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b5cf214... by Jerome St-Louis on 2020-09-07

ecere/com: Reverting commit causing compiler crashes when importing module depending on "ecere" without importing "ecere" itself
- This reverts commit 40ef76d96dc09464e180a9e76ded5f02023d78a1.
- This commit intended to fix ecere module being loaded multiple times, which resulted in class(OpenGLDisplayDriver) checks to fail in Python bindings.
- However we were unable to reproduce those original issues, and so are reverting this commits which seems to introduce more problems than it tried to solve.

c94efd6... by Jerome St-Louis on 2020-09-06

compiler/bootstrap: Updated for GCC 10 Common fixes

7d835dd... by Rejean Loyer on 2020-08-03

compiler/ecs: add -no-attribute-common for targetting wasm. workaround "Common symbols are not yet implemented for Wasm" message coming from emscripten-releases\llvm-project\llvm\lib\MC\MCWasmStreamer.cpp's MCWasmStreamer::emitCommonSymbol function.

ca58cfa... by Jerome St-Louis on 2020-05-20

compiler/libec: Fixed multiple definitions issues breaking on GCC 10 without -fcommon

cfdd4e8... by Jerome St-Louis on 2018-08-20

ecere/gui/drivers/XInterface: Tweaks for easier double-clicks

05ec48f... by Jerome St-Louis on 2018-08-20

ide/debugger: Fixed slow stepping on Linux

ccd2f53... by Jerome St-Louis on 2018-07-27

ide/SyntaxHighlighting: Support for highlighting SQL

dc31489... by Jerome St-Louis on 2017-09-10

ide/SyntaxHighlighting: Added true, false and null to JSON/ECON keywords; .sld to XML extensions

222ea80... by Jerome St-Louis on 2017-10-08

eda/EDB: Fixed EAREntry structure to be packed

ae6dd8a... by Jerome St-Louis on 2018-08-19

samples/android: Added missing ''