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66b55e3... by Jerome St-Louis on 2016-01-09

ear/extract/Makefile: Setting time stamp of extract to that of source
- For reproducible builds in Debian packages

e1c3664... by Jerome St-Louis on 2016-01-09

ecere/sys/File.c: Fixed misrepresentation of st_ctime as 'created' time
- UNIX st_ctime is inode change time, not creation time
- Now always returning 0 for ctime (Some UNIX systems have 'btime' for creation)
- This should address Debian build reproducibility issues

375f921... by Jerome St-Louis on 2016-01-09

documentor: Leaving doc files alone when leaving entries empty

49721ce... by Jerome St-Louis on 2016-01-05

ecere/gui/ListBox: Fixed clearing of data in UnsetData()
- After clearing cell, editor would be populated with previous value

32f82b0... by Jerome St-Louis on 2015-12-21

tarball; installer: Updated NEWS, README, LICENSE for 0.44.13
- Updated i18n templates
- ecere/com/Array; compiler/bootstrap: Enclosed debugging printout in #ifdef _DEBUG

222cd9b... by Jerome St-Louis on 2015-12-21

ecere/gfx/drivers/OpenGL: Keeping original format after bitmap conversion with keepData = true

d346c34... by Jerome St-Louis on 2015-09-08

ecere/gfx/drivers/OpenGL: Rebinding 0 buffers on making context current
- Solved crashes avoiding duplicate bind, when loadGraphics occured, coming back for render and skipping BindBuffer call
- e.g. crashed in Ecere Chess in GLES and SHADERS mode

a15e3dd... by Jerome St-Louis on 2015-12-21

ecere/gfx/drivers/OpenGL: Added '0' checks for freeing buffer

a65d4ad... by Jerome St-Louis on 2015-06-26

ecere/gfx/drivers/OpenGL; 3DS: Fixed GLES indices, matrix stack issues

9c54b79... by Jerome St-Louis on 2015-06-18

ecere/gfx/drivers/OpenGLDisplayDriver: Fixed building non-GLES config