate}
1066+ \item \label{item:2} \textbf{Schranken des Immaterialgüterrechts}
1068+Diese Lizenz ist in keiner Weise darauf gerichtet, Befugnisse zur Nutzung des Schutzgegenstandes zu vermindern, zu beschränken oder zu vereiteln, die Ihnen aufgrund der Schranken des Urheberrechts oder anderer Rechtsnormen bereits ohne Weiteres zustehen oder sich aus dem Fehlen eines immaterialgüterrechtlichen Schutzes ergeben.
1070+ \item \label{item:3} \textbf{Einräumung von Nutzungsrechten}
1072+Unter den Bedingungen dieser Lizenz räumt Ihnen der Lizenzgeber - unbeschadet unverzichtbarer Rechte und vorbehaltlich des Abschnitts \ref{item:3.e} - das vergütungsfreie, räumlich und zeitlich (für die Dauer des Schutzrechts am Schutzgegenstand) unbeschränkte einfache Recht ein, den Schutzgegenstand auf die folgenden Arten und Weisen zu nutzen (``unentgeltlich eingeräumtes einfaches Nutzungsrecht für jedermann''):
1073+ \begin{enumerate}
1074+ \item Den Schutzgegenstand in beliebiger Form und Menge zu vervielfältigen, ihn in Sammelwerke zu integrieren und ihn als Teil solcher Sammelwerke zu vervielfältigen;
1075+ \item \label{item:3.b} Abwandlungen des Schutzgegenstandes anzufertigen, einschließlich Übersetzungen unter Nutzung jedweder Medien, sofern deutlich erkennbar gemacht wird, dass es sich um Abwandlungen handelt;
1076+ \item den Schutzgegenstand, allein oder in Sammelwerke aufgenommen, öffentlich zu zeigen und zu verbreiten;
1077+ \item Abwandlungen des Schutzgegenstandes zu veröffentlichen, öffentlich zu zeigen und zu verbreiten.
1078+ \item \label{item:3.e} Bezüglich Vergütung für die Nutzung des Schutzgegenstandes gilt Folgendes:
1079+ \begin{enumerate}
1080+ \item \textbf{Unverzichtbare gesetzliche Vergütungsansprüche}: Soweit unverzichtbare Vergütungsansprüche im Gegenzug für gesetzliche Lizenzen vorgesehen oder Pauschalabgabensysteme (zum Beispiel für Leermedien) vorhanden sind, behält sich der Lizenzgeber das ausschließliche Recht vor, die entsprechende Vergütung einzuziehen für jede Ausübung eines Rechts aus dieser Lizenz durch Sie.
1081+ \item \textbf{Vergütung bei Zwangslizenzen}: Sofern Zwangslizenzen außerhalb dieser Lizenz vorgesehen sind und zustande kommen, verzichtet der Lizenzgeber für alle Fälle einer lizenzgerechten Nutzung des Schutzgegenstandes durch Sie auf jegliche Vergütung.
1082+ \item \textbf{Vergütung in sonstigen Fällen}: Bezüglich lizenzgerechter Nutzung des Schutzgegenstandes durch Sie, die nicht unter die beiden vorherigen Abschnitte (i) und (ii) fällt, verzichtet der Lizenzgeber auf jegliche Vergütung, unabhängig davon, ob eine Einziehung der Vergütung durch ihn selbst oder nur durch eine Verwertungsgesellschaft möglich wäre.
1083+ \end{enumerate}
1084+Das vorgenannte Nutzungsrecht wird für alle bekannten sowie für alle noch nicht bekannten Nutzungsarten eingeräumt. Es beinhaltet auch das Recht, solche Änderungen am Schutzgegenstand vorzunehmen, die für bestimmte nach dieser Lizenz zulässige Nutzungen technisch erforderlich sind. Alle sonstigen Rechte, die über diesen Abschnitt hinaus nicht ausdrücklich durch den Lizenzgeber eingeräumt werden, bleiben diesem allein vorbehalten. Soweit Datenbanken oder Zusammenstellungen von Daten Schutzgegenstand dieser Lizenz oder Teil dessen sind und einen immaterialgüterrechtlichen Schutz eigener Art genießen, verzichtet der Lizenzgeber auf sämtliche aus diesem Schutz resultierenden Rechte.
1085+ \end{enumerate}
1087+ \item \label{item:4} \textbf{Bedingungen}
1089+Die Einräumung des Nutzungsrechts gemäß Abschnitt \ref{item:3} dieser Lizenz erfolgt ausdrücklich nur unter den folgenden Bedingungen:
1090+ \begin{enumerate}
1091+ \item \label{item:4.a} Sie dürfen den Schutzgegenstand ausschließlich unter den Bedingungen dieser Lizenz verbreiten oder öffentlich zeigen. Sie müssen dabei stets eine Kopie dieser Lizenz oder deren vollständige Internetadresse in Form des Uniform-Resource-Identifier (URI) beifügen. Sie dürfen keine Vertrags- oder Nutzungsbedingungen anbieten oder fordern, die die Bedingungen dieser Lizenz oder die durch diese Lizenz gewährten Rechte beschränken. Sie dürfen den Schutzgegenstand nicht unterlizenzieren. Bei jeder Kopie des Schutzgegenstandes, die Sie verbreiten oder öffentlich zeigen, müssen Sie alle Hinweise unverändert lassen, die auf diese Lizenz und den Haftungsausschluss hinweisen. Wenn Sie den Schutzgegenstand verbreiten oder öffentlich zeigen, dürfen Sie (in Bezug auf den Schutzgegenstand) keine technischen Maßnahmen ergreifen, die den Nutzer des Schutzgegenstandes in der Ausübung der ihm durch diese Lizenz gewährten Rechte behindern können. Dieser Abschnitt \ref{item:4.a} gilt auch für den Fall, dass der Schutzgegenstand einen Bestandteil eines Sammelwerkes bildet, was jedoch nicht bedeutet, dass das Sammelwerk insgesamt dieser Lizenz unterstellt werden muss. Sofern Sie ein Sammelwerk erstellen, müssen Sie auf die Mitteilung eines Lizenzgebers hin aus dem Sammelwerk die in Abschnitt \ref{item:4.c} aufgezählten Hinweise entfernen. Wenn Sie eine Abwandlung vornehmen, müssen Sie auf die Mitteilung eines Lizenzgebers hin von der Abwandlung die in Abschnitt \ref{item:4.c} aufgezählten Hinweise entfernen.
1092+ \item \label{item:4.b} Sie dürfen eine Abwandlung ausschließlich unter den Bedingungen
1093+ \begin{enumerate}
1094+ \item \label{item:4.b.i} dieser Lizenz,
1095+ \item einer späteren Version dieser Lizenz mit denselben Lizenzelementen,
1096+ \item einer rechtsordnungsspezifischen Creative-Commons-Lizenz mit denselben Lizenzelementen ab Version 3.0 aufwärts (z.B. Namensnennung - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 US),
1097+ \item \label{item:4.b.iv} der Creative-Commons-Unported-Lizenz mit denselben Lizenzelementen ab Version 3.0 aufwärts, oder
1098+ \item \label{item:4.b.v} einer mit Creative Commons kompatiblen Lizenz verbreiten oder öffentlich zeigen.
1099+ \end{enumerate}
1100+Falls Sie die Abwandlung gemäß Abschnitt \ref{item:4.b.v} unter einer mit Creative Commons kompatiblen Lizenz lizenzieren, müssen Sie deren Lizenzbestimmungen Folge leisten.
1102+Falls Sie die Abwandlungen unter einer der unter \ref{item:4.b.i}-\ref{item:4.b.iv} genannten Lizenzen (``Verwendbare Lizenzen'') lizenzieren, müssen Sie deren Lizenzbestimmungen sowie folgenden Bestimmungen Folge leisten: Sie müssen stets eine Kopie der verwendbaren Lizenz oder deren vollständige Internetadresse in Form des Uniform-Resource-Identifier (URI) beifügen, wenn Sie die Abwandlung verbreiten oder öffentlich zeigen. Sie dürfen keine Vertrags- oder Nutzungsbedingungen anbieten oder fordern, die die Bedingungen der verwendbaren Lizenz oder die durch sie gewährten Rechte beschränken. Bei jeder Abwandlung, die Sie verbreiten oder öffentlich zeigen, müssen Sie alle Hinweise auf die verwendbare Lizenz und den Haftungsausschluss unverändert lassen. Wenn Sie die Abwandlung verbreiten oder öffentlich zeigen, dürfen Sie (in Bezug auf die Abwandlung) keine technischen Maßnahmen ergreifen, die den Nutzer der Abwandlung in der Ausübung der ihm durch die verwendbare Lizenz gewährten Rechte behindern können. Dieser Abschnitt \ref{item:4.b} gilt auch für den Fall, dass die Abwandlung einen Bestandteil eines Sammelwerkes bildet, was jedoch nicht bedeutet, dass das Sammelwerk insgesamt der verwendbaren Lizenz unterstellt werden muss.
1103+ \item \label{item:4.c} Die Verbreitung und das öffentliche Zeigen des Schutzgegenstandes oder auf ihm aufbauender Abwandlungen oder ihn enthaltender Sammelwerke ist Ihnen nur unter der Bedingung gestattet, dass Sie, vorbehaltlich etwaiger Mitteilungen im Sinne von Abschnitt \ref{item:4.a}, alle dazu gehörenden Rechtevermerke unberührt lassen. Sie sind verpflichtet, die Rechteinhaberschaft in einer der Nutzung entsprechenden, angemessenen Form anzuerkennen, indem Sie - soweit bekannt - Folgendes angeben:
1104+ \begin{enumerate}
1105+ \item Den Namen (oder das Pseudonym, falls ein solches verwendet wird) des Rechteinhabers und\/oder, falls der Lizenzgeber im Rechtevermerk, in den Nutzungsbedingungen oder auf andere angemessene Weise eine Zuschreibung an Dritte vorgenommen hat (z.B. an eine Stiftung, ein Verlagshaus oder eine Zeitung) (``Zuschreibungsempfänger''), Namen bzw. Bezeichnung dieses oder dieser Dritten;
1106+ \item den Titel des Inhaltes;
1107+ \item in einer praktikablen Form den Uniform-Resource-Identifier (URI, z.B. Internetadresse), den der Lizenzgeber zum Schutzgegenstand angegeben hat, es sei denn, dieser URI verweist nicht auf den Rechtevermerk oder die Lizenzinformationen zum Schutzgegenstand;
1108+ \item und im Falle einer Abwandlung des Schutzgegenstandes in Ãœbereinstimmung mit Abschnitt \ref{item:3.b} einen Hinweis darauf, dass es sich um eine Abwandlung handelt.
1109+ \end{enumerate}
1110+Die nach diesem Abschnitt \ref{item:4.c} erforderlichen Angaben können in jeder angemessenen Form gemacht werden; im Falle einer Abwandlung des Schutzgegenstandes oder eines Sammelwerkes müssen diese Angaben das Minimum darstellen und bei gemeinsamer Nennung mehrerer Rechteinhaber dergestalt erfolgen, dass sie zumindest ebenso hervorgehoben sind wie die Hinweise auf die übrigen Rechteinhaber. Die Angaben nach diesem Abschnitt dürfen Sie ausschließlich zur Angabe der Rechteinhaberschaft in der oben bezeichneten Weise verwenden. Durch die Ausübung Ihrer Rechte aus dieser Lizenz dürfen Sie ohne eine vorherige, separat und schriftlich vorliegende Zustimmung des Lizenzgebers und / oder des Zuschreibungsempfängers weder explizit noch implizit irgendeine Verbindung zum Lizenzgeber oder Zuschreibungsempfänger und ebenso wenig eine Unterstützung oder Billigung durch ihn andeuten.
1111+ \item Die oben unter \ref{item:4.a} bis \ref{item:4.c} genannten Einschränkungen gelten nicht für solche Teile des Schutzgegenstandes, die allein deshalb unter den Schutzgegenstandsbegriff fallen, weil sie als Datenbanken oder Zusammenstellungen von Daten einen immaterialgüterrechtlichen Schutz eigener Art genießen.
1112+ \item Persönlichkeitsrechte bleiben - soweit sie bestehen - von dieser Lizenz unberührt.
1113+ \end{enumerate}
1115+ \item \label{item:5} \textbf{Gewährleistung}
1119+ \item \label{item:6} \textbf{Haftungsbeschränkung}
1123+ \item \label{item:7} \textbf{Erlöschen}
1124+ \begin{enumerate}
1125+ \item Diese Lizenz und die durch sie eingeräumten Nutzungsrechte erlöschen mit Wirkung für die Zukunft im Falle eines Verstoßes gegen die Lizenzbedingungen durch Sie, ohne dass es dazu der Kenntnis des Lizenzgebers vom Verstoß oder einer weiteren Handlung einer der Vertragsparteien bedarf. Mit natürlichen oder juristischen Personen, die Abwandlungen des Schutzgegenstandes oder diesen enthaltende Sammelwerke unter den Bedingungen dieser Lizenz von Ihnen erhalten haben, bestehen nachträglich entstandene Lizenzbeziehungen jedoch solange weiter, wie die genannten Personen sich ihrerseits an sämtliche Lizenzbedingungen halten. Darüber hinaus gelten die Ziffern \ref{item:1}, \ref{item:2}, \ref{item:5}, \ref{item:6}, \ref{item:7}, und \ref{item:8} auch nach einem Erlöschen dieser Lizenz fort.
1126+ \item Vorbehaltlich der oben genannten Bedingungen gilt diese Lizenz unbefristet bis der rechtliche Schutz für den Schutzgegenstand ausläuft. Davon abgesehen behält der Lizenzgeber das Recht, den Schutzgegenstand unter anderen Lizenzbedingungen anzubieten oder die eigene Weitergabe des Schutzgegenstandes jederzeit einzustellen, solange die Ausübung dieses Rechts nicht einer Kündigung oder einem Widerruf dieser Lizenz (oder irgendeiner Weiterlizenzierung, die auf Grundlage dieser Lizenz bereits erfolgt ist bzw. zukünftig noch erfolgen muss) dient und diese Lizenz unter Berücksichtigung der oben zum Erlöschen genannten Bedingungen vollumfänglich wirksam bleibt.
1127+ \end{enumerate}
1129+ \item \label{item:8} \textbf{Sonstige Bestimmungen}
1130+ \begin{enumerate}
1131+ \item \label{item:8.a} Jedes Mal wenn Sie den Schutzgegenstand für sich genommen oder als Teil eines Sammelwerkes verbreiten oder öffentlich zeigen, bietet der Lizenzgeber dem Empfänger eine Lizenz zu den gleichen Bedingungen und im gleichen Umfang an, wie Ihnen in Form dieser Lizenz.
1132+ \item \label{item:8.b} Jedes Mal wenn Sie eine Abwandlung des Schutzgegenstandes verbreiten oder öffentlich zeigen, bietet der Lizenzgeber dem Empfänger eine Lizenz am ursprünglichen Schutzgegenstand zu den gleichen Bedingungen und im gleichen Umfang an, wie Ihnen in Form dieser Lizenz.
1133+ \item Sollte eine Bestimmung dieser Lizenz unwirksam sein, so bleibt davon die Wirksamkeit der Lizenz im Übrigen unberührt.
1134+ \item Keine Bestimmung dieser Lizenz soll als abbedungen und kein Verstoß gegen sie als zulässig gelten, solange die von dem Verzicht oder von dem Verstoß betroffene Seite nicht schriftlich zugestimmt hat.
1135+ \item Diese Lizenz (zusammen mit in ihr ausdrücklich vorgesehenen Erlaubnissen, Mitteilungen und Zustimmungen, soweit diese tatsächlich vorliegen) stellt die vollständige Vereinbarung zwischen dem Lizenzgeber und Ihnen in Bezug auf den Schutzgegenstand dar. Es bestehen keine Abreden, Vereinbarungen oder Erklärungen in Bezug auf den Schutzgegenstand, die in dieser Lizenz nicht genannt sind. Rechtsgeschäftliche Änderungen des Verhältnisses zwischen dem Lizenzgeber und Ihnen sind nur über Modifikationen dieser Lizenz möglich. Der Lizenzgeber ist an etwaige zusätzliche, einseitig durch Sie übermittelte Bestimmungen nicht gebunden. Diese Lizenz kann nur durch schriftliche Vereinbarung zwischen Ihnen und dem Lizenzgeber modifiziert werden. Derlei Modifikationen wirken ausschließlich zwischen dem Lizenzgeber und Ihnen und wirken sich nicht auf die Dritten gemäß Ziffern \ref{item:8.a} und \ref{item:8.b} angeboteten Lizenzen aus.
1136+ \item Sofern zwischen Ihnen und dem Lizenzgeber keine anderweitige Vereinbarung getroffen wurde und soweit Wahlfreiheit besteht, findet auf diesen Lizenzvertrag das Recht der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Anwendung.
1137+ \end{enumerate}
1140+\section{Hinweis zu Creative Commons}
1142+Creative Commons ist nicht Partei dieser Lizenz und übernimmt keinerlei Gewähr oder dergleichen in Bezug auf den Schutzgegenstand. Creative Commons haftet Ihnen oder einer anderen Partei unter keinem rechtlichen Gesichtspunkt für irgendwelche Schäden, die - abstrakt oder konkret, zufällig oder vorhersehbar - im Zusammenhang mit dieser Lizenz entstehen. Unbeschadet der vorangegangen beiden Sätze, hat Creative Commons alle Rechte und Pflichten eines Lizenzgebers, wenn es sich ausdrücklich als Lizenzgeber im Sinne dieser Lizenz bezeichnet.
1144+Creative Commons gewährt den Parteien nur insoweit das Recht, das Logo und die Marke ``Creative Commons'' zu nutzen, als dies notwendig ist, um der Öffentlichkeit gegenüber kenntlich zu machen, dass der Schutzgegenstand unter einer CCPL steht. Ein darüber hinaus gehender Gebrauch der Marke ``Creative Commons'' oder einer verwandten Marke oder eines verwandten Logos bedarf der vorherigen schriftlichen Zustimmung von Creative Commons. Jeder erlaubte Gebrauch richtet sich nach der Creative Commons Marken-Nutzungs-Richtlinie in der jeweils aktuellen Fassung, die von Zeit zu Zeit auf der Website veröffentlicht oder auf andere Weise auf Anfrage zugänglich gemacht wird. Zur Klarstellung: Die genannten Einschränkungen der Markennutzung sind nicht Bestandteil dieser Lizenz.
1146+Creative Commons kann über \url{} kontaktiert werden.
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1152+% License details
1154+% TRANSLATORS: Before translating this to your language, see if there's an existing translation on the Creative Commons website.
1156+\begin{english}[variant=american]% TRANSLATORS: Remove this line
1160+\section{Creative Commons Attribution--ShareAlike 3.0 Legal Code}
1167+ \item\label{cc:definitions} Definitions
1168+ \begin{enumerate}
1169+ \item\label{cc:adaptation} ``Adaptation'' means a work based upon the Work, or upon the Work and other pre-existing works, such as a translation, adaptation, derivative work, arrangement of music or other alterations of a literary or artistic work, or phonogram or performance and includes cinematographic adaptations or any other form in which the Work may be recast, transformed, or adapted including in any form recognizably derived from the original, except that a work that constitutes a Collection will not be considered an Adaptation for the purpose of this License. For the avoidance of doubt, where the Work is a musical work, performance or phonogram, the synchronization of the Work in timed-relation with a moving image (``synching'') will be considered an Adaptation for the purpose of this License.
1170+ \item\label{cc:collection} ``Collection'' means a collection of literary or artistic works, such as encyclopedias and anthologies, or performances, phonograms or broadcasts, or other works or subject matter other than works listed in Section 1(f) below, which, by reason of the selection and arrangement of their contents, constitute intellectual creations, in which the Work is included in its entirety in unmodified form along with one or more other contributions, each constituting separate and independent works in themselves, which together are assembled into a collective whole. A work that constitutes a Collection will not be considered an Adaptation (as defined below) for the purposes of this License.
1171+ \item\label{cc:cc-compatible-license} ``Creative Commons Compatible License'' means a license that is listed at \url{} that has been approved by Creative Commons as being essentially equivalent to this License, including, at a minimum, because that license: (i) contains terms that have the same purpose, meaning and effect as the License Elements of this License; and, (ii) explicitly permits the relicensing of adaptations of works made available under that license under this License or a Creative Commons jurisdiction license with the same License Elements as this License.
1172+ \item\label{cc:distribute} ``Distribute'' means to make available to the public the original and copies of the Work or Adaptation, as appropriate, through sale or other transfer of ownership.
1173+ \item\label{cc:license-elements} ``License Elements'' means the following high-level license attributes as selected by Licensor and indicated in the title of this License: Attribution, ShareAlike.
1174+ \item\label{cc:licensor} ``Licensor'' means the individual, individuals, entity or entities that offer(s) the Work under the terms of this License.
1175+ \item\label{cc:original-author} ``Original Author'' means, in the case of a literary or artistic work, the individual, individuals, entity or entities who created the Work or if no individual or entity can be identified, the publisher; and in addition (i) in the case of a performance the actors, singers, musicians, dancers, and other persons who act, sing, deliver, declaim, play in, interpret or otherwise perform literary or artistic works or expressions of folklore; (ii) in the case of a phonogram the producer being the person or legal entity who first fixes the sounds of a performance or other sounds; and, (iii) in the case of broadcasts, the organization that transmits the broadcast.
1176+ \item\label{cc:work} ``Work'' means the literary and/or artistic work offered under the terms of this License including without limitation any production in the literary, scientific and artistic domain, whatever may be the mode or form of its expression including digital form, such as a book, pamphlet and other writing; a lecture, address, sermon or other work of the same nature; a dramatic or dramatico-musical work; a choreographic work or entertainment in dumb show; a musical composition with or without words; a cinematographic work to which are assimilated works expressed by a process analogous to cinematography; a work of drawing, painting, architecture, sculpture, engraving or lithography; a photographic work to which are assimilated works expressed by a process analogous to photography; a work of applied art; an illustration, map, plan, sketch or three-dimensional work relative to geography, topography, architecture or science; a performance; a broadcast; a phonogram; a compilation of data to the extent it is protected as a copyrightable work; or a work performed by a variety or circus performer to the extent it is not otherwise considered a literary or artistic work.
1177+ \item\label{cc:you} ``You'' means an individual or entity exercising rights under this License who has not previously violated the terms of this License with respect to the Work, or who has received express permission from the Licensor to exercise rights under this License despite a previous violation.
1178+ \item\label{cc-publicly-perform} ``Publicly Perform'' means to perform public recitations of the Work and to communicate to the public those public recitations, by any means or process, including by wire or wireless means or public digital performances; to make available to the public Works in such a way that members of the public may access these Works from a place and at a place individually chosen by them; to perform the Work to the public by any means or process and the communication to the public of the performances of the Work, including by public digital performance; to broadcast and rebroadcast the Work by any means including signs, sounds or images.
1179+ \item\label{cc:reproduce} ``Reproduce'' means to make copies of the Work by any means including without limitation by sound or visual recordings and the right of fixation and reproducing fixations of the Work, including storage of a protected performance or phonogram in digital form or other electronic medium.
1180+ \end{enumerate}
1181+ \item\label{cc:fair-dealing-rights} Fair Dealing Rights. Nothing in this License is intended to reduce, limit, or restrict any uses free from copyright or rights arising from limitations or exceptions that are provided for in connection with the copyright protection under copyright law or other applicable laws.
1183+ \item\label{cc:license-grant} License Grant. Subject to the terms and conditions of this License, Licensor hereby grants You a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, perpetual (for the duration of the applicable copyright) license to exercise the rights in the Work as stated below:
1184+ \begin{enumerate}
1185+ \item to Reproduce the Work, to incorporate the Work into one or more Collections, and to Reproduce the Work as incorporated in the Collections;
1186+ \item to create and Reproduce Adaptations provided that any such Adaptation, including any translation in any medium, takes reasonable steps to clearly label, demarcate or otherwise identify that changes were made to the original Work. For example, a translation could be marked ``The original work was translated from English to Spanish,'' or a modification could indicate ``The original work has been modified.'';
1187+ \item to Distribute and Publicly Perform the Work including as incorporated in Collections; and,
1188+ \item to Distribute and Publicly Perform Adaptations.
1189+ \item
1190+ For the avoidance of doubt:
1191+ \begin{enumerate}
1192+ \item Non-waivable Compulsory License Schemes. In those jurisdictions in which the right to collect royalties through any statutory or compulsory licensing scheme cannot be waived, the Licensor reserves the exclusive right to collect such royalties for any exercise by You of the rights granted under this License;
1193+ \item Waivable Compulsory License Schemes. In those jurisdictions in which the right to collect royalties through any statutory or compulsory licensing scheme can be waived, the Licensor waives the exclusive right to collect such royalties for any exercise by You of the rights granted under this License; and,
1194+ \item Voluntary License Schemes. The Licensor waives the right to collect royalties, whether individually or, in the event that the Licensor is a member of a collecting society that administers voluntary licensing schemes, via that society, from any exercise by You of the rights granted under this License.
1195+ \end{enumerate}
1196+The above rights may be exercised in all media and formats whether now known or hereafter devised. The above rights include the right to make such modifications as are technically necessary to exercise the rights in other media and formats. Subject to Section 8(f), all rights not expressly granted by Licensor are hereby reserved.
1197+ \end{enumerate}
1199+ \item\label{cc:restrictions} Restrictions. The license granted in Section 3 above is expressly made subject to and limited by the following restrictions:
1200+ \begin{enumerate}
1201+ \item You may Distribute or Publicly Perform the Work only under the terms of this License. You must include a copy of, or the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) for, this License with every copy of the Work You Distribute or Publicly Perform. You may not offer or impose any terms on the Work that restrict the terms of this License or the ability of the recipient of the Work to exercise the rights granted to that recipient under the terms of the License. You may not sublicense the Work. You must keep intact all notices that refer to this License and to the disclaimer of warranties with every copy of the Work You Distribute or Publicly Perform. When You Distribute or Publicly Perform the Work, You may not impose any effective technological measures on the Work that restrict the ability of a recipient of the Work from You to exercise the rights granted to that recipient under the terms of the License. This Section 4(a) applies to the Work as incorporated in a Collection, but this does not require the Collection apart from the Work itself to be made subject to the terms of this License. If You create a Collection, upon notice from any Licensor You must, to the extent practicable, remove from the Collection any credit as required by Section 4(c), as requested. If You create an Adaptation, upon notice from any Licensor You must, to the extent practicable, remove from the Adaptation any credit as required by Section 4(c), as requested.
1202+ \item You may Distribute or Publicly Perform an Adaptation only under the terms of: (i) this License; (ii) a later version of this License with the same License Elements as this License; (iii) a Creative Commons jurisdiction license (either this or a later license version) that contains the same License Elements as this License (\eg, Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 US)); (iv) a Creative Commons Compatible License. If you license the Adaptation under one of the licenses mentioned in (iv), you must comply with the terms of that license. If you license the Adaptation under the terms of any of the licenses mentioned in (i), (ii) or (iii) (the ``Applicable License''), you must comply with the terms of the Applicable License generally and the following provisions: (I) You must include a copy of, or the URI for, the Applicable License with every copy of each Adaptation You Distribute or Publicly Perform; (II) You may not offer or impose any terms on the Adaptation that restrict the terms of the Applicable License or the ability of the recipient of the Adaptation to exercise the rights granted to that recipient under the terms of the Applicable License; (III) You must keep intact all notices that refer to the Applicable License and to the disclaimer of warranties with every copy of the Work as included in the Adaptation You Distribute or Publicly Perform; (IV) when You Distribute or Publicly Perform the Adaptation, You may not impose any effective technological measures on the Adaptation that restrict the ability of a recipient of the Adaptation from You to exercise the rights granted to that recipient under the terms of the Applicable License. This Section 4(b) applies to the Adaptation as incorporated in a Collection, but this does not require the Collection apart from the Adaptation itself to be made subject to the terms of the Applicable License.
1203+ \item If You Distribute, or Publicly Perform the Work or any Adaptations or Collections, You must, unless a request has been made pursuant to Section 4(a), keep intact all copyright notices for the Work and provide, reasonable to the medium or means You are utilizing: (i) the name of the Original Author (or pseudonym, if applicable) if supplied, and/or if the Original Author and/or Licensor designate another party or parties (\eg, a sponsor institute, publishing entity, journal) for attribution (``Attribution Parties'') in Licensor's copyright notice, terms of service or by other reasonable means, the name of such party or parties; (ii) the title of the Work if supplied; (iii) to the extent reasonably practicable, the URI, if any, that Licensor specifies to be associated with the Work, unless such URI does not refer to the copyright notice or licensing information for the Work; and (iv) , consistent with Ssection 3(b), in the case of an Adaptation, a credit identifying the use of the Work in the Adaptation (\eg, ``French translation of the Work by Original Author,'' or ``Screenplay based on original Work by Original Author''). The credit required by this Section 4(c) may be implemented in any reasonable manner; provided, however, that in the case of a Adaptation or Collection, at a minimum such credit will appear, if a credit for all contributing authors of the Adaptation or Collection appears, then as part of these credits and in a manner at least as prominent as the credits for the other contributing authors. For the avoidance of doubt, You may only use the credit required by this Section for the purpose of attribution in the manner set out above and, by exercising Your rights under this License, You may not implicitly or explicitly assert or imply any connection with, sponsorship or endorsement by the Original Author, Licensor and/or Attribution Parties, as appropriate, of You or Your use of the Work, without the separate, express prior written permission of the Original Author, Licensor and/or Attribution Parties.
1204+ \item Except as otherwise agreed in writing by the Licensor or as may be otherwise permitted by applicable law, if You Reproduce, Distribute or Publicly Perform the Work either by itself or as part of any Adaptations or Collections, You must not distort, mutilate, modify or take other derogatory action in relation to the Work which would be prejudicial to the Original Author's honor or reputation. Licensor agrees that in those jurisdictions (\eg Japan), in which any exercise of the right granted in Section 3(b) of this License (the right to make Adaptations) would be deemed to be a distortion, mutilation, modification or other derogatory action prejudicial to the Original Author's honor and reputation, the Licensor will waive or not assert, as appropriate, this Section, to the fullest extent permitted by the applicable national law, to enable You to reasonably exercise Your right under Section 3(b) of this License (right to make Adaptations) but not otherwise.
1205+ \end{enumerate}
1207+ \item\label{cc:representations} Representations, Warranties and Disclaimer
1213+ \item\label{cc:termination} Termination
1214+ \begin{enumerate}
1215+ \item This License and the rights granted hereunder will terminate automatically upon any breach by You of the terms of this License. Individuals or entities who have received Adaptations or Collections from You under this License, however, will not have their licenses terminated provided such individuals or entities remain in full compliance with those licenses. Sections 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, and 8 will survive any termination of this License.
1216+ \item Subject to the above terms and conditions, the license granted here is perpetual (for the duration of the applicable copyright in the Work). Notwithstanding the above, Licensor reserves the right to release the Work under different license terms or to stop distributing the Work at any time; provided, however that any such election will not serve to withdraw this License (or any other license that has been, or is required to be, granted under the terms of this License), and this License will continue in full force and effect unless terminated as stated above.
1217+ \end{enumerate}
1219+ \item\label{cc:miscellaneous} Miscellaneous
1220+ \begin{enumerate}
1221+ \item Each time You Distribute or Publicly Perform the Work or a Collection, the Licensor offers to the recipient a license to the Work on the same terms and conditions as the license granted to You under this License.
1222+ \item Each time You Distribute or Publicly Perform an Adaptation, Licensor offers to the recipient a license to the original Work on the same terms and conditions as the license granted to You under this License.
1223+ \item If any provision of this License is invalid or unenforceable under applicable law, it shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remainder of the terms of this License, and without further action by the parties to this agreement, such provision shall be reformed to the minimum extent necessary to make such provision valid and enforceable.
1224+ \item No term or provision of this License shall be deemed waived and no breach consented to unless such waiver or consent shall be in writing and signed by the party to be charged with such waiver or consent.
1225+ \item This License constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the Work licensed here. There are no understandings, agreements or representations with respect to the Work not specified here. Licensor shall not be bound by any additional provisions that may appear in any communication from You. This License may not be modified without the mutual written agreement of the Licensor and You.
1226+ \item The rights granted under, and the subject matter referenced, in this License were drafted utilizing the terminology of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (as amended on September 28, 1979), the Rome Convention of 1961, the WIPO Copyright Treaty of 1996, the WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty of 1996 and the Universal Copyright Convention (as revised on July 24, 1971). These rights and subject matter take effect in the relevant jurisdiction in which the License terms are sought to be enforced according to the corresponding provisions of the implementation of those treaty provisions in the applicable national law. If the standard suite of rights granted under applicable copyright law includes additional rights not granted under this License, such additional rights are deemed to be included in the License; this License is not intended to restrict the license of any rights under applicable law.
1227+ \end{enumerate}
1230+\section{Creative Commons Notice}
1232+Creative Commons is not a party to this License, and makes no warranty whatsoever in connection with the Work. Creative Commons will not be liable to You or any party on any legal theory for any damages whatsoever, including without limitation any general, special, incidental or consequential damages arising in connection to this license. Notwithstanding the foregoing two (2) sentences, if Creative Commons has expressly identified itself as the Licensor hereunder, it shall have all rights and obligations of Licensor.
1234+Except for the limited purpose of indicating to the public that the Work is licensed under the CCPL, Creative Commons does not authorize the use by either party of the trademark ``Creative Commons'' or any related trademark or logo of Creative Commons without the prior written consent of Creative Commons. Any permitted use will be in compliance with Creative Commons' then-current trademark usage guidelines, as may be published on its website or otherwise made available upon request from time to time. For the avoidance of doubt, this trademark restriction does not form part of the License.
1236+Creative Commons may be contacted at \url{}.
1238+\end{english}% TRANSLATORS: Remove this line
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1245+% License details
1249+% TRANSLATORS: You may include an introductory paragraph here that will be
1250+% included at the beginning of the License appendix. You can include links to
1251+% the translated license at the Creative Commons website and a note as to why
1252+% we couldn't include the translated license in the manual. If you have any
1253+% questions about what should be included here, please check the Ubuntu Manual
1254+% Style Guide or the Ubuntu Manual mailing list.
1256+\textit{\plaintitle} is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution--Share Alike 3.0 License.
1258+\medskip\noindent You are free:
1260+ \item[to Share] to copy, distribute and transmit the work
1261+ \item[to Remix] to adapt the work
1264+\medskip\noindent Under the following conditions:
1266+ \item[Attribution] You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).
1267+ \item[Share Alike] If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this one.
1271+Due to variance in legal code across the jurisdictions where this manual may
1272+be distributed, we are unable to include a fully translated license at this
1273+time. You may, however, read the complete, translated license online at
1277+% We do some fancy stuff here to pull in the translated license. If you'd like
1278+% the license translated in your language, create a new file called
1279+% ``license-LANG.tex'' where LANG is the language code.
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1293+% Copyright page
1297+Copyright \textcopyright{} 2010--\the\year{} by The Ubuntu Manual Team. Some rights reserved. \ccbysa
1299+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the part "\hyperref[ch:license]{\appendixname}~\ref{ch:license}"
1300+This work is licensed under the Creative Commons
1301+Attribution--Share Alike 3.0 License. To view a copy of this
1302+license, see \hyperref[ch:license]{\appendixname}~\ref{ch:license}, visit
1303+\url{}, or send a
1304+letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco,
1305+California, 94105, USA.
1307+\textit{\plaintitle} can be downloaded for free from
1308+\url{} or purchased from \url{\printurl}. A printed
1309+copy of this book can be ordered for the price of printing and delivery.
1310+We permit and even encourage you to distribute a copy of this book to
1311+colleagues, friends, family, and anyone else who might be interested.
1315+%Second Edition
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1323@@ -0,0 +1,200 @@
1324+% All of the glossary entries must be in this file.
1326+% Run ``texdoc glossaries'' for information on the \newglossaryentry command.
1329+% Try to keep these entries alphabetized to avoid duplication.
1331+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1332+\newglossaryentry{Access Point}{name={Access Point}, description={%
1333+A device that allows for a wireless connection to a local network using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.}}
1335+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1336+\newglossaryentry{applet}{name={applet}, description={%
1337+ A small program that runs in a \gls{panel}. Applets provide
1338+ useful functions such as starting a program, viewing the time, or accessing
1339+ the main menu of an application.}}
1341+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1342+\newglossaryentry{Canonical}{name={Canonical}, description={%
1343+ Canonical, the financial backer of Ubuntu, provides support for the core
1344+ Ubuntu system. It has over 500 staff members worldwide who ensure that
1345+ the foundation of the operating system is stable, as well as checking all the
1346+ work submitted by volunteer contributors. To learn more about Canonical, go
1347+ to \url{}.}}
1349+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1350+\newglossaryentry{CLI}{name={\acronym{CLI}}, description={%
1351+ \acronym{CLI} or command-line interface is another name for the \gls{terminal}.}}
1353+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1354+\newglossaryentry{desktop environment}{name={desktop environment}, description={%
1355+ A generic term to describe a \acronym{GUI} interface for humans to interact with computers. There are many
1356+ desktop environments such as Unity, \acronym{GNOME}, \acronym{KDE}, \acronym{XFCE} and \acronym{LXDE}, to name a few.}}
1358+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1359+\newglossaryentry{DHCP}{name={\acronym{DHCP}}, description={%
1360+ \acronym{DHCP} stands for \emph{Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol}, it is used by
1361+ a \acronym{DHCP} \gls{server} to assign computers on a network an \acronym{IP} address automatically.}}
1363+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1364+\newglossaryentry{dialup connection}{name={dialup connection}, description={%
1365+ A dialup connection is when your computer uses a modem to connect to an \gls{ISP} through
1366+ your telephone line.}}
1368+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1369+\newglossaryentry{distribution}{name={distribution}, description={%
1370+ A distribution is a collection of software that is already compiled and configured
1371+ ready to be installed. Ubuntu is an example of a distribution.}}
1373+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1374+\newglossaryentry{dual-booting}{name={dual-booting}, description={%
1375+ Dual-booting is the process of being able to choose one of two different operating systems
1376+ currently installed on a computer from the boot menu. Once selected, your computer will boot into
1377+ whichever operating system you chose at the boot menu. The term dual-booting is often used generically, and may refer to booting among more than two operating systems.}}
1379+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1380+\newglossaryentry{encryption}{name={encryption}, description={%
1381+ Encryption is a security measure, it prevents others from accessing and viewing the contents of your files and/or hard drives, the files must first be decrypted with your password.}}
1383+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1384+\newglossaryentry{Ethernet port}{name={Ethernet port}, description={%
1385+ An Ethernet port is what an Ethernet cable is plugged into when you are using
1386+ a \gls{wired connection}.}}
1388+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1389+\newglossaryentry{GNOME}{name={\acronym{GNOME}}, description={%
1390+ \acronym{GNOME} is a popular desktop environment and was former the
1391+ default desktop environment used in Ubuntu.}}
1393+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1394+\newglossaryentry{GUI}{name={\acronym{GUI}}, description={%
1395+ The \acronym{GUI} (which stands for Graphical User Interface) is a type of user interface that allows
1396+ humans to interact with the computer using graphics and images rather than just text.}}
1398+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1399+\newglossaryentry{ISP}{name={\acronym{ISP}}, description={%
1400+ \acronym{ISP} stands for \emph{Internet Service Provider}, an \acronym{ISP} is a company that provides
1401+ you with your Internet connection.}}
1403+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1404+\newglossaryentry{kernel}{name={kernel}, description={%
1405+ A kernel is the central portion of a Unix-based operating system, responsible
1406+ for running applications, processes, and providing security for the core
1407+ components.}}
1409+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1410+\newglossaryentry{Live DVD}{name={Live \acronym{DVD}}, description={%
1411+ A Live \acronym{DVD} allows you to try out an operating system before you actually install it, this is useful
1412+ for testing your hardware, diagnosing problems and recovering your system.}}
1414+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1415+\newglossaryentry{LTS}{name={\acronym{LTS}}, description={%
1416+ \acronym{LTS} stands for long-term support and is a type of Ubuntu release that is officially supported for far longer than the standard releases.}}
1418+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1419+\newglossaryentry{maximize}{name={maximize}, description={%
1420+ When you maximize an application in Ubuntu it will fill the whole desktop, excluding the panels.}}
1422+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1423+\newglossaryentry{minimize}{name={minimize}, description={%
1424+ When you minimize an open application, the window will no longer be shown. If you click on a minimized
1425+ application's icon in the Launcher, it will be restored to its normal state and allow you to interact with it.}}
1427+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1428+\newglossaryentry{notification area}{name={notification area}, description={%
1429+ The notification area is an applet on the panel that provides you with all sorts of information
1430+ such as volume control, the current song playing in Rhythmbox, your Internet connection status and email status.}}
1432+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1433+\newglossaryentry{output}{name={output}, description={%
1434+ The output of a command is any text it displays on the next line after typing a command and pressing
1435+ enter, \eg, if you type \commandlineapp{pwd} into a terminal and press \keystroke{Enter}, the directory name it displays on the
1436+ next line is the output.}}
1438+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1439+\newglossaryentry{package}{name={package}, description={%
1440+ Packages contain software in a ready-to-install format. Most of the time you can use the \gls{Software Center} instead of manually installing packages. Packages have a \texttt{.deb} extension in Ubuntu.}}
1442+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1443+\newglossaryentry{panel}{name={panel}, description={%
1444+ A panel is a bar that sits on the edge of your screen. It contains
1445+ \glspl{applet} which provide useful functions such as running programs,
1446+ viewing the time, or accessing the main menu.}}
1448+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1449+\newglossaryentry{parameter}{name={parameter}, description={%
1450+ Parameters are special options that you can use with other commands in the terminal to make that
1451+ command behave differently, this can make a lot of commands far more useful.}}
1453+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1454+\newglossaryentry{partition}{name={partition}, description={%
1455+ A partition is an area of allocated space on a hard drive where you can put data.}}
1457+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1458+\newglossaryentry{partitioning}{name={partitioning}, description={%
1459+ Partitioning is the process of creating a \gls{partition}.}}
1461+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name", "description" and "plural"
1462+\newglossaryentry{PPA}{name={\acronym{PPA}}, description={%
1463+ A personal package archive (\acronym{PPA}) is a custom software repository
1464+ that typically contains either packages that aren't available in the primary
1465+ Ubuntu repositories or newer versions of packages that are available in the
1466+ primary repositories.}, plural={\acronym{PPA}s}}
1468+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1469+\newglossaryentry{prompt}{name={prompt}, description={%
1470+ The prompt displays some useful information about your computer. It can be customized
1471+ to display in different colors, display the time, date, and current directory
1472+ or almost anything else you like.}}
1474+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1475+\newglossaryentry{proprietary}{name={proprietary}, description={%
1476+ Software made by companies that don't release their source code under an open source license.}}
1478+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1479+\newglossaryentry{router}{name={router}, description={%
1480+ A router is a specially designed computer that, using its software and hardware, routes information from the
1481+ Internet to a network. It is also sometimes called a gateway.}}
1483+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1484+\newglossaryentry{server}{name={server}, description={%
1485+ A server is a computer that runs a specialized operating system and provides
1486+ services to computers that connect to it and make a request.}}
1488+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1489+\newglossaryentry{shell}{name={shell}, description={%
1490+ The \gls{terminal} gives access to the shell, when you type a command into the terminal and press enter
1491+ the shell takes that command and performs the relevant action.}}
1493+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1494+\newglossaryentry{Software Center}{name={Software Center}, description={%
1495+ The Software Center is where you can easily manage software installation and
1496+ removal as well as the ability to manage software installed via Personal Package Archives.}}
1498+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1499+\newglossaryentry{Synaptic Package Manager}{name={Synaptic Package Manager}, description={%
1500+ Synaptic Package Manager is a tool that, instead of listing applications (like the Software Center)
1501+ lists individual packages that can then be installed, removed and fixed.}}
1503+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1504+\newglossaryentry{terminal}{name={terminal}, description={%
1505+ The terminal is Ubuntu's text-based interface. It is a method of controlling
1506+ the operating system using only commands entered via the keyboard as opposed to using a \gls{GUI} like Unity.}}
1508+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1509+\newglossaryentry{USB}{name={\acronym{USB}}, description={%
1510+ Universal Serial Bus is a standard interface specification for connecting peripheral hardware devices to computers. \acronym{USB} devices range from external hard drives to scanners and printers.}}
1512+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1513+\newglossaryentry{wired connection}{name={wired connection}, description={%
1514+ A wired connection is when your computer is physically connected to a
1515+ \gls{router} or \gls{Ethernet port} with a cable. This is the most common
1516+ method of connecting to the Internet and local network for desktop
1517+ computers.}}
1519+%TRANSLATORS: Do not translate the keywords "name" and "description"
1520+\newglossaryentry{wireless connection}{name={wireless connection}, description={%
1521+ A network connection that uses a wireless signal to communicate with
1522+ either a \gls{router}, access point, or computer.}}
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1528@@ -0,0 +1,141 @@
1532+\credit{author}{(Hannie Dumoleyn)}{14.04}
1533+\credit{editor}{(Hannie Dumoleyn)}{14.04}
1540+Welcome to \emph{Getting Started with Ubuntu}, an introductory guide written to help new users get started with Ubuntu.
1542+Our goal is to cover the basics of Ubuntu (such as installation and working with the desktop) as well as hardware and software management, working with the command line, and security. We designed this guide to be simple to follow, with step-by-step instructions and plenty of screenshots, allowing you to discover the potential of your new Ubuntu system.
1544+Canonical releases new versions of Ubuntu every six months; every fourth release is a so-called long-term support (\gls{LTS}) version. Each Ubuntu release has a version number that consists of the year and month number of the release, and an alliterative code name using an adjective and an animal. Code names are in consecutive alphabetic order, allowing a quick determination of which release is newer. Ubuntu 14.04 (code-named Trusty Tahr) is considered a so called LTS version and is supported by Canonical with patches and upgrades for five years. The previous \acronym{LTS} version is Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), and has support for five years (until April 2017). Whenever a new version of Ubuntu is released, we will incorporate updates and changes into our guide, and make a new version available at \url{}.
1546+%Please bear in mind that this guide is still very much a work in progress and always will be. It is written specifically for Ubuntu 12.10, \marginnote{LTS is an abbreviation for ``Long Term Support.'' Ubuntu 12.10 is considered a maintenance release. A new LTS version is released every 2 years. Starting with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, both the Desktop version and the Server version will have five years support, meaning you get free security updates for at least five years.} and although we have aimed to not limit our instructions to this version, it is unavoidable that some things will change over the life of Ubuntu. Whenever a new version of Ubuntu is released, we will incorporate updates and changes into our guide, and make a new version available at \url{}.
1548+\emph{Getting Started with Ubuntu 14.04} is not intended to be a comprehensive Ubuntu instruction manual. It is a quick-start guide that will get you doing the things you need to do with your computer easily, without getting bogged down with technical details. With the help of this guide, it should not take long before new users get used to the Unity desktop environment. Unity includes the Launcher, the Dash, the \acronym{HUD}, indicators, and an on-screen display notification system (\acronym{OSD}). All these features will be explained in this guide.
1550+%enhancements to the Unity shell and \acronym{HUD}. \marginnote{HUD is an abbreviation for Heads-Up Display. It is a new concept, integrated into Unity as of Unity 5.2; it is still in development.} More about the Unity shell and what it means, and the \acronym{HUD}, can be found in \chaplink{ch:the-ubuntu-desktop}.
1552+For more detailed information on any aspect of the Ubuntu desktop, see the ``Ubuntu Desktop Guide,'' which can be obtained in any of the following ways:
1554+ \item in the Dash, type \userinput{help}.
1555+ \item in the indicator area, click \menu{Session indicator \then Ubuntu Help}.
1556+ \item go to \url{}, \menu{Ubuntu 14.04 \then Ubuntu Desktop Help}.
1559+There are also many excellent resources available on the Internet. For example, on \url{} you will find documentation on installing and using Ubuntu. At the Ubuntu Forums (\url{}) and Ask Ubuntu (\url{}), you will find answers to many Ubuntu-related questions.
1560+\marginnote{You can find more information about Ubuntu's online and system documentation in \chaplink{ch:learning-more}.}
1562+If something isn't covered in this manual, chances are you will find the information you are looking for in one of those locations. We will try our best to include links to more detailed help wherever we can.
1564+\section{Ubuntu Philosophy}
1565+\indexstart{Ubuntu!philosophy of}
1566+\index{Ubuntu!definition of}
1567+The term ``Ubuntu'' is a traditional African concept originating from the Bantu languages of southern Africa.
1568+\marginnote{People sometimes wonder how to pronounce \emph{Ubuntu}. Each \emph{u} is pronounced the same as in the word \emph{put} except for the last \emph{u} which is pronounced the same as in the word \emph{due}.}
1569+It can be described as a way of connecting with others\dash living in a global community where your actions affect all of humanity. Ubuntu is more than just an operating system: it is a community of people coming together voluntarily to collaborate on an international software project that aims to deliver the best possible user experience.
1570+\indexend{Ubuntu!philosophy of}
1572+\subsection{The Ubuntu Promise}
1573+\index{Ubuntu Promise}
1576+ \item Ubuntu will always be free of charge, along with its regular enterprise releases and security updates.
1577+ \item Ubuntu comes with full commercial support from \gls{Canonical} and hundreds of companies from across the world.
1578+ \item Ubuntu provides the best translations and accessibility features that the free software community has to offer.
1579+ \item Ubuntu's core applications are all free and open source. We want you to use free and open source software, improve it, and pass it on.
1583+\section{A brief history of Ubuntu}
1584+\indexstart{Ubuntu!history of}
1585+\index{Shuttleworth, Mark}
1586+Ubuntu was conceived in 2004 by Mark Shuttleworth, a successful South African entrepreneur, and his company \Index[Canonical]{\gls{Canonical}}. \marginnote{To learn more about Canonical, go to \url{}.} Shuttleworth recognized the power of Linux and open source, but was also aware of weaknesses that prevented mainstream use.
1588+Shuttleworth set out with clear intentions to address these weaknesses and create a system
1589+that was easy to use, completely free (see \chaplink{ch:learning-more} for the complete definition of ``free''), and could compete with other mainstream operating systems.
1590+With the \Index{Debian} system as a base, \marginnote{Debian is the Linux operating system that Ubuntu is based upon. For more information visit \url{}.} Shuttleworth began to build Ubuntu. Using his own funds at first, installation \acronym{CD}s were pressed and shipped worldwide at no cost to the recipients. Ubuntu spread quickly, its community grew rapidly, and soon Ubuntu became the most popular Linux \gls{distribution} available.
1592+With more people working on the project than ever before, its core features and hardware support continue to improve, and Ubuntu has gained the attention of large organizations worldwide.
1594+%One of \acronym{IBM}'s open source operating systems is based on Ubuntu. In 2005, the French Police began to transition their entire computer infrastructure to a variant of Ubuntu\dash a process which has reportedly saved them ``millions of euros'' in licensing fees for Microsoft Windows. By the end of 2012, the French Police anticipates that all of their computers will be running Ubuntu. \Index{Canonical} profits from this arrangement by providing technical support and custom-built software.
1596+\marginnote{For information on Ubuntu Server Edition, and how you can use it in your company, visit \url{}.}
1597+While large organizations often find it useful to pay for support services, Shuttleworth has promised that the Ubuntu desktop operating system will always be free. Ubuntu is installed on an estimated 2\% of the world's computers. This equates to tens of millions of users worldwide, and is growing each year. As there is no compulsory registration, the percentage of Ubuntu users should be treated as an estimate.
1598+\indexend{Ubuntu!history of}
1600+\subsection{What is Linux?}
1602+Ubuntu is built on the foundation of Linux, which is a member of the \Index{Unix} family. \Index{Unix} is one of the oldest types of operating systems, and together with Linux has provided reliability and security for professional applications for almost half a century. Many servers around the world that store data for popular websites (such as YouTube and Google) run some variant of Linux or \Index{Unix}. The popular Android system for smartphones is a Linux variant; modern in-car computers usually run on Linux. Even Apple \acronym{OS X} is based on Unix. The Linux \Index{kernel} is best described as the core\dash almost the brain\dash of the Ubuntu operating system.
1604+The Linux \Index{kernel} is the controller of the operating system; it is responsible for allocating memory and processor time. It can also be thought of as the program which manages any and all applications on the computer itself.
1606+While modern graphical \glspl{desktop environment} have generally replaced early command line interfaces, the command line can still be a quick and efficient way of performing many tasks. See \chaplink{ch:advanced-topics} for more information, and \chaplink{ch:the-ubuntu-desktop} to learn more about \acronym{GNOME} and other desktop environments.
1608+Linux was designed from the ground up with security and hardware compatibility in mind, and is currently one of the most popular \Index{Unix}-based operating systems. One of the benefits of Linux is that it is incredibly flexible and can be configured to run on almost any device\dash from the smallest micro-computers and cellphones to the largest super-computers.
1609+\Index{Unix} was entirely command line-based until graphical user interfaces (\glspl{GUI}) emerged in 1973 (in comparison, Apple came out with Mac \acronym{OS} ten years later, and Microsoft released Windows 1.0 in 1985).
1611+The early \acronym{GUI}s were difficult to configure, clunky, and generally only used by seasoned computer programmers. In the past decade, however, graphical user interfaces have grown in usability, reliability, and appearance. Ubuntu is one of many different Linux \emph{distributions}.
1612+\marginnote{To learn more about Linux distributions, see \chaplink{ch:learning-more}.}
1615+\section{Is Ubuntu right for you?}
1617+New users to Ubuntu may find that it takes some time to feel comfortable when trying a new operating system. You will no doubt notice many similarities to both Microsoft Windows and Apple \acronym{OS X} as well as some differences. Users coming from Apple \acronym{OS X} are more likely to notice similarities due to the fact that both Apple \acronym{OS X} and Ubuntu originated from \Index{Unix}. The Unity shell, which is the default in Ubuntu, is a completely new concept, which needs some exploring to get used to it. See \chaplink{ch:the-ubuntu-desktop} for more information about the Unity shell.
1619+Before you decide whether or not Ubuntu is right for you, we suggest giving yourself some time to grow accustomed to the way things are done in Ubuntu. You should expect to find that some things are different from what you are used to. We also suggest taking the following into account:
1622+ \item[Ubuntu is community based.] That is, Ubuntu is developed, written, and maintained by the community. Because of this, support is probably not available at your local computer store. Fortunately, the Ubuntu community is here to help. There are many articles, guides, and manuals available, as well as users on various Internet forums and Internet Relay Chat (\acronym{IRC}) rooms that are willing to assist beginners. Additionally, near the end of this guide, we include a troubleshooting chapter: \chaplink{ch:troubleshooting}.
1623+ \item[Many applications designed for Microsoft Windows or Apple \acronym{OS X} will not run on Ubuntu.] For the vast majority of everyday computing tasks, you will find suitable alternative applications available in Ubuntu. However, many professional applications (such as the Adobe Creative Suite) are not developed to work with Ubuntu. If you rely on commercial software that is not compatible with Ubuntu, yet still want to give Ubuntu a try, you may want to consider \gls{dual-booting}. \marginnote{To learn more about \gls{dual-booting} (running Ubuntu side-by-side with another operating system), see \chaplink{ch:installation}.} Alternatively, some applications developed for Windows will work in Ubuntu with a program called \application{Wine}. For more information on Wine, see \chaplink{ch:advanced-topics}.
1624+ \item[Many commercial games will not run on Ubuntu.] If you are a heavy gamer, then Ubuntu may not be for you. Game developers usually design games for the largest market. Since Ubuntu's market share is not as substantial as Microsoft's Windows or Apple's \acronym{OS X}, fewer game developers allocate resources towards making their games compatible with Linux. \marginnote{See \chaplink{ch:software-management} to learn more about \application{Ubuntu Software Center}.} If you just enjoy a game every now and then, there are many high quality games that can be easily installed through the \application{Ubuntu Software Center}. There are also a lot of games available at \url{}.
1627+\section{Contact details}
1629+Many people have contributed their time to this project. If you notice any errors or think we have left something out, feel free to contact us. We do everything we can to make sure that this manual is up to date, informative, and professional. Our contact details are as follows:
1632+ \item Website: \url{}
1633+ \item Reader feedback: \href{}{}
1634+ \item \acronym{IRC}: \#ubuntu-manual on \url{}
1635+ \item Bug Reports: \url{}
1636+ \item Mailing list: \href{}{}
1639+\section{About the team}
1641+Our project is an open-source, volunteer effort to create and maintain quality documentation for Ubuntu and its derivatives.
1643+\subsection{Want to help?}
1645+We are always looking for talented people to work with, and due to the size of the project we are fortunate to be able to cater to a wide range of skill sets:
1648+ \item Authors and editors
1649+ \item Programmers (Python or \TeX)
1650+ \item User interface designers
1651+ \item Icon and title page designers
1652+ \item Event organizers and ideas people
1653+ \item Testers
1654+ \item Web designers and developers
1655+ \item Translators and screenshotters
1656+ \item Bug reporters and triagers
1659+To find out how you can get started helping, please visit \url{}.
1661+\section{Conventions used in this book}
1663+The following typographic conventions are used in this book:
1666+ \item Button names, menu items, and other \acronym{GUI} elements are set in \textbf{boldfaced type}.
1667+ \item Menu sequences are sometimes typeset as \menu{File \then Save As\ldots}, which means, ``Choose the \menu{File} menu, then choose the \menu{Save As\ldots}.''
1668+ \item \texttt{Monospaced type} is used for text that you type into the computer, text that the computer outputs (as in a terminal), and keyboard shortcuts.
1671=== added file 'frontmatter/translated-macros.tex'
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1674@@ -0,0 +1,26 @@
1675+% Define translated macros
1677+% TRANSLATORS: define the abbreviation of ``id est'' (that is) for your language
1678+\newcommand{\ie}{\textit{i.\kern0.5pt e.}\xspace}
1680+% TRANSLATORS: define the abbreviation of ``exempli gratia'' (for example) for your language
1681+\newcommand{\eg}{\textit{e.\kern0.5pt g.}\xspace}
1683+\newcommand{\revisionnumbercaption}{Revision number}
1685+\newcommand{\revisiondatecaption}{Revision date}
1689+\newcommand{\commandlineappheadword}{command line}
1693+\newcommand{\titlepagecaption}{Title page}
1695+\newcommand{\project}{Ubuntu Manual Project}
1697+\newcommand{\backcover}{\plaintitle is a comprehensive beginner's guide designed for the Ubuntu operating system. It is written under an open source license and is free for you to download, read, modify, and share.
1699+This manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music, and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy-to-follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience.}
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1710+3 0 obj
1711+<< /Length 4 0 R
1712+ /Filter /FlateDecode
1720ñ}f£àò²ÔšPCê¬f=>’H/‹Ÿ˜|Q¦ wÂzr\"f¥ºpÍ>Pô·ñ
1722þ÷â–¶—žc2X‡…æn†Cà¡•ÌY<Ê)°�v팟 [í�’“6¬=b+
1724X`Ò+k3ÒÊ­õ�ZDI…¥4i°�Y:—Σp®a·�hš W(G­Â�ÅзÀ™
17269ŠÄ‚¼°£ûêlZ¦ JØӨ븮¦0å‘Š¾C`L\â"
1730+4 0 obj
1731+ 374
1733+2 0 obj
1735+ /ExtGState <<
1736+ /a0 << /CA 1 /ca 1 >>
1737+ >>
1740+5 0 obj
1741+<< /Type /Page
1742+ /Parent 1 0 R
1743+ /MediaBox [ 0 0 51.199833 51.200001 ]
1744+ /Contents 3 0 R
1745+ /Group <<
1746+ /Type /Group
1747+ /S /Transparency
1748+ /CS /DeviceRGB
1749+ >>
1750+ /Resources 2 0 R
1753+1 0 obj
1754+<< /Type /Pages
1755+ /Kids [ 5 0 R ]
1756+ /Count 1
1759+6 0 obj
1760+<< /Creator (cairo 1.10.2 (
1761+ /Producer (cairo 1.10.2 (
1764+7 0 obj
1765+<< /Type /Catalog
1766+ /Pages 1 0 R
1770+0 8
1771+0000000000 65535 f
1772+0000000772 00000 n
1773+0000000488 00000 n
1774+0000000015 00000 n
1775+0000000466 00000 n
1776+0000000560 00000 n
1777+0000000837 00000 n
1778+0000000964 00000 n
1780+<< /Size 8
1781+ /Root 7 0 R
1782+ /Info 6 0 R
1788=== added file 'graphics/advanced.svg'
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1791@@ -0,0 +1,9634 @@
1792+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
1793+<!-- Created with Inkscape ( -->
1796+ xmlns:dc=""
1797+ xmlns:cc=""
1798+ xmlns:rdf=""
1799+ xmlns:svg=""
1800+ xmlns=""
1801+ xmlns:xlink=""
1802+ xmlns:sodipodi=""
1803+ xmlns:inkscape=""
1804+ version="1.1"
1805+ width="63.99979"
1806+ height="64"
1807+ id="svg2"
1808+ style="display:inline"
1809+ inkscape:version=" r9886"
1810+ sodipodi:docname="advanced.svg">
1811+ <metadata
1812+ id="metadata13618">
1813+ <rdf:RDF>
1814+ <cc:Work
1815+ rdf:about="">
1816+ <dc:format>image/svg+xml</dc:format>
1817+ <dc:type
1818+ rdf:resource="" />
1819+ </cc:Work>
1820+ </rdf:RDF>
1821+ </metadata>
1822+ <sodipodi:namedview
1823+ pagecolor="#ffffff"
1824+ bordercolor="#666666"
1825+ borderopacity="1"
1826+ objecttolerance="10"
1827+ gridtolerance="10"
1828+ guidetolerance="10"
1829+ inkscape:pageopacity="0"
1830+ inkscape:pageshadow="2"
1831+ inkscape:window-width="1920"
1832+ inkscape:window-height="1176"
1833+ id="namedview13616"
1834+ showgrid="false"
1835+ inkscape:zoom="16.390625"
1836+ inkscape:cx="31.999895"
1837+ inkscape:cy="32"
1838+ inkscape:window-x="0"
1839+ inkscape:window-y="24"
1840+ inkscape:window-maximized="1"
1841+ inkscape:current-layer="svg2" />
1842+ <defs
1843+ id="defs4">
1844+ <linearGradient
1845+ x1="30.501778"
1846+ y1="55.647495"
1847+ x2="29.724815"
1848+ y2="24.653727"
1849+ id="linearGradient5751-9-0-1"
1850+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3156-09-8-41"
1851+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
1852+ gradientTransform="matrix(-0.16122333,-1.1106236,0.48911453,0.01703406,16.884779,54.287032)" />
1853+ <linearGradient
1854+ x1="28.220636"
1855+ y1="-2.3103411"
1856+ x2="28.290144"
1857+ y2="20.663898"
1858+ id="linearGradient5749-3-1-4"
1859+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3156-09-8-41"
1860+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
1861+ gradientTransform="matrix(-0.10011234,-1.1272581,0.69958168,-0.04025501,8.0615676,56.688705)" />
1862+ <linearGradient
1863+ x1="27.888655"
1864+ y1="-0.81503254"
1865+ x2="28.290144"
1866+ y2="20.663898"
1867+ id="linearGradient5747-9-0-8"
1868+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3156-09-8-41"
1869+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
1870+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.1327768,-0.00683616,0.00113117,0.74788888,-8.1157244,2.5316777)" />
1871+ <linearGradient
1872+ x1="24.335312"
1873+ y1="61.852856"
1874+ x2="28.290144"
1875+ y2="20.663898"
1876+ id="linearGradient5745-9-6-83"
1877+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3156-09-8-41"
1878+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
1879+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.0838952,-0.29323379,0.19667033,0.71909253,-11.434667,14.915721)" />
1880+ <radialGradient
1881+ cx="22.944935"
1882+ cy="11.222695"
1883+ r="14"
1884+ fx="22.944935"
1885+ fy="4.7612267"
1886+ id="radialGradient5537-9-7-1"
1887+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3156-09-8-41"
1888+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
1889+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.3668167,0.01028672,-0.00635863,0.84409573,-11.124413,1.1506129)" />
1890+ <linearGradient
1891+ id="linearGradient3156-09-8-41">
1892+ <stop
1893+ id="stop3158-0-1-2"
1894+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
1895+ offset="0" />
1896+ <stop
1897+ id="stop3160-7-0-0"
1898+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:0"
1899+ offset="1" />
1900+ </linearGradient>
1901+ <radialGradient
1902+ cx="22.125"
1903+ cy="10.874998"
1904+ r="20"
1905+ fx="22.125"
1906+ fy="10.874998"
1907+ id="radialGradient5540-1-9-81"
1908+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3156-09-8-41"
1909+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
1910+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.0172208,-0.11274503,0.05709322,0.51463135,-5.9752446,1.3385249)" />
1911+ <linearGradient
1912+ id="linearGradient6326-8-2-0">
1913+ <stop
1914+ id="stop6328-2-7-8"
1915+ style="stop-color:#da8813;stop-opacity:1"
1916+ offset="0" />
1917+ <stop
1918+ id="stop6330-36-7-2"
1919+ style="stop-color:#c56212;stop-opacity:1"
1920+ offset="1" />
1921+ </linearGradient>
1922+ <radialGradient
1923+ cx="26"
1924+ cy="15.240479"
1925+ r="15.074549"
1926+ fx="26"
1927+ fy="15.240479"
1928+ id="radialGradient6332-4-1-58"
1929+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6326-8-2-0"
1930+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
1931+ gradientTransform="matrix(2.2715987,0,-2.2013834e-8,2.0701959,-33.047382,-17.621087)" />
1932+ <linearGradient
1933+ id="linearGradient6493-0-4-8">
1934+ <stop
1935+ id="stop6495-2-0-3"
1936+ style="stop-color:#cd8033;stop-opacity:1"
1937+ offset="0" />
1938+ <stop
1939+ id="stop6497-0-3-5"
1940+ style="stop-color:#bb5e12;stop-opacity:1"
1941+ offset="1" />
1942+ </linearGradient>
1943+ <linearGradient
1944+ x1="29.01346"
1945+ y1="29"
1946+ x2="29.75"
1947+ y2="50"
1948+ id="linearGradient5553-6-1-9"
1949+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6493-0-4-8"
1950+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
1951+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.0071567,0,0,1.0066862,-5.2076778,-6.20403)" />
1952+ <linearGradient
1953+ id="linearGradient4103-0-3-9">
1954+ <stop
1955+ id="stop4105-0-5-8"
1956+ style="stop-color:#edd563;stop-opacity:1"
1957+ offset="0" />
1958+ <stop
1959+ id="stop4107-4-6-9"
1960+ style="stop-color:#e08223;stop-opacity:1"
1961+ offset="1" />
1962+ </linearGradient>
1963+ <radialGradient
1964+ cx="20.038782"
1965+ cy="12.610249"
1966+ r="22.463524"
1967+ fx="20.038782"
1968+ fy="12.610249"
1969+ id="radialGradient5551-2-4-6"
1970+ xlink:href="#linearGradient4103-0-3-9"
1971+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
1972+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.9664404,-0.05051693,0.03677073,1.4309868,-20.726283,-6.1123306)" />
1973+ <linearGradient
1974+ id="linearGradient8838-0-2-9">
1975+ <stop
1976+ id="stop8840-8-9-4"
1977+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:1"
1978+ offset="0" />
1979+ <stop
1980+ id="stop8842-1-7-4"
1981+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:0"
1982+ offset="1" />
1983+ </linearGradient>
1984+ <radialGradient
1985+ cx="62.625"
1986+ cy="4.625"
1987+ r="10.625"
1988+ fx="62.625"
1989+ fy="4.625"
1990+ id="radialGradient5729-1-2-6"
1991+ xlink:href="#linearGradient8838-0-2-9"
1992+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
1993+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.9400067,0,0,0.72429189,-98.030777,36.104869)" />
1994+ <radialGradient
1995+ cx="38.497398"
1996+ cy="29.631218"
1997+ r="2.0000007"
1998+ fx="38.497398"
1999+ fy="29.631218"
2000+ id="radialGradient6413-0-4"
2001+ xlink:href="#linearGradient7962-2-5"
2002+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2003+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.1447576,-0.06118252,0.2486949,4.6532139,-13.618723,-114.73828)" />
2004+ <radialGradient
2005+ cx="30.850952"
2006+ cy="34.828655"
2007+ r="1.9999996"
2008+ fx="30.850952"
2009+ fy="34.828655"
2010+ id="radialGradient6411-2-6"
2011+ xlink:href="#linearGradient7962-2-5"
2012+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2013+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.5745234,9.8904205e-7,-4.0201317e-6,2.3352493,13.1265,-50.557829)" />
2014+ <radialGradient
2015+ cx="22.585787"
2016+ cy="32.165943"
2017+ r="2"
2018+ fx="22.585787"
2019+ fy="32.165943"
2020+ id="radialGradient6409-6-6"
2021+ xlink:href="#linearGradient7962-2-5"
2022+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2023+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.1915243,0.03530131,-0.08791314,2.9673305,-1.8737728,-70.933986)" />
2024+ <linearGradient
2025+ id="linearGradient4103-772-865-112-606-2-2">
2026+ <stop
2027+ id="stop139214-2-6"
2028+ style="stop-color:#a7bce2;stop-opacity:1"
2029+ offset="0" />
2030+ <stop
2031+ id="stop139216-1-4"
2032+ style="stop-color:#5077b1;stop-opacity:1"
2033+ offset="1" />
2034+ </linearGradient>
2035+ <linearGradient
2036+ x1="45"
2037+ y1="24.999998"
2038+ x2="45"
2039+ y2="48"
2040+ id="linearGradient5582-1-3"
2041+ xlink:href="#linearGradient4103-772-865-112-606-2-2"
2042+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2043+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.0405053,0,0,1.0228406,-7.0855709,-6.2470288)" />
2044+ <linearGradient
2045+ id="linearGradient2264-9-1">
2046+ <stop
2047+ id="stop2266-5-6"
2048+ style="stop-color:#d7e866;stop-opacity:1"
2049+ offset="0" />
2050+ <stop
2051+ id="stop2268-74-0"
2052+ style="stop-color:#8cab2a;stop-opacity:1"
2053+ offset="1" />
2054+ </linearGradient>
2055+ <linearGradient
2056+ x1="37"
2057+ y1="35.000004"
2058+ x2="37"
2059+ y2="48"
2060+ id="linearGradient5585-1-0"
2061+ xlink:href="#linearGradient2264-9-1"
2062+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2063+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.0376474,0,0,1.0595053,-6.1297879,-7.9957859)" />
2064+ <linearGradient
2065+ id="linearGradient6482-4-6">
2066+ <stop
2067+ id="stop6484-9-3"
2068+ style="stop-color:#cd8033;stop-opacity:1"
2069+ offset="0" />
2070+ <stop
2071+ id="stop6486-4-2"
2072+ style="stop-color:#bb5e12;stop-opacity:1"
2073+ offset="1" />
2074+ </linearGradient>
2075+ <linearGradient
2076+ x1="27.944542"
2077+ y1="30"
2078+ x2="28.11091"
2079+ y2="48"
2080+ id="linearGradient5590-3-2"
2081+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6482-4-6"
2082+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2083+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.0517865,0,0,1.059457,-6.5018034,-7.9956548)" />
2084+ <linearGradient
2085+ id="linearGradient4103-1-7-5">
2086+ <stop
2087+ id="stop4105-4-2-5"
2088+ style="stop-color:#edd563;stop-opacity:1"
2089+ offset="0" />
2090+ <stop
2091+ id="stop4107-0-1-0"
2092+ style="stop-color:#e08223;stop-opacity:1"
2093+ offset="1" />
2094+ </linearGradient>
2095+ <linearGradient
2096+ x1="28.999998"
2097+ y1="30"
2098+ x2="28.999998"
2099+ y2="48"
2100+ id="linearGradient5588-2-7"
2101+ xlink:href="#linearGradient4103-1-7-5"
2102+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2103+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.0517865,0,0,1.059457,-6.5018034,-7.9956548)" />
2104+ <linearGradient
2105+ id="linearGradient5113-5-08">
2106+ <stop
2107+ id="stop5115-7-1"
2108+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
2109+ offset="0" />
2110+ <stop
2111+ id="stop5117-3-6"
2112+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:0"
2113+ offset="1" />
2114+ </linearGradient>
2115+ <radialGradient
2116+ cx="5.0848947"
2117+ cy="0.023987105"
2118+ r="20.000002"
2119+ fx="5.0848947"
2120+ fy="0.023987105"
2121+ id="radialGradient6407-0-1"
2122+ xlink:href="#linearGradient5113-5-08"
2123+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2124+ gradientTransform="matrix(1,0,0,0.775,0,4.1625014)" />
2125+ <linearGradient
2126+ id="linearGradient7962-2-5">
2127+ <stop
2128+ id="stop7964-4-73"
2129+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
2130+ offset="0" />
2131+ <stop
2132+ id="stop7966-5-2"
2133+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:0"
2134+ offset="1" />
2135+ </linearGradient>
2136+ <linearGradient
2137+ x1="29"
2138+ y1="7.9375"
2139+ x2="29"
2140+ y2="40.9375"
2141+ id="linearGradient5614-75-0"
2142+ xlink:href="#linearGradient7962-2-5"
2143+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2144+ gradientTransform="matrix(1,0,0,1.0200341,-5,-6.2404082)" />
2145+ <linearGradient
2146+ id="linearGradient6288-8-7">
2147+ <stop
2148+ id="stop6290-3-0"
2149+ style="stop-color:#969696;stop-opacity:1"
2150+ offset="0" />
2151+ <stop
2152+ id="stop6292-8-3"
2153+ style="stop-color:#bebebe;stop-opacity:1"
2154+ offset="1" />
2155+ </linearGradient>
2156+ <linearGradient
2157+ x1="48.850956"
2158+ y1="34.939339"
2159+ x2="9.4142141"
2160+ y2="9.4142122"
2161+ id="linearGradient5628-8-0"
2162+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6288-8-7"
2163+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2164+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.0071697,0,0,1.1876296,-5.2078986,-7.5158051)" />
2165+ <linearGradient
2166+ id="linearGradient6280-6-6">
2167+ <stop
2168+ id="stop6282-8-41"
2169+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
2170+ offset="0" />
2171+ <stop
2172+ id="stop6284-4-3"
2173+ style="stop-color:#dcdcdc;stop-opacity:1"
2174+ offset="1" />
2175+ </linearGradient>
2176+ <linearGradient
2177+ x1="9.4142141"
2178+ y1="9.4142122"
2179+ x2="48.850956"
2180+ y2="34.939339"
2181+ id="linearGradient5626-5-0"
2182+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6280-6-6"
2183+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2184+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.0071697,0,0,1.1876296,-5.2078986,-7.5158051)" />
2185+ <linearGradient
2186+ x1="25.058096"
2187+ y1="47.027729"
2188+ x2="25.058096"
2189+ y2="39.999443"
2190+ id="linearGradient6425-6-28"
2191+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3702-1-5"
2192+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2193+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.0051021,0,0,0.7142858,13.799922,24.642594)" />
2194+ <radialGradient
2195+ cx="4.9929786"
2196+ cy="43.5"
2197+ r="2.5"
2198+ fx="4.9929786"
2199+ fy="43.5"
2200+ id="radialGradient6423-5-7"
2201+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3688-9-4"
2202+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2203+ gradientTransform="matrix(2.0140075,0,0,1.0000001,-33.913894,-99.21403)" />
2204+ <radialGradient
2205+ cx="4.9929786"
2206+ cy="43.5"
2207+ r="2.5"
2208+ fx="4.9929786"
2209+ fy="43.5"
2210+ id="radialGradient6421-4-4"
2211+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3688-9-4"
2212+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2213+ gradientTransform="matrix(2.0140075,0,0,1.0000001,41.93085,12.214021)" />
2214+ <linearGradient
2215+ id="linearGradient3702-1-5">
2216+ <stop
2217+ id="stop3704-5-0"
2218+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:0"
2219+ offset="0" />
2220+ <stop
2221+ id="stop3710-8-1"
2222+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:1"
2223+ offset="0.5" />
2224+ <stop
2225+ id="stop3706-8-9"
2226+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:0"
2227+ offset="1" />
2228+ </linearGradient>
2229+ <linearGradient
2230+ x1="25.058096"
2231+ y1="47.027729"
2232+ x2="25.058096"
2233+ y2="39.999443"
2234+ id="linearGradient6419-7-1"
2235+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3702-1-5"
2236+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2237+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.1015037,0,0,1.142856,11.48629,5.9997877)" />
2238+ <radialGradient
2239+ cx="4.9929786"
2240+ cy="43.5"
2241+ r="2.5"
2242+ fx="4.9929786"
2243+ fy="43.5"
2244+ id="radialGradient6417-2-7"
2245+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3688-9-4"
2246+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2247+ gradientTransform="matrix(2.2071755,0,0,1.5999984,-33.529439,-125.31396)" />
2248+ <linearGradient
2249+ id="linearGradient3688-9-4">
2250+ <stop
2251+ id="stop3690-7-7"
2252+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:1"
2253+ offset="0" />
2254+ <stop
2255+ id="stop3692-6-1"
2256+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:0"
2257+ offset="1" />
2258+ </linearGradient>
2259+ <radialGradient
2260+ cx="4.9929786"
2261+ cy="43.5"
2262+ r="2.5"
2263+ fx="4.9929786"
2264+ fy="43.5"
2265+ id="radialGradient6415-7-38"
2266+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3688-9-4"
2267+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2268+ gradientTransform="matrix(2.2071755,0,0,1.5999984,42.315319,-13.885907)" />
2269+ <linearGradient
2270+ id="linearGradient6602-3-2-5">
2271+ <stop
2272+ id="stop6604-5-1-4"
2273+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
2274+ offset="0" />
2275+ <stop
2276+ id="stop6606-8-7-7"
2277+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:0"
2278+ offset="1" />
2279+ </linearGradient>
2280+ <linearGradient
2281+ x1="327.1875"
2282+ y1="77.875"
2283+ x2="327.1875"
2284+ y2="86.1875"
2285+ id="linearGradient4427-9-1"
2286+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6602-3-2-5"
2287+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2288+ gradientTransform="translate(-292,-27)" />
2289+ <radialGradient
2290+ cx="5.9687753"
2291+ cy="-0.64647216"
2292+ r="19.999998"
2293+ fx="5.9687753"
2294+ fy="-0.64647216"
2295+ id="radialGradient2992-6-2"
2296+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6602-8-8"
2297+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2298+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.9085306,-0.01048139,0.00330842,0.69841009,-1.1188459,10.059823)" />
2299+ <linearGradient
2300+ id="linearGradient6592-3-3">
2301+ <stop
2302+ id="stop6594-7-2"
2303+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:0.27450982"
2304+ offset="0" />
2305+ <stop
2306+ id="stop6596-0-5"
2307+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:0"
2308+ offset="1" />
2309+ </linearGradient>
2310+ <linearGradient
2311+ x1="12.9375"
2312+ y1="8.4375"
2313+ x2="15.25"
2314+ y2="19.8125"
2315+ id="linearGradient2995-0-7"
2316+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6592-3-3"
2317+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2318+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.1907193,0,0,1.3503848,3.4277403,1.9329937)" />
2319+ <linearGradient
2320+ id="linearGradient4574-9-8">
2321+ <stop
2322+ id="stop4576-8-54"
2323+ style="stop-color:#282828;stop-opacity:1"
2324+ offset="0" />
2325+ <stop
2326+ id="stop4578-8-4"
2327+ style="stop-color:#5a5c58;stop-opacity:1"
2328+ offset="1" />
2329+ </linearGradient>
2330+ <linearGradient
2331+ x1="316.86465"
2332+ y1="85.620255"
2333+ x2="319.38727"
2334+ y2="93.916313"
2335+ id="linearGradient3056-8-6"
2336+ xlink:href="#linearGradient4574-9-8"
2337+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2338+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.1428573,0,0,0.93704324,-333.71433,-28.522762)" />
2339+ <linearGradient
2340+ x1="145.43718"
2341+ y1="372.66776"
2342+ x2="145.43718"
2343+ y2="416.82895"
2344+ id="linearGradient4430-0-2"
2345+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6544-3-4"
2346+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2347+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.23107685,0,0,0.18490844,-1.6071628,-15.992308)" />
2348+ <radialGradient
2349+ cx="6.702713"
2350+ cy="73.615715"
2351+ r="7.228416"
2352+ fx="6.702713"
2353+ fy="73.615715"
2354+ id="radialGradient3063-9-3"
2355+ xlink:href="#linearGradient10691-6-7"
2356+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2357+ gradientTransform="matrix(4.1791082,-3.57729e-6,4.7438218e-7,0.20751435,3.9886053,45.223708)" />
2358+ <linearGradient
2359+ id="linearGradient6568-9-4">
2360+ <stop
2361+ id="stop6570-1-2"
2362+ style="stop-color:#430d0d;stop-opacity:1"
2363+ offset="0" />
2364+ <stop
2365+ id="stop6572-1-1"
2366+ style="stop-color:#643314;stop-opacity:1"
2367+ offset="1" />
2368+ </linearGradient>
2369+ <linearGradient
2370+ x1="24.875"
2371+ y1="29"
2372+ x2="24.999996"
2373+ y2="3.0000005"
2374+ id="linearGradient3068-6-22"
2375+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6568-9-4"
2376+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2377+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.195366,0,0,1.2793124,3.3162172,2.0395958)" />
2378+ <linearGradient
2379+ id="linearGradient6560-7-4">
2380+ <stop
2381+ id="stop6562-7-1"
2382+ style="stop-color:#a14c13;stop-opacity:1"
2383+ offset="0" />
2384+ <stop
2385+ id="stop6564-7-9"
2386+ style="stop-color:#6b0c0c;stop-opacity:1"
2387+ offset="1" />
2388+ </linearGradient>
2389+ <radialGradient
2390+ cx="12.244348"
2391+ cy="4.8630676"
2392+ r="20.999998"
2393+ fx="12.244348"
2394+ fy="4.8630676"
2395+ id="radialGradient3066-0-2"
2396+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6560-7-4"
2397+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2398+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.6532275,0.0228347,-0.0153928,1.2764574,-2.2151357,7.2015446)" />
2399+ <radialGradient
2400+ cx="0.99999994"
2401+ cy="5.5642838"
2402+ r="22.999998"
2403+ fx="0.99999994"
2404+ fy="5.5642838"
2405+ id="radialGradient3071-3-3"
2406+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6602-8-8"
2407+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2408+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.1777781,0,0,0.80959573,3.7333197,9.546483)" />
2409+ <linearGradient
2410+ id="linearGradient6544-3-4">
2411+ <stop
2412+ id="stop6546-8-73"
2413+ style="stop-color:#f0f0f0;stop-opacity:1"
2414+ offset="0" />
2415+ <stop
2416+ id="stop6548-2-1"
2417+ style="stop-color:#d2d2d2;stop-opacity:1"
2418+ offset="1" />
2419+ </linearGradient>
2420+ <linearGradient
2421+ x1="20.147005"
2422+ y1="-0.00049710274"
2423+ x2="20.103531"
2424+ y2="31.98299"
2425+ id="linearGradient3074-7-6"
2426+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6544-3-4"
2427+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2428+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.1721192,0,0,1.2270921,3.8688117,2.8668381)" />
2429+ <linearGradient
2430+ id="linearGradient6602-8-8">
2431+ <stop
2432+ id="stop6604-55-00"
2433+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
2434+ offset="0" />
2435+ <stop
2436+ id="stop6606-0-4"
2437+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:0"
2438+ offset="1" />
2439+ </linearGradient>
2440+ <radialGradient
2441+ cx="24.000004"
2442+ cy="38.641167"
2443+ r="7.9999971"
2444+ fx="24.000004"
2445+ fy="38.641167"
2446+ id="radialGradient3077-5-9"
2447+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6602-8-8"
2448+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2449+ gradientTransform="matrix(2.2859785,-3.1440359e-8,0,0.43815044,-22.903193,33.06937)" />
2450+ <linearGradient
2451+ id="linearGradient3215-3-2">
2452+ <stop
2453+ id="stop3217-7-6"
2454+ style="stop-color:#505050;stop-opacity:1"
2455+ offset="0" />
2456+ <stop
2457+ id="stop3219-8-4"
2458+ style="stop-color:#a0a0a0;stop-opacity:1"
2459+ offset="0.35046947" />
2460+ <stop
2461+ id="stop3221-2-07"
2462+ style="stop-color:#aaaaaa;stop-opacity:1"
2463+ offset="0.55130547" />
2464+ <stop
2465+ id="stop3223-1-6"
2466+ style="stop-color:#bebebe;stop-opacity:1"
2467+ offset="0.69074172" />
2468+ <stop
2469+ id="stop3225-0-8"
2470+ style="stop-color:#6e6e6e;stop-opacity:1"
2471+ offset="1" />
2472+ </linearGradient>
2473+ <linearGradient
2474+ x1="22.380917"
2475+ y1="29.027483"
2476+ x2="22.380917"
2477+ y2="38.126816"
2478+ id="linearGradient3082-8-5"
2479+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3215-3-2"
2480+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2481+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.2352706,0,0,1.0000006,2.3535127,12.000104)" />
2482+ <linearGradient
2483+ id="linearGradient3203-8-5">
2484+ <stop
2485+ id="stop3205-9-0"
2486+ style="stop-color:#787878;stop-opacity:1"
2487+ offset="0" />
2488+ <stop
2489+ id="stop3207-5-9"
2490+ style="stop-color:#bebebe;stop-opacity:1"
2491+ offset="0.35046947" />
2492+ <stop
2493+ id="stop3209-0-8"
2494+ style="stop-color:#c8c8c8;stop-opacity:1"
2495+ offset="0.55130541" />
2496+ <stop
2497+ id="stop3211-6-8"
2498+ style="stop-color:#e6e6e6;stop-opacity:1"
2499+ offset="0.68275177" />
2500+ <stop
2501+ id="stop3213-0-2"
2502+ style="stop-color:#8c8c8c;stop-opacity:1"
2503+ offset="1" />
2504+ </linearGradient>
2505+ <linearGradient
2506+ x1="320.03125"
2507+ y1="85.028099"
2508+ x2="320.03125"
2509+ y2="94.126122"
2510+ id="linearGradient3080-5-1"
2511+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3203-8-5"
2512+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2513+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.2308346,0,0,1.0001443,-361.90554,-44.012763)" />
2514+ <linearGradient
2515+ id="linearGradient10691-6-7">
2516+ <stop
2517+ id="stop10693-0-5"
2518+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:1"
2519+ offset="0" />
2520+ <stop
2521+ id="stop10695-2-6"
2522+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:0"
2523+ offset="1" />
2524+ </linearGradient>
2525+ <radialGradient
2526+ cx="6.702713"
2527+ cy="73.615715"
2528+ r="7.228416"
2529+ fx="6.702713"
2530+ fy="73.615715"
2531+ id="radialGradient3085-6-1"
2532+ xlink:href="#linearGradient10691-6-7"
2533+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2534+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.9368007,0,0,0.5533716,19.018182,8.2631533)" />
2535+ <radialGradient
2536+ cx="26.685698"
2537+ cy="30.945623"
2538+ r="26.269466"
2539+ fx="26.685698"
2540+ fy="30.945623"
2541+ id="radialGradient5732-4-9"
2542+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6280-7-0-64"
2543+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2544+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.17769793,-0.00637,0.0089809,0.24887626,0.17745713,5.7034187)" />
2545+ <linearGradient
2546+ id="linearGradient6280-7-0-64">
2547+ <stop
2548+ id="stop6282-1-0-15"
2549+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
2550+ offset="0" />
2551+ <stop
2552+ id="stop6284-5-3-46"
2553+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:0"
2554+ offset="1" />
2555+ </linearGradient>
2556+ <radialGradient
2557+ cx="100.62272"
2558+ cy="-22.827475"
2559+ r="116.21894"
2560+ fx="100.62272"
2561+ fy="-22.827475"
2562+ id="radialGradient5735-5-3"
2563+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6280-7-0-64"
2564+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2565+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.03946893,0.02613618,-0.1535948,0.23041466,10.465798,3.3370006)" />
2566+ <radialGradient
2567+ cx="222.54778"
2568+ cy="37.162521"
2569+ r="98.979599"
2570+ fx="222.54778"
2571+ fy="37.162521"
2572+ id="radialGradient5740-6-9"
2573+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6366-1-2"
2574+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2575+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.37053256,0.00441403,-0.003986,0.32924802,-42.589334,6.6955006)" />
2576+ <radialGradient
2577+ cx="214.58691"
2578+ cy="54.659813"
2579+ r="98.979599"
2580+ fx="214.58691"
2581+ fy="54.659813"
2582+ id="radialGradient5738-0-0"
2583+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6350-9-3"
2584+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2585+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.29562928,0.00393657,-0.00290024,0.21637703,-24.971418,9.2403636)" />
2586+ <linearGradient
2587+ id="linearGradient6366-1-2">
2588+ <stop
2589+ id="stop6368-6-6"
2590+ style="stop-color:#a11322;stop-opacity:1"
2591+ offset="0" />
2592+ <stop
2593+ id="stop6370-3-00"
2594+ style="stop-color:#8f111d;stop-opacity:1"
2595+ offset="1" />
2596+ </linearGradient>
2597+ <radialGradient
2598+ cx="-9.6878185"
2599+ cy="126.41776"
2600+ r="38.212933"
2601+ fx="-9.6878185"
2602+ fy="126.41776"
2603+ id="radialGradient5812-2-1"
2604+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6366-1-2"
2605+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2606+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.78239084,-0.01780478,0.0191878,0.83991744,47.231499,-102.04029)" />
2607+ <linearGradient
2608+ id="linearGradient6350-9-3">
2609+ <stop
2610+ id="stop6352-7-8"
2611+ style="stop-color:#de3a4d;stop-opacity:1"
2612+ offset="0" />
2613+ <stop
2614+ id="stop6354-2-7"
2615+ style="stop-color:#ab1d2c;stop-opacity:1"
2616+ offset="1" />
2617+ </linearGradient>
2618+ <radialGradient
2619+ cx="3.1382542"
2620+ cy="111.40629"
2621+ r="38.212933"
2622+ fx="3.1382542"
2623+ fy="111.40629"
2624+ id="radialGradient5810-7-72"
2625+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6350-9-3"
2626+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2627+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.34788588,-0.02844699,0.05558595,0.67541643,36.808914,-73.195116)" />
2628+ <radialGradient
2629+ cx="-14.709276"
2630+ cy="8.636549"
2631+ r="38.212933"
2632+ fx="-14.709276"
2633+ fy="8.636549"
2634+ id="radialGradient5808-4-3"
2635+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6306-2-8"
2636+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2637+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.52402967,-0.10487501,0.09044896,0.45213067,48.215266,28.831748)" />
2638+ <radialGradient
2639+ cx="29.733654"
2640+ cy="-5.1872625"
2641+ r="38.212933"
2642+ fx="29.733654"
2643+ fy="-5.1872625"
2644+ id="radialGradient5806-6-35"
2645+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6298-7-1"
2646+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2647+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.38695341,-0.10831488,0.10063317,0.35965703,33.110935,35.829104)" />
2648+ <linearGradient
2649+ id="linearGradient6306-2-8">
2650+ <stop
2651+ id="stop6308-7-4"
2652+ style="stop-color:#ce965e;stop-opacity:1"
2653+ offset="0" />
2654+ <stop
2655+ id="stop6310-3-8"
2656+ style="stop-color:#c4702c;stop-opacity:1"
2657+ offset="1" />
2658+ </linearGradient>
2659+ <radialGradient
2660+ cx="107.54063"
2661+ cy="24.407963"
2662+ r="40.459671"
2663+ fx="107.54063"
2664+ fy="24.407963"
2665+ id="radialGradient5747-9-1"
2666+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6306-2-8"
2667+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2668+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.69328433,-0.07010897,0.07779099,0.75399363,-57.180924,-5.9752592)" />
2669+ <linearGradient
2670+ id="linearGradient6298-7-1">
2671+ <stop
2672+ id="stop6300-8-4"
2673+ style="stop-color:#ebd87e;stop-opacity:1"
2674+ offset="0" />
2675+ <stop
2676+ id="stop6302-5-3"
2677+ style="stop-color:#dd974f;stop-opacity:1"
2678+ offset="1" />
2679+ </linearGradient>
2680+ <radialGradient
2681+ cx="100.24318"
2682+ cy="23.93508"
2683+ r="40.459671"
2684+ fx="100.24318"
2685+ fy="23.93508"
2686+ id="radialGradient5745-5-6"
2687+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6298-7-1"
2688+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2689+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.73687377,0.01272793,-0.01472353,0.84291543,-55.537737,-16.79765)" />
2690+ <radialGradient
2691+ cx="123.96817"
2692+ cy="-59.268753"
2693+ r="98.979599"
2694+ fx="123.96817"
2695+ fy="-59.268753"
2696+ id="radialGradient5752-6-4"
2697+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6332-7-5"
2698+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2699+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.37039691,0.00689566,-0.00561669,0.29254348,-23.748995,13.751904)" />
2700+ <radialGradient
2701+ cx="114.31566"
2702+ cy="-47.051155"
2703+ r="98.979599"
2704+ fx="114.31566"
2705+ fy="-47.051155"
2706+ id="radialGradient5750-1-3"
2707+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6316-4-9"
2708+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2709+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.42040425,0.01013775,-0.00766674,0.31023859,-27.805553,12.117092)" />
2710+ <linearGradient
2711+ id="linearGradient6332-7-5">
2712+ <stop
2713+ id="stop6334-2-6"
2714+ style="stop-color:#db6b29;stop-opacity:1"
2715+ offset="0" />
2716+ <stop
2717+ id="stop6336-4-0"
2718+ style="stop-color:#bd591f;stop-opacity:1"
2719+ offset="1" />
2720+ </linearGradient>
2721+ <radialGradient
2722+ cx="108.15224"
2723+ cy="-16.941803"
2724+ r="38.212933"
2725+ fx="108.15224"
2726+ fy="-16.941803"
2727+ id="radialGradient5804-1-3"
2728+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6332-7-5"
2729+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2730+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.85735205,-0.00662059,0.00609612,0.79354477,-74.230069,20.224426)" />
2731+ <linearGradient
2732+ id="linearGradient6316-4-9">
2733+ <stop
2734+ id="stop6318-2-3"
2735+ style="stop-color:#f4bd9d;stop-opacity:1"
2736+ offset="0" />
2737+ <stop
2738+ id="stop6320-2-4"
2739+ style="stop-color:#dc6b28;stop-opacity:1"
2740+ offset="1" />
2741+ </linearGradient>
2742+ <radialGradient
2743+ cx="117.90971"
2744+ cy="-25.948687"
2745+ r="38.212933"
2746+ fx="117.90971"
2747+ fy="-25.948687"
2748+ id="radialGradient5802-5-4"
2749+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6316-4-9"
2750+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2751+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.81721188,-0.01703069,0.01566074,0.74414981,-76.026145,25.971252)" />
2752+ <linearGradient
2753+ id="linearGradient7067-7-8">
2754+ <stop
2755+ id="stop7069-5-9"
2756+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
2757+ offset="0" />
2758+ <stop
2759+ id="stop7071-6-8"
2760+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:0"
2761+ offset="1" />
2762+ </linearGradient>
2763+ <radialGradient
2764+ cx="17.058823"
2765+ cy="41.058823"
2766+ r="5.7384715"
2767+ fx="14.68769"
2768+ fy="37.45607"
2769+ id="radialGradient7717-1-1"
2770+ xlink:href="#linearGradient7067-7-8"
2771+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2772+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.2747297,-0.2281502,0.04475583,1.2129404,6.8450053,-9.0833171)" />
2773+ <linearGradient
2774+ x1="28.503141"
2775+ y1="137.53885"
2776+ x2="26.256771"
2777+ y2="125.39074"
2778+ id="linearGradient7715-3-5"
2779+ xlink:href="#linearGradient2372-3-1"
2780+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2781+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.42941417,0,0,0.4313585,25.285894,-55.532489)" />
2782+ <linearGradient
2783+ id="linearGradient3668-1-8">
2784+ <stop
2785+ id="stop3670-3-9"
2786+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
2787+ offset="0" />
2788+ <stop
2789+ id="stop3672-0-3"
2790+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:0"
2791+ offset="1" />
2792+ </linearGradient>
2793+ <radialGradient
2794+ cx="17.058823"
2795+ cy="41.058823"
2796+ r="5.7384715"
2797+ fx="14.757765"
2798+ fy="37.841019"
2799+ id="radialGradient7713-1-5"
2800+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3668-1-8"
2801+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2802+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.3421883,-0.21762564,0.02929579,1.254575,29.700731,-16.636667)" />
2803+ <linearGradient
2804+ id="linearGradient2372-3-1">
2805+ <stop
2806+ id="stop2374-7-4"
2807+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
2808+ offset="0" />
2809+ <stop
2810+ id="stop2376-4-3"
2811+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:0.34482759"
2812+ offset="1" />
2813+ </linearGradient>
2814+ <linearGradient
2815+ x1="28.739122"
2816+ y1="144.11652"
2817+ x2="26.256771"
2818+ y2="125.39074"
2819+ id="linearGradient7711-1-3"
2820+ xlink:href="#linearGradient2372-3-1"
2821+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2822+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.59269694,0,0,0.4313585,45.147714,-61.096144)" />
2823+ <radialGradient
2824+ cx="605.71429"
2825+ cy="486.64789"
2826+ r="117.14286"
2827+ fx="605.71429"
2828+ fy="486.64789"
2829+ id="radialGradient7709-0-5"
2830+ xlink:href="#linearGradient5060-64-8"
2831+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2832+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.06347256,0,0,0.03092255,0.1028605,15.310242)" />
2833+ <linearGradient
2834+ id="linearGradient3461-9-0">
2835+ <stop
2836+ id="stop3463-0-2"
2837+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
2838+ offset="0" />
2839+ <stop
2840+ id="stop3465-4-9"
2841+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:0"
2842+ offset="1" />
2843+ </linearGradient>
2844+ <linearGradient
2845+ x1="16.722891"
2846+ y1="3"
2847+ x2="16.722891"
2848+ y2="35.055153"
2849+ id="linearGradient7707-0-6"
2850+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3461-9-0"
2851+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2852+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.3701966,0,0,1.3295215,-1.5587428,-16.075828)" />
2853+ <linearGradient
2854+ x1="33"
2855+ y1="36.014702"
2856+ x2="33"
2857+ y2="2"
2858+ id="linearGradient7705-5-8"
2859+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3582-1-6"
2860+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2861+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.3990333,0,0,1.3352369,-2.9709939,-15.819324)" />
2862+ <radialGradient
2863+ cx="33.966679"
2864+ cy="35.736916"
2865+ r="86.70845"
2866+ fx="33.966679"
2867+ fy="35.736916"
2868+ id="radialGradient7703-1-5"
2869+ xlink:href="#linearGradient259-7-04"
2870+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2871+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.116419,0,0,1.1200933,-5.718322,-16.394884)" />
2872+ <linearGradient
2873+ id="linearGradient3582-1-6">
2874+ <stop
2875+ id="stop3584-2-7"
2876+ style="stop-color:#333333;stop-opacity:1"
2877+ offset="0" />
2878+ <stop
2879+ id="stop3586-2-4"
2880+ style="stop-color:#5a5a5a;stop-opacity:1"
2881+ offset="1" />
2882+ </linearGradient>
2883+ <linearGradient
2884+ x1="6"
2885+ y1="36"
2886+ x2="6"
2887+ y2="1.9852973"
2888+ id="linearGradient7701-7-6"
2889+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3582-1-6"
2890+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2891+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.404284,0,0,1.3336046,-1.3077889,-15.843148)" />
2892+ <linearGradient
2893+ id="linearGradient259-7-04">
2894+ <stop
2895+ id="stop260-7-2"
2896+ style="stop-color:#828282;stop-opacity:1"
2897+ offset="0" />
2898+ <stop
2899+ id="stop261-3-0"
2900+ style="stop-color:#434343;stop-opacity:1"
2901+ offset="1" />
2902+ </linearGradient>
2903+ <radialGradient
2904+ cx="33.966679"
2905+ cy="35.736916"
2906+ r="86.70845"
2907+ fx="33.966679"
2908+ fy="35.736916"
2909+ id="radialGradient7699-6-2"
2910+ xlink:href="#linearGradient259-7-04"
2911+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2912+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.1205352,0,0,1.1194426,-4.0646807,-16.41992)" />
2913+ <linearGradient
2914+ id="linearGradient6691-834-817-863-732-188-4-5">
2915+ <stop
2916+ id="stop11899-8-5"
2917+ style="stop-color:#ab6c33;stop-opacity:1"
2918+ offset="0" />
2919+ <stop
2920+ id="stop11901-9-8"
2921+ style="stop-color:#cfc16c;stop-opacity:1"
2922+ offset="1" />
2923+ </linearGradient>
2924+ <linearGradient
2925+ x1="12.248152"
2926+ y1="34.992569"
2927+ x2="12.248152"
2928+ y2="1.9999406"
2929+ id="linearGradient7697-1-1"
2930+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6691-834-817-863-732-188-4-5"
2931+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2932+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.33,0,0,1.33,-0.908835,-15.720232)" />
2933+ <linearGradient
2934+ id="linearGradient3522-760-763-461-713-284-8-5">
2935+ <stop
2936+ id="stop11893-9-2"
2937+ style="stop-color:#dfd28f;stop-opacity:1"
2938+ offset="0" />
2939+ <stop
2940+ id="stop11895-3-3"
2941+ style="stop-color:#c88237;stop-opacity:1"
2942+ offset="1" />
2943+ </linearGradient>
2944+ <linearGradient
2945+ x1="12.872127"
2946+ y1="5.0561161"
2947+ x2="12.872127"
2948+ y2="18.911581"
2949+ id="linearGradient7695-0-8"
2950+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3522-760-763-461-713-284-8-5"
2951+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2952+ gradientTransform="matrix(2.1898961,0,0,2.0689713,-3.9024744,-14.366824)" />
2953+ <linearGradient
2954+ id="linearGradient5060-64-8">
2955+ <stop
2956+ id="stop5062-9-24"
2957+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:1"
2958+ offset="0" />
2959+ <stop
2960+ id="stop5064-9-6"
2961+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:0"
2962+ offset="1" />
2963+ </linearGradient>
2964+ <radialGradient
2965+ cx="605.71429"
2966+ cy="486.64789"
2967+ r="117.14286"
2968+ fx="605.71429"
2969+ fy="486.64789"
2970+ id="radialGradient7693-0-7"
2971+ xlink:href="#linearGradient5060-64-8"
2972+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2973+ gradientTransform="matrix(-0.06347256,0,0,0.03092255,45.959477,15.310242)" />
2974+ <linearGradient
2975+ id="linearGradient5048-52-1">
2976+ <stop
2977+ id="stop5050-1-2"
2978+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:0"
2979+ offset="0" />
2980+ <stop
2981+ id="stop5056-9-9"
2982+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:1"
2983+ offset="0.5" />
2984+ <stop
2985+ id="stop5052-96-1"
2986+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:0"
2987+ offset="1" />
2988+ </linearGradient>
2989+ <linearGradient
2990+ x1="302.85715"
2991+ y1="366.64789"
2992+ x2="302.85715"
2993+ y2="609.50507"
2994+ id="linearGradient7691-8-4"
2995+ xlink:href="#linearGradient5048-52-1"
2996+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
2997+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.06347256,0,0,0.03092255,0.090369,15.310242)" />
2998+ <radialGradient
2999+ cx="90.583038"
3000+ cy="82.641899"
3001+ r="15.472204"
3002+ fx="90.583038"
3003+ fy="82.641899"
3004+ id="radialGradient3050-6-3"
3005+ xlink:href="#linearGradient9779-1-3"
3006+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3007+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.29754732,0,0,0.16128268,-13.469506,-3.5152674)" />
3008+ <linearGradient
3009+ id="linearGradient9843-6-4">
3010+ <stop
3011+ id="stop9845-7-09"
3012+ style="stop-color:#bfbfbf;stop-opacity:1"
3013+ offset="0" />
3014+ <stop
3015+ id="stop9865-0-2"
3016+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:1"
3017+ offset="0.30804455" />
3018+ <stop
3019+ id="stop9859-4-1"
3020+ style="stop-color:#f5f5f5;stop-opacity:1"
3021+ offset="0.3509562" />
3022+ <stop
3023+ id="stop9861-8-5"
3024+ style="stop-color:#3b3b3b;stop-opacity:1"
3025+ offset="0.44290981" />
3026+ <stop
3027+ id="stop9867-4-67"
3028+ style="stop-color:#8d8d8d;stop-opacity:1"
3029+ offset="0.50114709" />
3030+ <stop
3031+ id="stop9863-8-0"
3032+ style="stop-color:#343434;stop-opacity:1"
3033+ offset="0.66666353" />
3034+ <stop
3035+ id="stop9847-1-2"
3036+ style="stop-color:#8f8f8f;stop-opacity:1"
3037+ offset="1" />
3038+ </linearGradient>
3039+ <linearGradient
3040+ x1="59.3125"
3041+ y1="103"
3042+ x2="100.09394"
3043+ y2="103"
3044+ id="linearGradient3053-8-5"
3045+ xlink:href="#linearGradient9843-6-4"
3046+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3047+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.24548578,0,0,0.23755123,-9.5302297,-10.200498)" />
3048+ <linearGradient
3049+ id="linearGradient9875-3-3">
3050+ <stop
3051+ id="stop9877-7-0"
3052+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
3053+ offset="0" />
3054+ <stop
3055+ id="stop9879-9-45"
3056+ style="stop-color:#d9d9d9;stop-opacity:1"
3057+ offset="1" />
3058+ </linearGradient>
3059+ <radialGradient
3060+ cx="79.6875"
3061+ cy="95.123672"
3062+ r="6.9375"
3063+ fx="79.6875"
3064+ fy="95.123672"
3065+ id="radialGradient3056-3-4"
3066+ xlink:href="#linearGradient9875-3-3"
3067+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3068+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.22336994,-3.3694404e-8,1.4743538e-8,0.09152307,-7.7678754,4.4180562)" />
3069+ <radialGradient
3070+ cx="79.5625"
3071+ cy="74.846786"
3072+ r="14.9375"
3073+ fx="79.5625"
3074+ fy="74.846786"
3075+ id="radialGradient3059-3-5"
3076+ xlink:href="#linearGradient5060-93-1-0"
3077+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3078+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.58033248,3.4399012e-7,-5.1563976e-8,0.08699159,-36.171467,3.1319533)" />
3079+ <radialGradient
3080+ cx="79"
3081+ cy="87.75"
3082+ r="15"
3083+ fx="79"
3084+ fy="87.75"
3085+ id="radialGradient3062-1-4"
3086+ xlink:href="#linearGradient9739-6-4"
3087+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3088+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.24548578,0,0,0.11877561,-9.356645,0.41550977)" />
3089+ <linearGradient
3090+ id="linearGradient9739-6-4">
3091+ <stop
3092+ id="stop9741-9-6"
3093+ style="stop-color:#eeeeec;stop-opacity:1"
3094+ offset="0" />
3095+ <stop
3096+ id="stop9743-8-41"
3097+ style="stop-color:#cdcdcd;stop-opacity:1"
3098+ offset="1" />
3099+ </linearGradient>
3100+ <radialGradient
3101+ cx="77.988358"
3102+ cy="99.142876"
3103+ r="15"
3104+ fx="77.988358"
3105+ fy="99.142876"
3106+ id="radialGradient3065-1-0"
3107+ xlink:href="#linearGradient9739-6-4"
3108+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3109+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.33365872,0,0,0.19026408,-16.322308,-5.6268577)" />
3110+ <linearGradient
3111+ id="linearGradient10946-7-8">
3112+ <stop
3113+ id="stop10948-5-3"
3114+ style="stop-color:#999a97;stop-opacity:1"
3115+ offset="0" />
3116+ <stop
3117+ id="stop10950-7-8"
3118+ style="stop-color:#999a97;stop-opacity:0"
3119+ offset="1" />
3120+ </linearGradient>
3121+ <radialGradient
3122+ cx="330.57812"
3123+ cy="72.53125"
3124+ r="2.515625"
3125+ fx="330.57812"
3126+ fy="72.53125"
3127+ id="radialGradient3077-6-1-5"
3128+ xlink:href="#linearGradient10946-7-8"
3129+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3130+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.9556232,3.5591342e-6,-4.964576e-6,1.952553,-616.68745,-118.12252)" />
3131+ <radialGradient
3132+ cx="190.75"
3133+ cy="86.375"
3134+ r="27.625"
3135+ fx="190.75"
3136+ fy="86.375"
3137+ id="radialGradient3080-5-9"
3138+ xlink:href="#linearGradient9779-1-3"
3139+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3140+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.75695679,0,0,0.16202564,-116.17902,-3.57116)" />
3141+ <radialGradient
3142+ cx="33.5"
3143+ cy="164.25"
3144+ r="1"
3145+ fx="33.5"
3146+ fy="164.25"
3147+ id="radialGradient3083-4-9"
3148+ xlink:href="#linearGradient9779-1-3"
3149+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3150+ gradientTransform="matrix(7.2499992,-9.2263174e-5,0.001125,12.040344,-287.55969,-1953.2441)" />
3151+ <radialGradient
3152+ cx="33.5"
3153+ cy="164.25"
3154+ r="1"
3155+ fx="33.5"
3156+ fy="164.25"
3157+ id="radialGradient3086-2-1"
3158+ xlink:href="#linearGradient9779-1-3"
3159+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3160+ gradientTransform="matrix(7.2499973,-9.2263174e-5,0.001125,12.040344,-246.55966,-1953.2441)" />
3161+ <linearGradient
3162+ id="linearGradient10695-3-63">
3163+ <stop
3164+ id="stop10697-4-4"
3165+ style="stop-color:#0052cb;stop-opacity:1"
3166+ offset="0" />
3167+ <stop
3168+ id="stop10699-2-3"
3169+ style="stop-color:#204a87;stop-opacity:0"
3170+ offset="1" />
3171+ </linearGradient>
3172+ <radialGradient
3173+ cx="171.25"
3174+ cy="188.5"
3175+ r="19"
3176+ fx="171.25"
3177+ fy="188.5"
3178+ id="radialGradient4081-8-4"
3179+ xlink:href="#linearGradient10695-3-63"
3180+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3181+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.263432,0,0,1.263432,-45.112728,-49.65693)" />
3182+ <clipPath
3183+ id="clipPath10731-3-1">
3184+ <path
3185+ d="m 225.55424,397.96981 35.5064,0 c 0.13661,0 0.24657,0.11972 0.24657,0.2685 4.1015,9.60683 2.90618,22.29519 0,28.98217 0,0.14878 -0.10994,0.26851 -0.24657,0.26851 l -35.5064,0 c -0.13659,0 -0.24656,-0.11973 -0.24656,-0.26851 -4.14573,-8.19397 -4.08078,-21.3758 0,-28.98217 0,-0.14878 0.10994,-0.2685 0.24656,-0.2685 z"
3186+ id="path10733-1-6"
3187+ style="color:#000000;fill:#000000;fill-opacity:1;fill-rule:nonzero;stroke:none;stroke-width:1;marker:none;visibility:visible;display:inline;overflow:visible;enable-background:new" />
3188+ </clipPath>
3189+ <linearGradient
3190+ id="linearGradient11547-9-4">
3191+ <stop
3192+ id="stop11549-2-4"
3193+ style="stop-color:#c17d11;stop-opacity:1"
3194+ offset="0" />
3195+ <stop
3196+ id="stop11551-2-5"
3197+ style="stop-color:#eda32c;stop-opacity:1"
3198+ offset="1" />
3199+ </linearGradient>
3200+ <linearGradient
3201+ x1="234.87195"
3202+ y1="232.28003"
3203+ x2="250.50002"
3204+ y2="232.28003"
3205+ id="linearGradient3976-8-30"
3206+ xlink:href="#linearGradient11547-9-4"
3207+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3208+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.194105,0,0,0.19196225,-5.623372,-8.0892303)" />
3209+ <linearGradient
3210+ id="linearGradient11017-4-3">
3211+ <stop
3212+ id="stop11019-3-7"
3213+ style="stop-color:#67767d;stop-opacity:1"
3214+ offset="0" />
3215+ <stop
3216+ id="stop11025-8-4"
3217+ style="stop-color:#eef0f1;stop-opacity:1"
3218+ offset="0.17504421" />
3219+ <stop
3220+ id="stop11027-6-8"
3221+ style="stop-color:#f1f3f4;stop-opacity:1"
3222+ offset="0.825611" />
3223+ <stop
3224+ id="stop11021-0-2"
3225+ style="stop-color:#89939d;stop-opacity:1"
3226+ offset="1" />
3227+ </linearGradient>
3228+ <linearGradient
3229+ x1="157.06261"
3230+ y1="215.46954"
3231+ x2="202.40768"
3232+ y2="215.46954"
3233+ id="linearGradient3102-4-1"
3234+ xlink:href="#linearGradient11017-4-3"
3235+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3236+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.21847683,0,0,0.24329614,-9.1585904,-22.317675)" />
3237+ <linearGradient
3238+ x1="175.10832"
3239+ y1="230.26801"
3240+ x2="284.31732"
3241+ y2="160.23564"
3242+ id="linearGradient3106-2-48"
3243+ xlink:href="#linearGradient9396-0-7"
3244+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3245+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.15384612,0,0,0.14814812,0.46148326,2.5923686)" />
3246+ <linearGradient
3247+ id="linearGradient11463-4-1">
3248+ <stop
3249+ id="stop11465-2-5"
3250+ style="stop-color:#202121;stop-opacity:1"
3251+ offset="0" />
3252+ <stop
3253+ id="stop11467-5-1"
3254+ style="stop-color:#667377;stop-opacity:1"
3255+ offset="1" />
3256+ </linearGradient>
3257+ <linearGradient
3258+ x1="169.89281"
3259+ y1="138.41975"
3260+ x2="160.06364"
3261+ y2="173.93089"
3262+ id="linearGradient3111-7-2"
3263+ xlink:href="#linearGradient11463-4-1"
3264+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3265+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.17429797,0,0,0.18004955,-1.6111376,-4.8495213)" />
3266+ <linearGradient
3267+ id="linearGradient9517-7-3-2">
3268+ <stop
3269+ id="stop9519-6-4-7"
3270+ style="stop-color:#ababab;stop-opacity:1"
3271+ offset="0" />
3272+ <stop
3273+ id="stop9525-3-9-3"
3274+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
3275+ offset="0.36250788" />
3276+ <stop
3277+ id="stop9521-8-2-3"
3278+ style="stop-color:#52544e;stop-opacity:1"
3279+ offset="1" />
3280+ </linearGradient>
3281+ <linearGradient
3282+ x1="140"
3283+ y1="185"
3284+ x2="244"
3285+ y2="185"
3286+ id="linearGradient3109-0-4"
3287+ xlink:href="#linearGradient9517-7-3-2"
3288+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3289+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.18655604,0,0,0.20359262,-3.4868684,-12.882826)" />
3290+ <linearGradient
3291+ id="linearGradient9396-0-7">
3292+ <stop
3293+ id="stop9398-3-9"
3294+ style="stop-color:#cfcfcf;stop-opacity:1"
3295+ offset="0" />
3296+ <stop
3297+ id="stop9408-2-6"
3298+ style="stop-color:#dfdfdf;stop-opacity:1"
3299+ offset="0.17611465" />
3300+ <stop
3301+ id="stop9410-8-2"
3302+ style="stop-color:#b3b3b3;stop-opacity:1"
3303+ offset="0.26417196" />
3304+ <stop
3305+ id="stop9412-0-78"
3306+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
3307+ offset="0.36967784" />
3308+ <stop
3309+ id="stop9404-3-7"
3310+ style="stop-color:#f0f0f0;stop-opacity:1"
3311+ offset="0.47518376" />
3312+ <stop
3313+ id="stop9406-7-6"
3314+ style="stop-color:#999999;stop-opacity:1"
3315+ offset="0.75" />
3316+ <stop
3317+ id="stop9400-0-5"
3318+ style="stop-color:#d9d9d9;stop-opacity:1"
3319+ offset="1" />
3320+ </linearGradient>
3321+ <linearGradient
3322+ x1="181.95502"
3323+ y1="224.42067"
3324+ x2="249.37886"
3325+ y2="185"
3326+ id="linearGradient3114-4-5"
3327+ xlink:href="#linearGradient9396-0-7"
3328+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3329+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.2307692,0,0,0.21373718,-14.307746,-13.083417)" />
3330+ <filter
3331+ x="-0.028216554"
3332+ y="-0.11459376"
3333+ width="1.0564331"
3334+ height="1.2291875"
3335+ color-interpolation-filters="sRGB"
3336+ id="filter9723-2-0">
3337+ <feGaussianBlur
3338+ id="feGaussianBlur9725-7-9"
3339+ stdDeviation="0.14622642" />
3340+ </filter>
3341+ <clipPath
3342+ id="clipPath9796-0-8">
3343+ <rect
3344+ width="17.918524"
3345+ height="6.3775067"
3346+ rx="3.1887534"
3347+ ry="3.1887534"
3348+ x="111.29594"
3349+ y="89.936249"
3350+ id="rect9798-4-0"
3351+ style="color:#000000;fill:url(#linearGradient9800);fill-opacity:1;fill-rule:nonzero;stroke:none;stroke-width:1;marker:none;visibility:visible;display:inline;overflow:visible;enable-background:new" />
3352+ </clipPath>
3353+ <radialGradient
3354+ cx="117.125"
3355+ cy="93.125"
3356+ r="0.875"
3357+ fx="117.125"
3358+ fy="93.125"
3359+ id="radialGradient4099-1-23"
3360+ xlink:href="#linearGradient9650-2-0"
3361+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse" />
3362+ <linearGradient
3363+ id="linearGradient9650-2-0">
3364+ <stop
3365+ id="stop9652-6-89"
3366+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
3367+ offset="0" />
3368+ <stop
3369+ id="stop9654-9-73"
3370+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:0"
3371+ offset="1" />
3372+ </linearGradient>
3373+ <radialGradient
3374+ cx="117.125"
3375+ cy="93.125"
3376+ r="0.875"
3377+ fx="117.125"
3378+ fy="93.125"
3379+ id="radialGradient4097-2-3"
3380+ xlink:href="#linearGradient9650-2-0"
3381+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse" />
3382+ <linearGradient
3383+ id="linearGradient9727-6-4">
3384+ <stop
3385+ id="stop9729-1-5"
3386+ style="stop-color:#bfbfbf;stop-opacity:1"
3387+ offset="0" />
3388+ <stop
3389+ id="stop9731-5-2"
3390+ style="stop-color:#6e6e6e;stop-opacity:1"
3391+ offset="0.10442464" />
3392+ <stop
3393+ id="stop9734-0-9"
3394+ style="stop-color:#f5f5f5;stop-opacity:1"
3395+ offset="0.3509562" />
3396+ <stop
3397+ id="stop9736-6-9"
3398+ style="stop-color:#3b3b3b;stop-opacity:1"
3399+ offset="0.44290981" />
3400+ <stop
3401+ id="stop9738-5-2"
3402+ style="stop-color:#8d8d8d;stop-opacity:1"
3403+ offset="0.50114709" />
3404+ <stop
3405+ id="stop9740-0-6"
3406+ style="stop-color:#343434;stop-opacity:1"
3407+ offset="0.62146091" />
3408+ <stop
3409+ id="stop9752-8-2"
3410+ style="stop-color:#c0c0c0;stop-opacity:1"
3411+ offset="0.77172673" />
3412+ <stop
3413+ id="stop9742-1-9"
3414+ style="stop-color:#505050;stop-opacity:1"
3415+ offset="1" />
3416+ </linearGradient>
3417+ <linearGradient
3418+ x1="111.76712"
3419+ y1="92.842941"
3420+ x2="125.59375"
3421+ y2="92.842941"
3422+ id="linearGradient4095-7-5"
3423+ xlink:href="#linearGradient9727-6-4"
3424+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3425+ gradientTransform="matrix(1,0,0,0.89694,-0.5,10.850451)" />
3426+ <linearGradient
3427+ x1="124.13738"
3428+ y1="91.8125"
3429+ x2="129.21875"
3430+ y2="91.8125"
3431+ id="linearGradient4125-3-7"
3432+ xlink:href="#linearGradient9760-5-0"
3433+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3434+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.37570854,0,0,0.37156103,-24.809374,-22.790487)" />
3435+ <linearGradient
3436+ id="linearGradient9786-0-7">
3437+ <stop
3438+ id="stop9788-7-1"
3439+ style="stop-color:#949494;stop-opacity:1"
3440+ offset="0" />
3441+ <stop
3442+ id="stop9790-6-3"
3443+ style="stop-color:#f1f1f1;stop-opacity:1"
3444+ offset="1" />
3445+ </linearGradient>
3446+ <linearGradient
3447+ x1="126.42094"
3448+ y1="92.375"
3449+ x2="126.33946"
3450+ y2="95.25"
3451+ id="linearGradient4128-9-5"
3452+ xlink:href="#linearGradient9786-0-7"
3453+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3454+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.37570854,0,0,0.37156103,-24.809374,-22.790487)" />
3455+ <linearGradient
3456+ x1="146.06564"
3457+ y1="116.32009"
3458+ x2="146.06564"
3459+ y2="102.51517"
3460+ id="linearGradient3129-9-1"
3461+ xlink:href="#linearGradient9779-1-3"
3462+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3463+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.1865861,0,0,0.18452635,-3.4433155,-5.9291733)" />
3464+ <radialGradient
3465+ cx="160.5"
3466+ cy="246.5"
3467+ r="88.5"
3468+ fx="160.5"
3469+ fy="246.5"
3470+ id="radialGradient3132-5-50"
3471+ xlink:href="#linearGradient9779-1-3"
3472+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3473+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.1865861,0,0,0.09039547,-3.4433155,17.217283)" />
3474+ <linearGradient
3475+ id="linearGradient11056-3-6">
3476+ <stop
3477+ id="stop11058-5-1"
3478+ style="stop-color:#222222;stop-opacity:1"
3479+ offset="0" />
3480+ <stop
3481+ id="stop11060-6-5"
3482+ style="stop-color:#222222;stop-opacity:0"
3483+ offset="1" />
3484+ </linearGradient>
3485+ <linearGradient
3486+ x1="311.12067"
3487+ y1="57.490234"
3488+ x2="311.12067"
3489+ y2="62.195351"
3490+ id="linearGradient3136-8-55"
3491+ xlink:href="#linearGradient11056-3-6"
3492+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3493+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.057058,0,0,0.96969688,-318.33218,-46.560829)" />
3494+ <linearGradient
3495+ id="linearGradient9779-1-3">
3496+ <stop
3497+ id="stop9781-5-3"
3498+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
3499+ offset="0" />
3500+ <stop
3501+ id="stop9783-0-4"
3502+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:0"
3503+ offset="1" />
3504+ </linearGradient>
3505+ <linearGradient
3506+ x1="163.25"
3507+ y1="107.25"
3508+ x2="163.25"
3509+ y2="91.75"
3510+ id="linearGradient3140-4-6"
3511+ xlink:href="#linearGradient9779-1-3"
3512+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3513+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.18366294,0,0,0.18452635,-3.0054934,-5.9291733)" />
3514+ <linearGradient
3515+ id="linearGradient11071-5-6">
3516+ <stop
3517+ id="stop11073-9-8"
3518+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
3519+ offset="0" />
3520+ <stop
3521+ id="stop11075-3-6"
3522+ style="stop-color:#060606;stop-opacity:1"
3523+ offset="1" />
3524+ </linearGradient>
3525+ <linearGradient
3526+ x1="188.80269"
3527+ y1="135.56474"
3528+ x2="188.80269"
3529+ y2="207.77724"
3530+ id="linearGradient3144-3-5"
3531+ xlink:href="#linearGradient11071-5-6"
3532+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3533+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.2495727,0,0,0.23148144,-17.940235,-16.324297)" />
3534+ <radialGradient
3535+ cx="146.25"
3536+ cy="95.75"
3537+ r="112.25"
3538+ fx="146.25"
3539+ fy="95.75"
3540+ id="radialGradient3147-1-7"
3541+ xlink:href="#linearGradient5060-93-1-0"
3542+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3543+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.49576219,-1.0895321e-7,0,0.01109624,-48.660318,10.676775)" />
3544+ <linearGradient
3545+ id="linearGradient10169-0-5">
3546+ <stop
3547+ id="stop10171-8-3"
3548+ style="stop-color:#8f8f8f;stop-opacity:1"
3549+ offset="0" />
3550+ <stop
3551+ id="stop10177-0-8"
3552+ style="stop-color:#5f5f5f;stop-opacity:1"
3553+ offset="0.08803241" />
3554+ <stop
3555+ id="stop10179-4-4"
3556+ style="stop-color:#616161;stop-opacity:1"
3557+ offset="0.92655754" />
3558+ <stop
3559+ id="stop10173-1-3"
3560+ style="stop-color:#9e9e9e;stop-opacity:1"
3561+ offset="1" />
3562+ </linearGradient>
3563+ <linearGradient
3564+ x1="2.4999447"
3565+ y1="23.163511"
3566+ x2="46.128834"
3567+ y2="23.163511"
3568+ id="linearGradient3152-5-7"
3569+ xlink:href="#linearGradient10169-0-5"
3570+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3571+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.0087057,0,0,1.0098038,-0.52606122,2.1094037)" />
3572+ <linearGradient
3573+ id="linearGradient9127-7-0">
3574+ <stop
3575+ id="stop9129-6-39"
3576+ style="stop-color:#f0f0f0;stop-opacity:1"
3577+ offset="0" />
3578+ <stop
3579+ id="stop9131-3-6"
3580+ style="stop-color:#a9a9a9;stop-opacity:1"
3581+ offset="1" />
3582+ </linearGradient>
3583+ <radialGradient
3584+ cx="171.85692"
3585+ cy="163.66652"
3586+ r="106.11422"
3587+ fx="171.85692"
3588+ fy="163.66652"
3589+ id="radialGradient3150-8-7"
3590+ xlink:href="#linearGradient9127-7-0"
3591+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3592+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.30765066,-0.08287532,0.11538807,0.42573117,-43.469729,-28.313535)" />
3593+ <linearGradient
3594+ id="linearGradient9760-5-0">
3595+ <stop
3596+ id="stop9762-1-5"
3597+ style="stop-color:#555555;stop-opacity:1"
3598+ offset="0" />
3599+ <stop
3600+ id="stop9764-0-8"
3601+ style="stop-color:#242424;stop-opacity:1"
3602+ offset="1" />
3603+ </linearGradient>
3604+ <linearGradient
3605+ x1="163.5"
3606+ y1="87.5"
3607+ x2="163.5"
3608+ y2="83"
3609+ id="linearGradient3155-8-5"
3610+ xlink:href="#linearGradient9760-5-0"
3611+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3612+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.1865861,0,0,0.20210538,-3.4433155,-7.7749728)" />
3613+ <radialGradient
3614+ cx="605.71429"
3615+ cy="486.64789"
3616+ r="117.14286"
3617+ fx="605.71429"
3618+ fy="486.64789"
3619+ id="radialGradient8272-3-67"
3620+ xlink:href="#linearGradient5060-93-1-0"
3621+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3622+ gradientTransform="matrix(-2.774389,0,0,1.969706,112.7623,-872.8854)" />
3623+ <linearGradient
3624+ id="linearGradient5060-93-1-0">
3625+ <stop
3626+ id="stop5062-2-3-5"
3627+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:1"
3628+ offset="0" />
3629+ <stop
3630+ id="stop5064-8-3-8"
3631+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:0"
3632+ offset="1" />
3633+ </linearGradient>
3634+ <radialGradient
3635+ cx="605.71429"
3636+ cy="486.64789"
3637+ r="117.14286"
3638+ fx="605.71429"
3639+ fy="486.64789"
3640+ id="radialGradient8270-7-02"
3641+ xlink:href="#linearGradient5060-93-1-0"
3642+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3643+ gradientTransform="matrix(2.774389,0,0,1.969706,-1891.633,-872.8854)" />
3644+ <linearGradient
3645+ id="linearGradient5048-5-4-1">
3646+ <stop
3647+ id="stop5050-89-7-9"
3648+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:0"
3649+ offset="0" />
3650+ <stop
3651+ id="stop5056-0-6-84"
3652+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:1"
3653+ offset="0.5" />
3654+ <stop
3655+ id="stop5052-9-5-58"
3656+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:0"
3657+ offset="1" />
3658+ </linearGradient>
3659+ <linearGradient
3660+ x1="302.85715"
3661+ y1="366.64789"
3662+ x2="302.85715"
3663+ y2="609.50507"
3664+ id="linearGradient8268-2-2"
3665+ xlink:href="#linearGradient5048-5-4-1"
3666+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3667+ gradientTransform="matrix(2.774389,0,0,1.969706,-1892.179,-872.8854)" />
3668+ <radialGradient
3669+ cx="34.828457"
3670+ cy="65.617027"
3671+ r="42.271381"
3672+ fx="34.828457"
3673+ fy="65.617027"
3674+ id="radialGradient2909-0-0"
3675+ xlink:href="#linearGradient4342-1-8"
3676+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3677+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.1481826,0.01025688,-0.00894678,0.1326541,2.7080247,-1.8757458)" />
3678+ <linearGradient
3679+ x1="20.252666"
3680+ y1="40.522579"
3681+ x2="5.5249739"
3682+ y2="11.734877"
3683+ id="linearGradient2907-9-7"
3684+ xlink:href="#linearGradient4157-401-4-1"
3685+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3686+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.3333929,0,0,0.3359124,2.9801845,-1.4923359)" />
3687+ <linearGradient
3688+ x1="0.63340867"
3689+ y1="3.0903029"
3690+ x2="79.104187"
3691+ y2="170.28906"
3692+ id="linearGradient2899-8-8"
3693+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3997-8-3"
3694+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3695+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.34850896,0,7.7096971e-8,0.30256174,16.747763,5.1581836)" />
3696+ <radialGradient
3697+ cx="605.71429"
3698+ cy="486.64789"
3699+ r="117.14286"
3700+ fx="605.71429"
3701+ fy="486.64789"
3702+ id="radialGradient2959-5-9"
3703+ xlink:href="#linearGradient5060-820-6-6"
3704+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3705+ gradientTransform="matrix(-0.03212956,0,0,0.03705882,23.363215,25.412461)" />
3706+ <radialGradient
3707+ cx="605.71429"
3708+ cy="486.64789"
3709+ r="117.14286"
3710+ fx="605.71429"
3711+ fy="486.64789"
3712+ id="radialGradient2957-2-8"
3713+ xlink:href="#linearGradient5060-179-7-4"
3714+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3715+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.03212956,0,0,0.03705882,25.337002,25.412461)" />
3716+ <linearGradient
3717+ x1="302.85715"
3718+ y1="366.64789"
3719+ x2="302.85715"
3720+ y2="609.50507"
3721+ id="linearGradient2955-7-7"
3722+ xlink:href="#linearGradient5048-585-8-76"
3723+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3724+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.08429052,0,0,0.03705882,-6.1148626,25.412461)" />
3725+ <radialGradient
3726+ cx="34.828457"
3727+ cy="65.617027"
3728+ r="42.271381"
3729+ fx="34.828457"
3730+ fy="65.617027"
3731+ id="radialGradient2876-9-5"
3732+ xlink:href="#linearGradient4342-1-8"
3733+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3734+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.1481826,0.01025688,-0.00894678,0.1326541,2.7080247,-1.8757458)" />
3735+ <linearGradient
3736+ x1="20.252666"
3737+ y1="40.522579"
3738+ x2="5.5249739"
3739+ y2="11.734877"
3740+ id="linearGradient2874-3-4"
3741+ xlink:href="#linearGradient4157-401-4-1"
3742+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3743+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.3333929,0,0,0.3359124,2.9801845,-1.4923359)" />
3744+ <linearGradient
3745+ x1="0.63340867"
3746+ y1="3.0903029"
3747+ x2="79.104187"
3748+ y2="170.28906"
3749+ id="linearGradient2872-4-4"
3750+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3997-8-3"
3751+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3752+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.34850896,0,7.7096971e-8,0.30256174,16.747763,5.1581836)" />
3753+ <radialGradient
3754+ cx="34.828457"
3755+ cy="65.617027"
3756+ r="42.271381"
3757+ fx="34.828457"
3758+ fy="65.617027"
3759+ id="radialGradient8646-4-0"
3760+ xlink:href="#linearGradient4342-1-8"
3761+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3762+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.1481826,0.01025688,-0.00894678,0.1326541,2.7080247,-1.8757458)" />
3763+ <linearGradient
3764+ x1="20.252666"
3765+ y1="40.522579"
3766+ x2="5.5249739"
3767+ y2="11.734877"
3768+ id="linearGradient8644-3-3"
3769+ xlink:href="#linearGradient4157-401-4-1"
3770+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3771+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.3333929,0,0,0.3359124,2.9801845,-1.4923359)" />
3772+ <linearGradient
3773+ x1="0.63340867"
3774+ y1="3.0903029"
3775+ x2="79.104187"
3776+ y2="170.28906"
3777+ id="linearGradient8642-3-2"
3778+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3997-8-3"
3779+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3780+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.34850896,0,7.7096971e-8,0.30256174,16.747763,5.1581836)" />
3781+ <linearGradient
3782+ id="linearGradient5060-820-6-6">
3783+ <stop
3784+ id="stop2681-3-3"
3785+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:1"
3786+ offset="0" />
3787+ <stop
3788+ id="stop2683-6-7"
3789+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:0"
3790+ offset="1" />
3791+ </linearGradient>
3792+ <radialGradient
3793+ cx="605.71429"
3794+ cy="486.64789"
3795+ r="117.14286"
3796+ fx="605.71429"
3797+ fy="486.64789"
3798+ id="radialGradient8640-4-2"
3799+ xlink:href="#linearGradient5060-820-6-6"
3800+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3801+ gradientTransform="matrix(-0.03212956,0,0,0.03705882,23.363215,25.412461)" />
3802+ <linearGradient
3803+ id="linearGradient5060-179-7-4">
3804+ <stop
3805+ id="stop2675-0-1"
3806+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:1"
3807+ offset="0" />
3808+ <stop
3809+ id="stop2677-3-5"
3810+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:0"
3811+ offset="1" />
3812+ </linearGradient>
3813+ <radialGradient
3814+ cx="605.71429"
3815+ cy="486.64789"
3816+ r="117.14286"
3817+ fx="605.71429"
3818+ fy="486.64789"
3819+ id="radialGradient8638-2-6"
3820+ xlink:href="#linearGradient5060-179-7-4"
3821+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3822+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.03212956,0,0,0.03705882,25.337002,25.412461)" />
3823+ <linearGradient
3824+ id="linearGradient5048-585-8-76">
3825+ <stop
3826+ id="stop2667-5-6"
3827+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:0"
3828+ offset="0" />
3829+ <stop
3830+ id="stop2669-2-2"
3831+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:1"
3832+ offset="0.5" />
3833+ <stop
3834+ id="stop2671-2-3"
3835+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:0"
3836+ offset="1" />
3837+ </linearGradient>
3838+ <linearGradient
3839+ x1="302.85715"
3840+ y1="366.64789"
3841+ x2="302.85715"
3842+ y2="609.50507"
3843+ id="linearGradient8636-3-4"
3844+ xlink:href="#linearGradient5048-585-8-76"
3845+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3846+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.08429052,0,0,0.03705882,-6.1148626,25.412461)" />
3847+ <linearGradient
3848+ id="linearGradient4342-1-8">
3849+ <stop
3850+ id="stop4344-5-1"
3851+ style="stop-color:#6e8d5d;stop-opacity:1"
3852+ offset="0" />
3853+ <stop
3854+ id="stop4350-5-2"
3855+ style="stop-color:#a2ac34;stop-opacity:0.49803922"
3856+ offset="0.5" />
3857+ <stop
3858+ id="stop4352-4-2"
3859+ style="stop-color:#cbbd40;stop-opacity:0.24705882"
3860+ offset="0.75" />
3861+ <stop
3862+ id="stop4354-9-86"
3863+ style="stop-color:#dbc146;stop-opacity:0.12156863"
3864+ offset="0.875" />
3865+ <stop
3866+ id="stop4346-8-3"
3867+ style="stop-color:#ff480f;stop-opacity:0.13265306"
3868+ offset="1" />
3869+ </linearGradient>
3870+ <radialGradient
3871+ cx="34.828457"
3872+ cy="65.617027"
3873+ r="42.271381"
3874+ fx="34.828457"
3875+ fy="65.617027"
3876+ id="radialGradient8634-4-0"
3877+ xlink:href="#linearGradient4342-1-8"
3878+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3879+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.1481826,0.01025688,-0.00894678,0.1326541,2.7080247,-1.8757458)" />
3880+ <linearGradient
3881+ id="linearGradient4157-401-4-1">
3882+ <stop
3883+ id="stop3688-1-2"
3884+ style="stop-color:#262626;stop-opacity:1"
3885+ offset="0" />
3886+ <stop
3887+ id="stop3690-5-5-2"
3888+ style="stop-color:#828282;stop-opacity:1"
3889+ offset="1" />
3890+ </linearGradient>
3891+ <linearGradient
3892+ x1="20.252666"
3893+ y1="40.522579"
3894+ x2="5.5249739"
3895+ y2="11.734877"
3896+ id="linearGradient8632-9-3"
3897+ xlink:href="#linearGradient4157-401-4-1"
3898+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3899+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.3333929,0,0,0.3359124,2.9801845,-1.4923359)" />
3900+ <linearGradient
3901+ id="linearGradient3997-8-3">
3902+ <stop
3903+ id="stop3999-5-9"
3904+ style="stop-color:#f3f7fa;stop-opacity:1"
3905+ offset="0" />
3906+ <stop
3907+ id="stop4001-3-1"
3908+ style="stop-color:#fdfeff;stop-opacity:1"
3909+ offset="1" />
3910+ </linearGradient>
3911+ <linearGradient
3912+ x1="0.63340867"
3913+ y1="3.0903029"
3914+ x2="79.104187"
3915+ y2="170.28906"
3916+ id="linearGradient8630-0-0"
3917+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3997-8-3"
3918+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3919+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.34850896,0,7.7096971e-8,0.30256174,16.747763,5.1581836)" />
3920+ <linearGradient
3921+ x1="304.76227"
3922+ y1="64.295265"
3923+ x2="335.30014"
3924+ y2="81.926315"
3925+ id="linearGradient2907-1-0"
3926+ xlink:href="#linearGradient4434-4-0"
3927+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3928+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.7375861,0,0,1.7280045,-513.7616,-84.831838)" />
3929+ <linearGradient
3930+ id="linearGradient4434-4-0">
3931+ <stop
3932+ id="stop4436-0-5"
3933+ style="stop-color:#d3d7cf;stop-opacity:1"
3934+ offset="0" />
3935+ <stop
3936+ id="stop4438-3-5"
3937+ style="stop-color:#babdb6;stop-opacity:1"
3938+ offset="0.18303643" />
3939+ <stop
3940+ id="stop4440-5-7"
3941+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
3942+ offset="0.31893486" />
3943+ <stop
3944+ id="stop4442-8-0"
3945+ style="stop-color:#babdb6;stop-opacity:1"
3946+ offset="0.87643671" />
3947+ <stop
3948+ id="stop4444-5-3"
3949+ style="stop-color:#eeeeec;stop-opacity:1"
3950+ offset="1" />
3951+ </linearGradient>
3952+ <linearGradient
3953+ x1="324.49731"
3954+ y1="70.282364"
3955+ x2="330.06076"
3956+ y2="99.273735"
3957+ id="linearGradient2909-2-8"
3958+ xlink:href="#linearGradient7444-0-6"
3959+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3960+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.7375861,0,0,1.7280045,-513.7616,-84.831838)" />
3961+ <linearGradient
3962+ id="linearGradient7444-0-6">
3963+ <stop
3964+ id="stop7446-9-9"
3965+ style="stop-color:#888a85;stop-opacity:1"
3966+ offset="0" />
3967+ <stop
3968+ id="stop7448-9-1"
3969+ style="stop-color:#555753;stop-opacity:1"
3970+ offset="1" />
3971+ </linearGradient>
3972+ <linearGradient
3973+ x1="302.29202"
3974+ y1="58.442768"
3975+ x2="308.64914"
3976+ y2="60.767513"
3977+ id="linearGradient4734-0"
3978+ xlink:href="#linearGradient7381-8-0"
3979+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
3980+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.7375861,0,0,1.7280045,-513.76158,-84.831838)" />
3981+ <linearGradient
3982+ id="linearGradient7381-8-0">
3983+ <stop
3984+ id="stop7383-0-5"
3985+ style="stop-color:#babdb6;stop-opacity:1"
3986+ offset="0" />
3987+ <stop
3988+ id="stop7385-2-8"
3989+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
3990+ offset="1" />
3991+ </linearGradient>
3992+ <linearGradient
3993+ x1="326.60196"
3994+ y1="75.575363"
3995+ x2="317.16116"
3996+ y2="88.006248"
3997+ id="linearGradient2919-5"
3998+ xlink:href="#linearGradient7421-7"
3999+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4000+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.7375861,0,0,1.7280045,-513.7616,-84.831838)" />
4001+ <linearGradient
4002+ id="linearGradient7421-7">
4003+ <stop
4004+ id="stop7423-9"
4005+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
4006+ offset="0" />
4007+ <stop
4008+ id="stop7425-6"
4009+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:0"
4010+ offset="1" />
4011+ </linearGradient>
4012+ <radialGradient
4013+ cx="21.96048"
4014+ cy="34.498356"
4015+ r="12.727922"
4016+ fx="21.96048"
4017+ fy="34.498356"
4018+ id="radialGradient2921-9"
4019+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6221-1-6"
4020+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4021+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.57921646,0,0,0.23985607,-4.2360356,49.350923)" />
4022+ <linearGradient
4023+ id="linearGradient6221-1-6">
4024+ <stop
4025+ id="stop6223-3-2"
4026+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:1"
4027+ offset="0" />
4028+ <stop
4029+ id="stop6225-6-8"
4030+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:0"
4031+ offset="1" />
4032+ </linearGradient>
4033+ <radialGradient
4034+ cx="21.96048"
4035+ cy="34.498356"
4036+ r="12.727922"
4037+ fx="21.96048"
4038+ fy="34.498356"
4039+ id="radialGradient2918-8"
4040+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6221-1-6"
4041+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4042+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.22664963,0,0,0.09057394,3.1478431,54.912123)" />
4043+ <radialGradient
4044+ cx="21.96048"
4045+ cy="34.498356"
4046+ r="12.727922"
4047+ fx="21.96048"
4048+ fy="34.498356"
4049+ id="radialGradient2915-4"
4050+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6221-1-6"
4051+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4052+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.77228861,0,0,0.23991807,34.966619,48.770022)" />
4053+ <radialGradient
4054+ cx="21.96048"
4055+ cy="34.498356"
4056+ r="12.727922"
4057+ fx="21.96048"
4058+ fy="34.498356"
4059+ id="radialGradient2912-3"
4060+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6221-1-6"
4061+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4062+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.31593616,0,0,0.0905974,45.342154,54.290776)" />
4063+ <linearGradient
4064+ x1="97.442131"
4065+ y1="35.152435"
4066+ x2="90.220802"
4067+ y2="35.079365"
4068+ id="linearGradient4668-2"
4069+ xlink:href="#linearGradient4956-5-6"
4070+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4071+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.0384492,-1.0359846,0.90827961,0.90612387,-89.936039,104.18094)" />
4072+ <linearGradient
4073+ id="linearGradient4956-5-6">
4074+ <stop
4075+ id="stop4958-3-8"
4076+ style="stop-color:#f8b17e;stop-opacity:1"
4077+ offset="0" />
4078+ <stop
4079+ id="stop4960-7-2"
4080+ style="stop-color:#e35d4f;stop-opacity:1"
4081+ offset="0.26238" />
4082+ <stop
4083+ id="stop4962-6-1"
4084+ style="stop-color:#c6262e;stop-opacity:1"
4085+ offset="0.66347069" />
4086+ <stop
4087+ id="stop4964-8-8"
4088+ style="stop-color:#690b54;stop-opacity:1"
4089+ offset="1" />
4090+ </linearGradient>
4091+ <linearGradient
4092+ x1="29.278061"
4093+ y1="34.022705"
4094+ x2="36.000526"
4095+ y2="27.272705"
4096+ id="linearGradient4972-3"
4097+ xlink:href="#linearGradient2490-4-6"
4098+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4099+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.2621793,0,0,1.2600376,1.0704969,1.4289746)" />
4100+ <linearGradient
4101+ id="linearGradient2490-4-6">
4102+ <stop
4103+ id="stop2492-9-5"
4104+ style="stop-color:#791235;stop-opacity:1"
4105+ offset="0" />
4106+ <stop
4107+ id="stop2494-0-0"
4108+ style="stop-color:#dd3b27;stop-opacity:1"
4109+ offset="1" />
4110+ </linearGradient>
4111+ <linearGradient
4112+ x1="-6.3077531"
4113+ y1="44.228992"
4114+ x2="-9.7747231"
4115+ y2="44.140411"
4116+ id="linearGradient4665-8"
4117+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6221-1-6"
4118+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4119+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.63165855,-0.62957842,1.0718089,1.0683256,0.93012737,-9.9235283)" />
4120+ <linearGradient
4121+ x1="-2.1966379"
4122+ y1="40.971893"
4123+ x2="-10.565685"
4124+ y2="40.94883"
4125+ id="linearGradient5007-1"
4126+ xlink:href="#linearGradient4099-8"
4127+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4128+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.0992359,-3.9000905e-8,0,2.190525,-35.745863,-74.299101)" />
4129+ <linearGradient
4130+ id="linearGradient4099-8">
4131+ <stop
4132+ id="stop4101-5"
4133+ style="stop-color:#edd563;stop-opacity:1"
4134+ offset="0" />
4135+ <stop
4136+ id="stop4103-0"
4137+ style="stop-color:#e08223;stop-opacity:1"
4138+ offset="1" />
4139+ </linearGradient>
4140+ <linearGradient
4141+ x1="-45.568657"
4142+ y1="7.7140422"
4143+ x2="-36.082916"
4144+ y2="12.324154"
4145+ id="linearGradient5009-1"
4146+ xlink:href="#linearGradient4093-7"
4147+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4148+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.3619677,0,0,1.3619887,11.250201,0.01077712)" />
4149+ <linearGradient
4150+ id="linearGradient4093-7">
4151+ <stop
4152+ id="stop4095-0"
4153+ style="stop-color:#bb5e12;stop-opacity:1"
4154+ offset="0" />
4155+ <stop
4156+ id="stop4097-6"
4157+ style="stop-color:#cd8033;stop-opacity:1"
4158+ offset="1" />
4159+ </linearGradient>
4160+ <radialGradient
4161+ cx="25.977057"
4162+ cy="21.62282"
4163+ r="2"
4164+ fx="25.977057"
4165+ fy="21.62282"
4166+ id="radialGradient5017-7"
4167+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6221-1-6"
4168+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4169+ gradientTransform="matrix(-1.4139345,-1.392889,1.117813,-1.1011764,45.030363,90.751171)" />
4170+ <radialGradient
4171+ cx="-39.458145"
4172+ cy="11.839552"
4173+ r="3.9059753"
4174+ fx="-39.458145"
4175+ fy="11.839552"
4176+ id="radialGradient5004-7"
4177+ xlink:href="#linearGradient5443-6"
4178+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4179+ gradientTransform="matrix(3.1553152,-0.21903986,0.38455831,8.0079771,80.085511,-88.126664)" />
4180+ <linearGradient
4181+ id="linearGradient5443-6">
4182+ <stop
4183+ id="stop5445-7"
4184+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
4185+ offset="0" />
4186+ <stop
4187+ id="stop5447-5"
4188+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:0"
4189+ offset="1" />
4190+ </linearGradient>
4191+ <linearGradient
4192+ x1="25.571766"
4193+ y1="20.761639"
4194+ x2="27.367689"
4195+ y2="22.476452"
4196+ id="linearGradient4999-5"
4197+ xlink:href="#linearGradient7381-8-0"
4198+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4199+ gradientTransform="matrix(-1.3059666,0,0,-1.298719,57.121687,68.481113)" />
4200+ <linearGradient
4201+ x1="22.375778"
4202+ y1="35.624268"
4203+ x2="31.088694"
4204+ y2="26.885212"
4205+ id="linearGradient5001-8"
4206+ xlink:href="#linearGradient7444-0-6"
4207+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4208+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.311565,0,0,1.3100187,-6.6484186,-6.3458151)" />
4209+ <linearGradient
4210+ x1="-10.5349"
4211+ y1="36.901836"
4212+ x2="-7.0093374"
4213+ y2="36.912071"
4214+ id="linearGradient4996-6"
4215+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6221-1-6"
4216+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4217+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.80228358,0,0,1.9402203,-41.04445,-59.217303)" />
4218+ <linearGradient
4219+ x1="-5.9351215"
4220+ y1="40.389523"
4221+ x2="-10.047871"
4222+ y2="40.37719"
4223+ id="linearGradient4993-4"
4224+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6221-1-6"
4225+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4226+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.68774544,0,0,1.9346078,-39.056142,-57.995758)" />
4227+ <linearGradient
4228+ x1="58.548462"
4229+ y1="37.501415"
4230+ x2="56.446907"
4231+ y2="37.585964"
4232+ id="linearGradient4990-2"
4233+ xlink:href="#linearGradient5443-6"
4234+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4235+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.3790079,0,0,2.8585342,-120.78185,-89.266003)" />
4236+ <linearGradient
4237+ x1="54.765163"
4238+ y1="1.0000008"
4239+ x2="54.72097"
4240+ y2="12.584867"
4241+ id="linearGradient4987-6"
4242+ xlink:href="#linearGradient5443-6"
4243+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4244+ gradientTransform="matrix(-0.91733822,-0.91833276,0.91733822,-0.91833276,55.913258,108.22405)" />
4245+ <radialGradient
4246+ cx="6.702713"
4247+ cy="73.615715"
4248+ r="7.228416"
4249+ fx="6.702713"
4250+ fy="73.615715"
4251+ id="radialGradient2916-9"
4252+ xlink:href="#linearGradient10691-9"
4253+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4254+ gradientTransform="matrix(4.0247163,0,0,1.281563,5.0474834,-40.477468)" />
4255+ <linearGradient
4256+ id="linearGradient10691-9">
4257+ <stop
4258+ id="stop10693-9"
4259+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:1"
4260+ offset="0" />
4261+ <stop
4262+ id="stop10695-2"
4263+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:0"
4264+ offset="1" />
4265+ </linearGradient>
4266+ <linearGradient
4267+ x1="64"
4268+ y1="6.8743429"
4269+ x2="64"
4270+ y2="117.22547"
4271+ id="linearGradient2912-9"
4272+ xlink:href="#XMLID_4_-2"
4273+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4274+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.4958917,0,0,0.4955768,0.2869216,-0.304461)" />
4275+ <linearGradient
4276+ x1="63.9995"
4277+ y1="3.1001"
4278+ x2="63.9995"
4279+ y2="122.8994"
4280+ id="XMLID_4_-2"
4281+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse">
4282+ <stop
4283+ id="stop11-0"
4284+ style="stop-color:#f2f2f2;stop-opacity:1"
4285+ offset="0" />
4286+ <stop
4287+ id="stop13-4"
4288+ style="stop-color:#d8d8d8;stop-opacity:1"
4289+ offset="1" />
4290+ </linearGradient>
4291+ <linearGradient
4292+ x1="63.9995"
4293+ y1="21.941401"
4294+ x2="63.9995"
4295+ y2="104.0591"
4296+ id="linearGradient2907-4"
4297+ xlink:href="#XMLID_5_-8"
4298+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4299+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.4255136,0,0,0.424537,4.7991039,3.716723)"
4300+ spreadMethod="pad" />
4301+ <linearGradient
4302+ x1="63.9995"
4303+ y1="21.941401"
4304+ x2="63.9995"
4305+ y2="104.0591"
4306+ id="XMLID_5_-8"
4307+ xlink:href="#linearGradient2199-5"
4308+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4309+ spreadMethod="pad">
4310+ <stop
4311+ id="stop24-5"
4312+ style="stop-color:#dadada;stop-opacity:1"
4313+ offset="0" />
4314+ <stop
4315+ id="stop26-4"
4316+ style="stop-color:#cccccc;stop-opacity:1"
4317+ offset="1" />
4318+ </linearGradient>
4319+ <linearGradient
4320+ x1="63.9995"
4321+ y1="21.941401"
4322+ x2="63.9995"
4323+ y2="104.0591"
4324+ id="linearGradient2199-5"
4325+ xlink:href="#linearGradient2193-2"
4326+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4327+ spreadMethod="pad">
4328+ <stop
4329+ id="stop2201-7"
4330+ style="stop-color:#fcfcfd;stop-opacity:1"
4331+ offset="0" />
4332+ <stop
4333+ id="stop2203-5"
4334+ style="stop-color:#cccccc;stop-opacity:1"
4335+ offset="1" />
4336+ </linearGradient>
4337+ <linearGradient
4338+ x1="63.9995"
4339+ y1="21.941401"
4340+ x2="63.9995"
4341+ y2="104.0591"
4342+ id="linearGradient2193-2"
4343+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse">
4344+ <stop
4345+ id="stop2195-7"
4346+ style="stop-color:#dddddd;stop-opacity:1"
4347+ offset="0" />
4348+ <stop
4349+ id="stop2197-4"
4350+ style="stop-color:#e8e9ef;stop-opacity:1"
4351+ offset="1" />
4352+ </linearGradient>
4353+ <linearGradient
4354+ x1="86.132919"
4355+ y1="105.105"
4356+ x2="84.63858"
4357+ y2="20.895"
4358+ id="linearGradient2909-26"
4359+ xlink:href="#linearGradient5128-0"
4360+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4361+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.4255136,0,0,0.424537,4.7991039,3.716723)" />
4362+ <linearGradient
4363+ id="linearGradient5128-0">
4364+ <stop
4365+ id="stop5130-9"
4366+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
4367+ offset="0" />
4368+ <stop
4369+ id="stop5132-2"
4370+ style="stop-color:#959595;stop-opacity:1"
4371+ offset="1" />
4372+ </linearGradient>
4373+ <linearGradient
4374+ x1="64"
4375+ y1="21.523018"
4376+ x2="64"
4377+ y2="103.06695"
4378+ id="linearGradient2902-7"
4379+ xlink:href="#XMLID_6_-4"
4380+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4381+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.4910915,0,0,0.4899642,0.6021231,-0.776833)"
4382+ spreadMethod="pad" />
4383+ <linearGradient
4384+ x1="64"
4385+ y1="21.523018"
4386+ x2="64"
4387+ y2="103.06695"
4388+ id="XMLID_6_-4"
4389+ xlink:href="#XMLID_5_-8"
4390+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4391+ spreadMethod="pad">
4392+ <stop
4393+ id="stop31-0"
4394+ style="stop-color:#d9d9d9;stop-opacity:1"
4395+ offset="0" />
4396+ <stop
4397+ id="stop33-3"
4398+ style="stop-color:#cccccc;stop-opacity:1"
4399+ offset="1" />
4400+ </linearGradient>
4401+ <linearGradient
4402+ x1="49.273136"
4403+ y1="22.274775"
4404+ x2="49.373875"
4405+ y2="102.04791"
4406+ id="linearGradient2904-8"
4407+ xlink:href="#XMLID_6_-4"
4408+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4409+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.4910915,0,0,0.4899642,0.6021231,-0.776833)" />
4410+ <linearGradient
4411+ x1="304.76227"
4412+ y1="64.295265"
4413+ x2="335.30014"
4414+ y2="81.926315"
4415+ id="linearGradient3408-4"
4416+ xlink:href="#linearGradient4434-47"
4417+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4418+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.7375861,0,0,1.7280045,-530.45561,-8.974388)" />
4419+ <linearGradient
4420+ id="linearGradient4434-47">
4421+ <stop
4422+ id="stop4436-5"
4423+ style="stop-color:#d3d7cf;stop-opacity:1"
4424+ offset="0" />
4425+ <stop
4426+ id="stop4438-38"
4427+ style="stop-color:#babdb6;stop-opacity:1"
4428+ offset="0.18303643" />
4429+ <stop
4430+ id="stop4440-7"
4431+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
4432+ offset="0.31893486" />
4433+ <stop
4434+ id="stop4442-2"
4435+ style="stop-color:#babdb6;stop-opacity:1"
4436+ offset="0.87643671" />
4437+ <stop
4438+ id="stop4444-2"
4439+ style="stop-color:#eeeeec;stop-opacity:1"
4440+ offset="1" />
4441+ </linearGradient>
4442+ <linearGradient
4443+ x1="300.92908"
4444+ y1="51.383183"
4445+ x2="308.93613"
4446+ y2="61.011307"
4447+ id="linearGradient3410-7"
4448+ xlink:href="#linearGradient7444-9"
4449+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4450+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.7375861,0,0,1.7280045,-530.45561,-8.974388)" />
4451+ <linearGradient
4452+ id="linearGradient7444-9">
4453+ <stop
4454+ id="stop7446-6"
4455+ style="stop-color:#888a85;stop-opacity:1"
4456+ offset="0" />
4457+ <stop
4458+ id="stop7448-6"
4459+ style="stop-color:#555753;stop-opacity:1"
4460+ offset="1" />
4461+ </linearGradient>
4462+ <linearGradient
4463+ x1="302.29202"
4464+ y1="58.442768"
4465+ x2="308.64914"
4466+ y2="60.767513"
4467+ id="linearGradient3412-4"
4468+ xlink:href="#linearGradient7381-2"
4469+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4470+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.7375861,0,0,1.7280045,-530.45559,-8.974388)" />
4471+ <linearGradient
4472+ id="linearGradient7381-2">
4473+ <stop
4474+ id="stop7383-1"
4475+ style="stop-color:#babdb6;stop-opacity:1"
4476+ offset="0" />
4477+ <stop
4478+ id="stop7385-4"
4479+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
4480+ offset="1" />
4481+ </linearGradient>
4482+ <linearGradient
4483+ x1="326.60196"
4484+ y1="75.575363"
4485+ x2="317.16116"
4486+ y2="88.006248"
4487+ id="linearGradient3414-7"
4488+ xlink:href="#linearGradient7421-9-6"
4489+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4490+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.7375861,0,0,1.7280045,-530.45561,-8.974388)" />
4491+ <linearGradient
4492+ id="linearGradient7421-9-6">
4493+ <stop
4494+ id="stop7423-6-3"
4495+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
4496+ offset="0" />
4497+ <stop
4498+ id="stop7425-0-3"
4499+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:0"
4500+ offset="1" />
4501+ </linearGradient>
4502+ <linearGradient
4503+ x1="97.442131"
4504+ y1="35.152435"
4505+ x2="90.220802"
4506+ y2="35.079365"
4507+ id="linearGradient3416-8"
4508+ xlink:href="#linearGradient4956-0"
4509+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4510+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.0384492,-1.0359846,0.90827961,0.90612387,-106.63005,180.03839)" />
4511+ <linearGradient
4512+ id="linearGradient4956-0">
4513+ <stop
4514+ id="stop4958-39"
4515+ style="stop-color:#f8b17e;stop-opacity:1"
4516+ offset="0" />
4517+ <stop
4518+ id="stop4960-2"
4519+ style="stop-color:#e35d4f;stop-opacity:1"
4520+ offset="0.26238" />
4521+ <stop
4522+ id="stop4962-3"
4523+ style="stop-color:#c6262e;stop-opacity:1"
4524+ offset="0.66347069" />
4525+ <stop
4526+ id="stop4964-3"
4527+ style="stop-color:#690b54;stop-opacity:1"
4528+ offset="1" />
4529+ </linearGradient>
4530+ <linearGradient
4531+ x1="29.278061"
4532+ y1="34.022705"
4533+ x2="36.000526"
4534+ y2="27.272705"
4535+ id="linearGradient3418-4"
4536+ xlink:href="#linearGradient2490-6"
4537+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4538+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.2621793,0,0,1.2600376,-15.623513,77.286425)" />
4539+ <linearGradient
4540+ id="linearGradient2490-6">
4541+ <stop
4542+ id="stop2492-4"
4543+ style="stop-color:#791235;stop-opacity:1"
4544+ offset="0" />
4545+ <stop
4546+ id="stop2494-8"
4547+ style="stop-color:#dd3b27;stop-opacity:1"
4548+ offset="1" />
4549+ </linearGradient>
4550+ <linearGradient
4551+ x1="-6.3077531"
4552+ y1="44.228992"
4553+ x2="-9.7747231"
4554+ y2="44.140411"
4555+ id="linearGradient3420-1"
4556+ xlink:href="#linearGradient6221-16"
4557+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4558+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.63165855,-0.62957842,1.0718089,1.0683256,-15.763883,65.933922)" />
4559+ <linearGradient
4560+ id="linearGradient6221-16">
4561+ <stop
4562+ id="stop6223-6"
4563+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:1"
4564+ offset="0" />
4565+ <stop
4566+ id="stop6225-9"
4567+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:0"
4568+ offset="1" />
4569+ </linearGradient>
4570+ <linearGradient
4571+ id="linearGradient3283-1">
4572+ <stop
4573+ id="stop3285-9-3"
4574+ style="stop-color:#cccccc;stop-opacity:0.52941179"
4575+ offset="0" />
4576+ <stop
4577+ id="stop3287-3"
4578+ style="stop-color:#f2f2ec;stop-opacity:0.41176471"
4579+ offset="1" />
4580+ </linearGradient>
4581+ <linearGradient
4582+ id="linearGradient3257-7-9">
4583+ <stop
4584+ id="stop3259-6-1"
4585+ style="stop-color:#d4cdc0;stop-opacity:1"
4586+ offset="0" />
4587+ <stop
4588+ id="stop3261-2-6"
4589+ style="stop-color:#a0aa7c;stop-opacity:1"
4590+ offset="1" />
4591+ </linearGradient>
4592+ <linearGradient
4593+ id="linearGradient3316-4">
4594+ <stop
4595+ id="stop3318-0"
4596+ style="stop-color:#cbc3b5;stop-opacity:1"
4597+ offset="0" />
4598+ <stop
4599+ id="stop3320-0"
4600+ style="stop-color:#f4f4e2;stop-opacity:1"
4601+ offset="1" />
4602+ </linearGradient>
4603+ <linearGradient
4604+ id="linearGradient3326-4">
4605+ <stop
4606+ id="stop3328-6"
4607+ style="stop-color:#e0dbd2;stop-opacity:1"
4608+ offset="0" />
4609+ <stop
4610+ id="stop3330-0"
4611+ style="stop-color:#f5f5e5;stop-opacity:1"
4612+ offset="1" />
4613+ </linearGradient>
4614+ <linearGradient
4615+ id="linearGradient3336-1">
4616+ <stop
4617+ id="stop3338-9"
4618+ style="stop-color:#ab9d85;stop-opacity:1"
4619+ offset="0" />
4620+ <stop
4621+ id="stop3340-8"
4622+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
4623+ offset="1" />
4624+ </linearGradient>
4625+ <linearGradient
4626+ x1="108.72742"
4627+ y1="200.11688"
4628+ x2="208.33586"
4629+ y2="380.31165"
4630+ id="linearGradient6382-5"
4631+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3541-2"
4632+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse" />
4633+ <linearGradient
4634+ id="linearGradient3541-2">
4635+ <stop
4636+ id="stop3543-1"
4637+ style="stop-color:#d8e3d5;stop-opacity:1"
4638+ offset="0" />
4639+ <stop
4640+ id="stop3545-9"
4641+ style="stop-color:#c6d2d4;stop-opacity:1"
4642+ offset="1" />
4643+ </linearGradient>
4644+ <mask
4645+ id="mask3535-2">
4646+ <path
4647+ d="m 257.26576,289.35297 a 85.438812,89.236092 0 1 1 -170.877622,0 85.438812,89.236092 0 1 1 170.877622,0 z"
4648+ id="path3537-4"
4649+ style="color:#000000;fill:url(#radialGradient3539-2);fill-opacity:1;fill-rule:evenodd;stroke:none;stroke-width:1.45528018;marker:none;visibility:visible;display:inline;overflow:visible;enable-background:accumulate" />
4650+ </mask>
4651+ <radialGradient
4652+ cx="171.82695"
4653+ cy="289.35297"
4654+ r="85.438812"
4655+ fx="171.82695"
4656+ fy="289.35297"
4657+ id="radialGradient3539-2"
4658+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3493-8"
4659+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4660+ gradientTransform="matrix(1,0,0,1.0444444,0,-12.860128)" />
4661+ <linearGradient
4662+ id="linearGradient3493-8">
4663+ <stop
4664+ id="stop3495-0"
4665+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:1"
4666+ offset="0" />
4667+ <stop
4668+ id="stop3501-3"
4669+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:1"
4670+ offset="0.33333334" />
4671+ <stop
4672+ id="stop3503-4"
4673+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
4674+ offset="0.3719807" />
4675+ <stop
4676+ id="stop3497-3"
4677+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
4678+ offset="1" />
4679+ </linearGradient>
4680+ <clipPath
4681+ id="clipPath4164-6">
4682+ <path
4683+ d="m 232.11467,173.87855 c -17.99076,27.14786 -10.55892,63.78212 16.58895,81.77289 27.14786,17.99077 63.78212,10.5589 81.77289,-16.58894 17.99077,-27.14787 10.55893,-63.78215 -16.58894,-81.7729 -27.14787,-17.99077 -63.78212,-10.55891 -81.7729,16.58895 z m 31.25906,20.71524 c 6.55596,-9.89287 19.90573,-12.60109 29.7986,-6.04513 9.89288,6.55594 12.60108,19.90572 6.04514,29.79859 -6.55598,9.89287 -19.90574,12.60108 -29.79862,6.04514 -9.89286,-6.55597 -12.60108,-19.90574 -6.04512,-29.7986 z"
4684+ id="path4166-7"
4685+ style="color:#000000;fill:#9f9f9f;fill-opacity:1;fill-rule:evenodd;stroke:none;stroke-width:1.45528018;marker:none;visibility:visible;display:inline;overflow:visible;enable-background:accumulate" />
4686+ </clipPath>
4687+ <linearGradient
4688+ x1="212.46999"
4689+ y1="204.73615"
4690+ x2="357.01639"
4691+ y2="204.73615"
4692+ id="linearGradient6384-8"
4693+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3656-0"
4694+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse" />
4695+ <linearGradient
4696+ id="linearGradient3656-0">
4697+ <stop
4698+ id="stop3658-0"
4699+ style="stop-color:#69c1ff;stop-opacity:1"
4700+ offset="0" />
4701+ <stop
4702+ id="stop3664-2"
4703+ style="stop-color:#49e0c0;stop-opacity:1"
4704+ offset="0.5" />
4705+ <stop
4706+ id="stop3660-2"
4707+ style="stop-color:#29ff97;stop-opacity:1"
4708+ offset="1" />
4709+ </linearGradient>
4710+ <clipPath
4711+ id="clipPath3666-2">
4712+ <path
4713+ d="m 281.15625,147.5625 c -32.568,0 -59,26.432 -59,59 0,32.568 26.432,58.99999 59,59 32.568,0 59.00001,-26.432 59,-59 0,-32.568 -26.432,-59 -59,-59 z m 0,37.5 c 11.868,0 21.5,9.632 21.5,21.5 2e-5,11.868 -9.632,21.5 -21.5,21.5 -11.868,0 -21.5,-9.632 -21.5,-21.5 0,-11.868 9.632,-21.5 21.5,-21.5 z"
4714+ id="path3668-5"
4715+ style="color:#000000;fill:#9f9f9f;fill-opacity:1;fill-rule:evenodd;stroke:none;stroke-width:1.45528018;marker:none;visibility:visible;display:inline;overflow:visible;enable-background:accumulate" />
4716+ </clipPath>
4717+ <clipPath
4718+ id="clipPath4009-5">
4719+ <path
4720+ d="m 271.3229,148.38751 c -32.10975,5.44409 -53.75145,35.92258 -48.30736,68.03233 5.44409,32.10976 35.92259,53.75144 68.03233,48.30736 32.10976,-5.44409 53.75147,-35.92258 48.30736,-68.03233 -5.44409,-32.10975 -35.92257,-53.75144 -68.03233,-48.30736 z m 6.26853,36.97236 c 11.70101,-1.98386 22.80758,5.90252 24.79144,17.60353 1.98389,11.70101 -5.90251,22.80757 -17.60352,24.79145 -11.70102,1.98386 -22.80758,-5.90252 -24.79146,-17.60353 -1.98385,-11.70102 5.90253,-22.80759 17.60354,-24.79145 z"
4721+ id="path4011-2"
4722+ style="color:#000000;fill:#9f9f9f;fill-opacity:1;fill-rule:evenodd;stroke:none;stroke-width:1.45528018;marker:none;visibility:visible;display:inline;overflow:visible;enable-background:accumulate" />
4723+ </clipPath>
4724+ <linearGradient
4725+ x1="108.72742"
4726+ y1="200.11688"
4727+ x2="208.33586"
4728+ y2="380.31165"
4729+ id="linearGradient6386-0"
4730+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3724-6"
4731+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse" />
4732+ <linearGradient
4733+ id="linearGradient3724-6">
4734+ <stop
4735+ id="stop3726-2"
4736+ style="stop-color:#fffcf6;stop-opacity:0.82352942"
4737+ offset="0" />
4738+ <stop
4739+ id="stop4252-4"
4740+ style="stop-color:#657e70;stop-opacity:0.70588237"
4741+ offset="0.66666669" />
4742+ <stop
4743+ id="stop3728-9"
4744+ style="stop-color:#2c5949;stop-opacity:0.71241832"
4745+ offset="1" />
4746+ </linearGradient>
4747+ <clipPath
4748+ id="clipPath3632-3">
4749+ <path
4750+ d="m 281.15626,147.5625 c -32.56801,0 -59,26.432 -59,59 -1e-5,32.568 26.432,58.99999 59,59 32.56799,0 59,-26.432 59,-59 0,-32.568 -26.43201,-59 -59,-59 z m 0,37.5 c 11.868,0 21.49999,9.632 21.49999,21.5 2e-5,11.868 -9.63199,21.50001 -21.5,21.5 -11.868,0 -21.5,-9.632 -21.5,-21.5 0,-11.868 9.63201,-21.5 21.50001,-21.5 z"
4751+ id="path3634-7"
4752+ style="color:#000000;fill:#9f9f9f;fill-opacity:1;fill-rule:evenodd;stroke:none;stroke-width:1.45528018;marker:none;visibility:visible;display:inline;overflow:visible;enable-background:accumulate" />
4753+ </clipPath>
4754+ <linearGradient
4755+ id="linearGradient3226-8">
4756+ <stop
4757+ id="stop3228-0"
4758+ style="stop-color:#23ff3d;stop-opacity:0.40522876"
4759+ offset="0" />
4760+ <stop
4761+ id="stop3234-1"
4762+ style="stop-color:#fffb15;stop-opacity:1"
4763+ offset="0.11960403" />
4764+ <stop
4765+ id="stop3236-1"
4766+ style="stop-color:#ff3030;stop-opacity:0.35947713"
4767+ offset="0.2947385" />
4768+ <stop
4769+ id="stop3238-8"
4770+ style="stop-color:#ff51fc;stop-opacity:1"
4771+ offset="0.6273306" />
4772+ <stop
4773+ id="stop3240-0"
4774+ style="stop-color:#1023fa;stop-opacity:0.37908497"
4775+ offset="0.68370211" />
4776+ <stop
4777+ id="stop3230-5"
4778+ style="stop-color:#1fff4b;stop-opacity:0.18300654"
4779+ offset="1" />
4780+ </linearGradient>
4781+ <radialGradient
4782+ cx="11.25"
4783+ cy="19.03125"
4784+ r="8.0625"
4785+ fx="11.25"
4786+ fy="19.03125"
4787+ id="radialGradient2628-3"
4788+ xlink:href="#linearGradient5105-262-943-861-9"
4789+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4790+ gradientTransform="matrix(1,0,0,0.282946,0,13.64644)" />
4791+ <linearGradient
4792+ id="linearGradient5105-262-943-861-9">
4793+ <stop
4794+ id="stop2487-9"
4795+ style="stop-color:#0d0d0d;stop-opacity:1"
4796+ offset="0" />
4797+ <stop
4798+ id="stop2489-0"
4799+ style="stop-color:#0d0d0d;stop-opacity:0"
4800+ offset="1" />
4801+ </linearGradient>
4802+ <linearGradient
4803+ x1="22.181572"
4804+ y1="14.499924"
4805+ x2="22.181572"
4806+ y2="44.051018"
4807+ id="linearGradient2498-6"
4808+ xlink:href="#linearGradient4168-0"
4809+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4810+ gradientTransform="matrix(-1.1300621,0,0,1.1160684,49.537416,-3.1095167)" />
4811+ <linearGradient
4812+ id="linearGradient4168-0">
4813+ <stop
4814+ id="stop4170-7"
4815+ style="stop-color:#f8cd70;stop-opacity:1"
4816+ offset="0" />
4817+ <stop
4818+ id="stop4172-82"
4819+ style="stop-color:#cc9110;stop-opacity:1"
4820+ offset="1" />
4821+ </linearGradient>
4822+ <linearGradient
4823+ x1="28.62199"
4824+ y1="18.218788"
4825+ x2="28.62199"
4826+ y2="49.56282"
4827+ id="linearGradient2495-6"
4828+ xlink:href="#linearGradient4222-1"
4829+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4830+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.3106532,0,0,1.2884463,-8.853922,-9.8894841)" />
4831+ <linearGradient
4832+ id="linearGradient4222-1">
4833+ <stop
4834+ id="stop4224-0"
4835+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
4836+ offset="0" />
4837+ <stop
4838+ id="stop4226-0"
4839+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:0"
4840+ offset="1" />
4841+ </linearGradient>
4842+ <radialGradient
4843+ cx="5"
4844+ cy="41.5"
4845+ r="5"
4846+ fx="5"
4847+ fy="41.5"
4848+ id="radialGradient3310-5"
4849+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3681-0"
4850+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4851+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.5938225,0,0,1.5366531,-6.6594735,-103.93618)" />
4852+ <linearGradient
4853+ id="linearGradient3681-0">
4854+ <stop
4855+ id="stop3683-3"
4856+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:1"
4857+ offset="0" />
4858+ <stop
4859+ id="stop3685-4"
4860+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:0"
4861+ offset="1" />
4862+ </linearGradient>
4863+ <linearGradient
4864+ x1="17.554192"
4865+ y1="46.000275"
4866+ x2="17.554192"
4867+ y2="34.999718"
4868+ id="linearGradient3312-7"
4869+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3703-0"
4870+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4871+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.7570316,0,0,1.3969574,-17.394014,-16.411698)" />
4872+ <linearGradient
4873+ id="linearGradient3703-0">
4874+ <stop
4875+ id="stop3705-2"
4876+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:0"
4877+ offset="0" />
4878+ <stop
4879+ id="stop3711-5"
4880+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:1"
4881+ offset="0.5" />
4882+ <stop
4883+ id="stop3707-2"
4884+ style="stop-color:#000000;stop-opacity:0"
4885+ offset="1" />
4886+ </linearGradient>
4887+ <radialGradient
4888+ cx="5"
4889+ cy="41.5"
4890+ r="5"
4891+ fx="5"
4892+ fy="41.5"
4893+ id="radialGradient3314-5"
4894+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3681-0"
4895+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4896+ gradientTransform="matrix(0.5938225,0,0,1.5366531,41.140892,-103.93618)" />
4897+ <linearGradient
4898+ x1="24.822832"
4899+ y1="15.377745"
4900+ x2="24.996943"
4901+ y2="37.27668"
4902+ id="linearGradient3197-7"
4903+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3199-0"
4904+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4905+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.2822251,0,0,1.5572619,-6.0701918,-15.290756)" />
4906+ <linearGradient
4907+ id="linearGradient3199-0">
4908+ <stop
4909+ id="stop3201-6"
4910+ style="stop-color:#dac197;stop-opacity:1"
4911+ offset="0" />
4912+ <stop
4913+ id="stop3203-4"
4914+ style="stop-color:#c1a581;stop-opacity:1"
4915+ offset="0.23942046" />
4916+ <stop
4917+ id="stop3205-7"
4918+ style="stop-color:#dbc298;stop-opacity:1"
4919+ offset="0.27582464" />
4920+ <stop
4921+ id="stop3207-6"
4922+ style="stop-color:#a68b60;stop-opacity:1"
4923+ offset="1" />
4924+ </linearGradient>
4925+ <linearGradient
4926+ x1="15.464298"
4927+ y1="7.9756851"
4928+ x2="15.464298"
4929+ y2="45.04248"
4930+ id="linearGradient3293-1"
4931+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3295-4"
4932+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse" />
4933+ <linearGradient
4934+ id="linearGradient3295-4">
4935+ <stop
4936+ id="stop3297-1"
4937+ style="stop-color:#c9af8b;stop-opacity:1"
4938+ offset="0" />
4939+ <stop
4940+ id="stop3299-0"
4941+ style="stop-color:#ad8757;stop-opacity:1"
4942+ offset="0.23942046" />
4943+ <stop
4944+ id="stop3301-4"
4945+ style="stop-color:#c2a57f;stop-opacity:1"
4946+ offset="0.27582464" />
4947+ <stop
4948+ id="stop3303-3"
4949+ style="stop-color:#9d7d53;stop-opacity:1"
4950+ offset="1" />
4951+ </linearGradient>
4952+ <linearGradient
4953+ x1="23.451576"
4954+ y1="30.554907"
4955+ x2="43.00663"
4956+ y2="45.934479"
4957+ id="linearGradient2659-8"
4958+ xlink:href="#linearGradient4559-6"
4959+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
4960+ gradientTransform="matrix(1.2822251,0,0,1.1746872,-6.0701918,-5.3031677)" />
4961+ <linearGradient
4962+ id="linearGradient4559-6">
4963+ <stop
4964+ id="stop4561-1"
4965+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:0"
4966+ offset="0" />
4967+ <stop
4968+ id="stop4563-9"
4969+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:0"
4970+ offset="1" />
4971+ </linearGradient>
4972+ <linearGradient
4973+ x1="26"
4974+ y1="22"
4975+ x2="26"
4976+ y2="8"
4977+ id="linearGradient3834-8"
4978+ xlink:href="#linearGradient3827-9"
4979+ gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse" />
4980+ <linearGradient
4981+ id="linearGradient3827-9">
4982+ <stop
4983+ id="stop3829-0"
4984+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
4985+ offset="0" />
4986+ <stop
4987+ id="stop4295-8"
4988+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:1"
4989+ offset="0.3021296" />
4990+ <stop
4991+ id="stop4293-0"
4992+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:0.6901961"
4993+ offset="0.34361121" />
4994+ <stop
4995+ id="stop3832-5"
4996+ style="stop-color:#ffffff;stop-opacity:0"
4997+ offset="1" />
4998+ </linearGradient>
4999+ <linearGradient
5000+ x1="44.994774"
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