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99ca80f... by Rejean Loyer on 2016-07-03

ide: fix specifying all file extensions (output file extension for emscripten) inside <compiler>.cf instead of the ide specifying O=bc when calling make. add don't strip target and document output to compiler config. open compiler document (html files by emscripten) output in shell.

 - add static and shared library file extensions to compiler config
 - add executable file extension to compiler config
 - fix ar and ld fields are not being disabled for default compiler in global settings dialog, compilers tab, toolchain tab.

4bcf7c6... by Rejean Loyer on 2016-07-27

ide: fix generated <compiler>.cf file to not define USE_RESOURCES_EAR when STATIC_LIBRARY_TARGET is defined.

4142e17... by Rejean Loyer on 2016-07-27

ide/CodeEditor/Parsing: fix null pointer crash on missmatched {} curly brackets due to badly positioned preprocessor #endif.

d0652ec... by Rejean Loyer on 2016-07-25

epj2make, ide: makefile generation, global settings dialog: add CXXFLAGS to compiler config. tweak global settings gui.

c577f64... by Rejean Loyer on 2015-11-06

ide, documentor, epj2make: settings, compiler configs: move ide config to new ~/.ecereIDE/ location. split into config.econ, recentFiles.econ, recentWorkspaces.econ and ~/.ecereIDE/compilerConfigs/*.econ files using econ format. fix memory leaks.

495488a... by Rejean Loyer on 2016-07-27

extras/FileSystemIterator: fix OnInit work work properly. fix memory leak.

c27ee1b... by Rejean Loyer on 2016-07-16

buildsystem,, tarball: change the flags when calling cp for the cp and cpr functions for linux to include d (--no-dereference) and f (--force).

6bc11b0... by Rejean Loyer on 2015-11-06

ecere: GlobalSettings: tweak dotPrefix so that config file locations don't double the dot.

6d1e003... by Rejean Loyer on 2015-11-06

ide: move windows specific code (setEcereLanguageInWinRegEnvironment) to to keep clean. replace MAKEFILE_GENERATOR by ECERE_DOCUMENTOR and ECERE_EPJ2MAKE. use new defines to exclude LanguageRestart() stuff from documentor and epj2make. fix import (ide vs ecere) too much.

bc52788... by Rejean Loyer on 2016-03-15

ide: add recent files to workspace for the recent files menu when a workspace is opened.