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584614c... by Diyane Fernando <email address hidden> on 2019-06-08

ecere/gui/drivers/LuminInterface: Support for virtual mouse
- Left mouse button is Bumper; Right is Trigger

08cf257... by Jerome St-Louis on 2019-03-23

ecere: Initial support for MagicLeap's LuminOS
- The way things are currently set up, rendering is done within a single window (not the desktop) OnRedraw()
- Multiple GUI windows would not be working too well in AR/VR right now (same with OpenVR samples)

2076122... by Neil Warnock <email address hidden> on 2019-07-10

Adding bbShapes and bbTextAndImages to GraphicalElement pick()

8e4216b... by Jerome St-Louis on 2019-07-10

ecere/ecere.epj: Proper newline encoding

a1751dd... by Jerome St-Louis on 2019-07-10

butterbur/GraphicalPresentation: Full opacity for currently hard-coded material

ca7e275... by Jerome St-Louis on 2019-07-10

butterbur/presentation/DrawingManager: Resetting 3D perspective shader states after drawing 3D models

d971e2f... by Jerome St-Louis on 2019-07-10

ecere/sys/JSON: Properly parsing 64 bit integers

6f9432c... by Jerome St-Louis on 2019-07-09

butterbur/fontManager: Fixed crash on fonts without kerning tables
- e.g. Arial Unicode MS (note this was already fixed in eC version)

14a6d4f... by Jerome St-Louis on 2019-07-09

butterbur: DrawingManager: adding textures dm; GraphicalStyle: initializingto visible and opaque; ide: ECON highlighting for .cmss

eac2dc9... by Jerome St-Louis on 2019-07-09

ecere/gfx/newFonts/cc: update