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bf5415a... by Jerome St-Louis on 2017-07-02

ide: Work around for recent 7.x GDB on Linux

514a0b7... by Jerome St-Louis on 2017-05-29

eda;sqlite: Removed dependency on ffi.h for SQLCustomFunction members

378d084... by Jerome St-Louis on 2017-05-28

eda/drivers/dBASE: Improved dBASE driver
- Faster access by reading whole record as raw bytes
- Fixed handling dBASE level 5 files (No 0x1A end of file marker)
- Implementation of previously unhandled types: logical, float (as string or binary), integer as binary, time stamp
- Implementation of tablesList and fieldsList queries for EDATest
- Interpreting text data as UTF-8 if a .cpg file mentioning UTF-8 is present
- Support for >2GB files
- Support for dates earlier than 1970
- Fixed memory leaks
- New Row::GetData() interface to retrieve entire record at once (GetRecordSize() to query size)
- New Row::GetDataFieldValue() interface to retrieve as FieldValue
- Moved FieldValue from SQLite driver to libEDA
- Simplification & clean-up (single dBaseTable class now instead of extra indirection level)

4432c0e... by Jerome St-Louis on 2017-05-28

ecere/sys/BufferedFile: Returning false from Seek() when past end of file

c6b56f8... by Jerome St-Louis on 2017-05-27

ecere/gfx/newFonts/cc.h: Fixed warning

02f9161... by Jerome St-Louis on 2017-05-27

ecere/gfx/cc: mmthread -- Updated with latest version supporting Win32 threads

839f5c5... by Jerome St-Louis on 2017-05-24

ecere/gfx3D/Object: Added Add() method that does not take a name
- It also sets root flag to false on added object

06a7dff... by Jerome St-Louis on 2017-05-24

com/containers/BuiltInContainer: Fixed _vTbl reference level

a354fa9... by Jerome St-Louis on 2017-05-23

bindings/python: User class registration; Fixed cross-module app variable

54dba4b... by Jerome St-Louis on 2017-05-23

bindings/python: Improvements to prototype bindings
- fixed case
- Fixed enums to use prefix
- Centralization of code in Instance class and use of base __init__
- Templates and container support
- Auto-creating Python side objects from eC instantiation